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This list (complied by Walker and Effi) details all our group's major gatherings and trips starting back at Yale. Click on highlighted international trips for a smattering of real world photos and links to the places we stayed, or follow the plot links for tales of our in-game adventures.

1988 Spring: Original Reavers form at Yale under DM Chris, PCs were Choi (Stonne), Clyde (Korum), John (Garathorm), Matt (Malvenorn), Ofer (Hernando), other Ted (Flan)
Plot: explored Hommlet, and looted Temple of Elemental Evil.

1988 Winter: Effi takes over Hernando, Sam takes over Garathorm, Wendy (Lana) joins Reavers
Plot: Orb of Golden Death stolen by werewolf Garth, strings pulled by aspiring god Janus.

1990 Fall: Miscreants form under DM Chris – Dan (Agrippa), Effi (Hernando), Felix (Wildcard), Mike (Stonne), Rob (Greywolf), Sarah (Araselle), Ted (Black Arrow), Teo (Kliff)
Plot: on quest against Garth explored Tyger’s Forests of the Night, Fire Giant Halls, and drow city Erelhei-Cinlu where they defeated Lloth and destroyed Garth.

1990 Fall: Bywater Six form under DM Ted – Alex (Elrich), Dave (Elsinor), Matt (Liet), Miles (Talis), Seth (Crash), Tom (Gunter)
Plot: Videssian Messiah plot, aided Royalists in Southold Civil War, defeat Videssian invasion

1991 Spring: Walker (Yolan) joins Miscreants
Plot: finale of Chris’ Grund Campaign with Battle at Plane of Truth defeating Janus (who “only” became a demigod) / Dragonbash in Berkeley courtyard.

also Bywater Six Plot: recovered the sword Deepchill, Tower of Stars prophecy, slew blue dragon Akanax

1991 Fall: Chris graduates from Yale, Ted takes over DMing two campaigns; Miscreants (down to Effi, Felix, Mike (now Fharo), Rob, Teo, Walker (now Greylin))
Plot: fight “living houses,” red dragon Flagratius, the lich Magister, Ship of Horrors to Ravenloft

also Bywater Six campaign (down to Alex, Matt, Sarah, Tom, joined by Pat (Calvin) commuting from NYC)
Plot: sojourn in Undermountain, attack Banite temple of Deathknight Sir Cynrik/Colstan Rhuul, height of Nuadan Inquisition.

1992 Spring: Dan/Effi/Mike/Sam graduate from Yale
Plot: Count Drakov's Castle Ravenloft, Eye beholder battle with both Miscreants & Bywater Six, Civil War won and Victory Tournament held, Third Cortalish War begins.

also Bywater Six Plot: Civil war battlesystem campaign, Swords of Montinelle anti-party, Wraithstone Castle

1992 Summer: Tons of gaming this summer both in New Haven and NYC
Plot: Ravenloft mini-adventures, Nuadan Inqusition Falls, Pat's lycanthrope hunting cuts, Effi's Rakshasa

1992 Fall: Bywater Six and Miscreants combine to form Intrepid Paragon (Alex, Dave, Matt, Pat, Rob, Sam rejoins (Khoresh), Tom, Walker)
Plot: Lord Soth finally defeated, killing Vampire Patriarch Count Drakov again in Ravenloft II

1993 Spring: Rob/Teo/Walker graduate from Yale – Walker (now Elmo) commutes weekly with Pat (now Drazen)
Plot: Diplomacy in the Drentmoors (aged PCs), Cortalish War Battles, hounded by lich Pomeranian

1993 Fall-1994 Spring: Alex/Felix/Ted graduate from Yale
Plot: Vecna's Disjunction begins, Conclave of Wizards slain.

1994? Fall: First Reunion in New Haven LC basement, staying at Holiday Inn; Chris, Dan, Effi, Felix, Rob, Ted (DM), Teo
Plot: Alesian quarry fight, assault on underground Vecna temple, victorious but Earthquaked at the last.

1995? June: New Jersey at Alex's house; Alex, Chris (ptDM), Dan, Dave, Felix, Mike, Pat, Rob, Sam, Ted (DM), Teo (Walker in Moscow)
Plot: Pomeranian/Rhuul battle with prismatic wall; Stonne disintegrates monolith.

1995 October: DC at Ted’s apartment; Dan, Dave, Pat, Ted (DM)
Plot: Lost City of Thrazidum; fog giant lair.

1996 Spring?: Syracuse at Cornell; Chris (DM), Dan, Effi, Felix, Rob, Ted, Teo
Plot: Miscreants in alternate Lichworld future where Vecna rules and Agrippa is a lich.

1996 Summer?: New Haven LC basement; Chris, Dan, Effi, Felix, Rob, Ted (DM), Teo
Plot: Vecna defeats party when Sword of Kas fails, they break out of extraplanar prison with help of Kas himself.

