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Arik/Aztaltica Campaign Rule Variants

(Given the changing nature of these rules files, all remain in their original Word, Acrobat, Excel, or Powerpoint format to simplify updates.):

Rule Variants: Master document summarizing house rules and interpretations on combat, spells, etc. This is the new, comprehensive 3.5 version from September 2010.

Faiths of Arik: The 21 gods of Arik and their clerics, also Grund's creation myth--now with pictures. Revised slightly for 3.5.

Feats of Arik: List of the 414 feats available in our 3.5 campaign--all others are out.

Business System: For running ingame businesses.

Clerical Spheres: We retain a limited form of 2nd edition spell spheres in order to differentiate faiths. Revised for 3.5.

Herbs of Arik: Major herbs and their effects.

Long-Term Campaign Goals '91: Original plans I had for the campaign in 1991--of possible amusement/nostalgia interest...


Gaming Aids

Party Sheet: Useful DM tool for keeping track of PCs

Combat Tracking Sheet: One players always tracks time/durations to lighten the DM's load.

Priest Spell Sheet: Quick reference list of spells and effects useful for recording spells memorized.

Druid Spell Sheet: As above.

Wizard Spell Sheet: As above.

Sorcerer Spell Sheet: As above.

Ranger Spell Sheet: As above.

Paladin Spell Sheet: As above.

Bard Spell Sheet: As above.

Class Building System: For creating balanced regular and prestige classes.


Warhammer Mass Battle System

WH Rule Variants: Our variants for incorporating D&D spells and characters into the WH system.

Warhammer Internet FAQ: Official 5th edition FAQ--we don't play the new 6th edition.

Miniature Holdings: Catalogue of Ted's 700 miniatures and terrain, for guest DMs to make mini requests. Note, following the loss of the miniatures in the mail after Denver, we're very short on unique, hero types, still lots of whole units though.

Silver Legion WH Stats: Latest Legion WH roster and stats.

Third Bywater Expeditionary Army: Order of battle for the Southron force which marched to Dargaard Keep under the Bywater Six, and to Tovag Baragu under the Intrepid Paragon.


Rule Archives from 2nd Edition

2nd Edition Combat Rule Variants: This list of combat house rules got huge in the old campaign..

2nd Edition General Rule Variants: More variants for noncombat situations.

2nd Edition Proficiencies: Our old, heavily modified list.

2nd Edition Variant Classes: With favorites like Berserker, Lycanthrope Hunter, Dragon Master, etc.

Battlesystem Variants: Our rules for the old 2nd edition mass battle system before we adopted WH.

Some Arik Monster Favorites

Collection at Peak in 2003

Miniature Collection at Peak in 2003, 1,000-strong--after sales and recent losses, still a respectable 700 miniatures+


3.5 Edition Gaming Stuff

3.5 Edition PH (please buy this--we don't use 3.0 or 4.0)

Spell Compendium (has every non-PH spell we use, so the second most useful book to own, but rare & expensive)

3.5 Class Sourcebooks:
Complete Adventurer
Complete Warrior
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Champion
Complete Divine
Complete Arcane
Complete Mage

Other 3.5 Books Ingame for Our Campaign (all others forbidden for now):


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