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The Miscreants Long Strange Trip: The highlight of this section--Walker and Effi's grand list of all our events/travels going back to Yale, including attendees and my one-liners on the plot.


Current Aztaltica Players
Name Current PC Former PCs Location
Chris Moe, p/t DM Arkane, Drake, DM Syracuse
Clyde Dornar Mortal Rochester
Dave Sett Elsinor Charlotte
Effi Gelben/Gerritsen, p/t DM Hernando Boston
Felix Huitley Latna-So, Wildcard China
John S Terwyn none Syracuse
John W Dmitry/Tumorf, p/t DM Elmo, Greylin London
Rob Gilgareth/Halgar, p/t DM Greywolf Denver
Sam Vogon Khoresh San Francisco
Ted DM, Garrant DM, Black Arrow Ithaca
Teo Kincade Kliff Ithaca


Former Miscreants/Bywater Six Players
Name Character Location
Alex Elrich New Jersey
Dan Agrippa New York City
Matt Liet Missouri
Miles Talis Unknown (New York City?)
Mike Fharo, Stonne California
Nick p/t DM Massachusetts
Pat Drazen, Calvin Unknown (Georgia?)
Sarah Araselle Unknown
Seth Crash Unknown (California?)
Tom Gunter Unknown (California?)

Not listing the many guest appearances for a session or two such as Brian (Thingol), Caisy (Ria), Charlie (Mehagar), Dale (dwarven vampire Mendarius), Jared (Gileus), Wendy (Marzhaina), Tom (Beazul), unknown (Maurikas), and that random guy who walked into the TD Common Room to join the Eye Battle, who none of us knew...


Other Game Items of Possible Interest

Talisman House Rules: For the 3rd edition we've often played on trips (drew this up as I can actually get Lauren to play sometimes, and the same questions come up), plus rare scans of "new" GW characters.

Lord of the Rings Game FAQ: Expanded rules for this surprisingly good LOTR boardgame that at least three campaign players have tried--so rare to see a purely cooperative game.

NERO Stuff: For those couple of ex-Miscreants who were involved in NERO NY Live Action in the mid-90s, including my character Faustus's log of the Neumacht Clan in Ashbury.

Axis & Allies Revised Edition FAQ: Another game several campaign members played at Yale; recently tried out the revised edition of this old favorite, with changed map plus adding destroyers and artillery.

Settler of Catan: Excellent multiplayer game of resource/infrastructure development; see resources at official homepage.


Gaming Favorites

D&D/WH Links:

Wizards of the Coast D&D Home - new D&D products, rule FAQs, fora, ideas, etc.
Internet Dice Server - easy way to get rolls by email, simultaneously to multiple emails.
Warhammer - Miniature battles galore, rules, new miniatures, etc.
Campaign Cartographer - Excellent mapping software used to create most all the Aztaltica maps--there are tons on the internet in this format which I've appropriated and tailored for this campaign.
Aztec and Maya Names:
Great DM reference, keeping in mind Aztec=Zlatan and Maya=Itzapan, roughly.
Order of the Stick: Great satirical D&D cartoon 3xweek, discovered by Teo.

Our International Trips

England - May 1998, at Ted's place in Sawtry

Italy - May 2000, at Villa Cuiano

France - May 2001, at Le Jeanquet

Mexico - May 2002 , at Jade Moon Villa

Scotland - May 2003, at Plane Castle

England - Oct 2006, at Ted's place in Denford, the Old Chapel


Aztaltica Central at Glenwood House

3.5 Edition Gaming Stuff

3.5 Edition PH (please buy this--we do not use 3.0 or 4.0)

Spell Compendium (has every non-PH spell we use, so the second most useful book to own, but very expensive)

3.5 Class Sourcebooks:

Complete Adventurer
Complete Warrior
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Champion
Complete Divine
Complete Arcane
Complete Mage

Other 3.5 Books Ingame for Our Campaign (all others forbidden for now):

DMG 3.5
Heroes of Battle
Magic Item Compendium
Arms & Equipment Guide
Savage Species
Stronghold Builder Guide
Rules Compendium
Book of Exalted Deeds
Book of Vile Darkness

as well as the various Monster Manuals

1492 - Aztaltica's "soundtrack" and one of Vangelis's best


Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack (by the inimitable Basil Poledouris, and a favorite going back to Yale)

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