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Walker got a few of us interested in NERO Live Action Roleplaying in late 1991 in NERO Mass, and by August 1993, Walker, Nick and I (soon joined by Allison) got heavily involved in the new NERO NY. We were the celebrated Neumacht Brewers, speaking with heavy German accents and soon becoming deeply involved in the plot. Walker (Otto Neumacht) and Nick (Wilhelm Neumacht) played impetuous fighters who bravely died with some frequency (three times each I think) always a sore spot that my canny wizard (Faustus Neumacht) only died once, and Allison's earth templar (Gwynne Neumacht) never. The gaming was great fun, as we grew in power in the Ducal Household, and I got to climb the political ranks as Magistrate, Knight, Paladin and finally the Duke's deputy as Chancellor. Leaving NERO was one of the things I missed most about coming to the UK in 1997, but here are a few old memories preserved:


History of the Neumacht Clan: The elaborate family background which Nick and I drew up in August 1993, fun story.


Log of the Neumacht Clan in Ashbury: The long account I penned of countless NERO events, filling the times in between events with various plot activities. I look at it now and can't believe I wrote so much, but it was done a bit at a time, and was easy to fill given the immersive nature of the game (and the fact that I was a jobless grad student at the time). I just added a very brief epilogue summarizing the last year and a half or so after I stopped keeping the log.


Faustus von Neumacht der Dritte: 16th level Celestial Scholar (Wizard), with full pyramid of 4 spells each up to 9th level, 8 levels of Ritual Magic, and two-handed blunt weapon skill. An arrogant character obsessed with power, riches, and the philosophy of Order, often to the detriment of morality (Lawful Neutral in D&D terms). Nonetheless, he gradually mellowed into increasingly Good tendencies. Great fun to play.


Ducal Laws: As Chancellor I drew up laws, later approved by the Duchess, for all noble powers and duties (they may make boring reading, but ah, to have the spare time of a graduate student...)


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