1997 May: England 1 at Ted’s Sawtry house, Dan, Effi, Rob, Ted (DM), Walker
Plot: military campaigning in Yazakh steppes, battle of Liara

1998 May: England 2 at Ted’s in Sawtry – (Chris's Trafalgar mug picture, Ted back from Bosnia); Chris, Dan, Effi, Felix, Mike, Rob, Sam, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker
Plot: Apotheosis, Army advances across steppes to Tovag Baragu, Vecna defeated ending Disjunction, debate with the gods.

2000 May: Tuscany Italy – Villa Cuiano; Chris (DM), Dan, Dave, Effi, Gus, Rob, Sam, Ted (ptDM), Teo, Walker
Plot: Wratheaters and Garth's return; Garth again destroyed, though Rhuul escapes; Agrippa cured of vampirism.

2000 Dec: Chicago at Walker’s Apartment starting new Silver Legion Campaign in Aztaltica; Effi, Rob (ptDM), Ted (DM), Walker
Plot: PROLOGUE: The Legion Stirs; researching the New World while military campaigning in the Old.

2001 May: Dordogne France – Le Jeanquet ; Chris, Effi (ptDM), Felix, Rob, Sam, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker (ptDM)
Plot: BOOK I: The New World; first voyage to Aztaltica, winning over Itzapan nation, epic defense of Balul versus Saurian hordes.

2001 October: DC at Walker's folks apartment; Dave, Effi (ptDM), Rob, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker
Plot: INTERLUDE I: Home and Away; exploring lost city of Quetza, recovering toys for Elsinor's orphanage back in Southold.

2002 May: Akumal Mexico – Jade Moon Villa; Chris, Effi, Felix, Rob, Sam, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker
Plot: BOOK II: Conquest!; winning Ball Game to solidify Itzapan support versus Zlatan, failure in assassination mission in Huatepec.

2002 October:
Cleveland at Chris's House; Chris (DM), Effi, Rob, John Stevens, Teo, Walker
Plot: INTERLUDE II: Screams; ancient, alien beasts in lost Videssian city.

2003 May: Stirling, Scotland – Plane Castle; Chris, Dave, Effi (ptDM), Felix, Rob, Sam, John, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker (ptDM)
Plot: BOOK III: On Campaign; Silver Legion marches south, fight for ghost tower and vs. jungle halflings; victory over Zlatan army.

2004 May: Denver at Rob’s House; Chris, Effi, Felix, Mike, Rob (DM), Sam, Teo, Walker
Plot: INTERLUDE III: Occupation & Halaster's Race; Silver Legion deals with Zlatan insurgency and assaults Huana Pichu, transforming cultists into monsters, also Return of Miscreants in Halaster's Undermountain game.

2005 May: Syracuse at Teo’s House; Caisy (Ria), Chris (ptDM), Clyde (Ontor), Effi (ptDM), Felix, Rob (ptDM), Sam, John, Teo, Walker (ptDM), Dave
Plot: INTERLUDE IV: The Hunt for General Tacuba; Band clears Azatl of Viperhand insurgents and defends convoy, ultimately fighting Garkuna at Temple of Gual'batal

2006 May: Teo’s Sanrio, NJ; Chris, Effi, Felix, Rob, Sam, John, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker
Plot: BOOK IV: The Night of Tears;
Zlatan revolt and surround legion--longest battle ever as they fight their way out and Gelben is sacrificed, making the Saurian ritual go awry and changing Aztaltica forever

2006 October: Ted’s Old Chapel, UK; Chris, Effi, Felix, Rob, Sam, John, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker
Plot: BOOK V: The Jungle
; after teleport to Saurian city, band escapes across the jungle purused by the skink Great Hunter, stopped with aid of the Little People

;2007 October: Teo’s Sanrio, NJ; Chris (ptDM), Clyde, Effi, Felix, Rob (ptDM), Sam, John, Ted (ptDM), Teo, Walker
Plot: INTERLUDE V: Out of the Woods
; taken prisoner by desert dwarves, form alliance, descend into Grot-Thuk realm of Parvis, ultimately clear VIdessian complex above Zlatan city

2008 June: Chris’s Syracuse, NY; Chris, Clyde, Effi, Felix, Rob, Sam, John, Teo, Walker (ptDM)
Plot: INTERLUDE VI: The Statue
; infiltrate ruined city and great pyramid, Sotek statue animated and Garkuna escapes, but half of magic items recovered

2009 June: Chris's Syracuse, NY; Chris (ptDM), Clyde, Effi, Felix, Rob (ptDM), Sam, John, Teo, Walker (ptDM)
Plot: INTERLUDE VII: From the Ashes
; travel to Huatepec again to win allies, Cortal attack beaten back, then liberate Silver Legion at Gemnia Pass and preparation for insurrection

2010 June: Ted's Ithaca, NY; Chris, Effi, Rob, Sam, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker
Plot: BOOK VI: Insurrection
; the Legion marches north to defeat the usurper Baron Warwick over control of New Southold and rescue General Cordell

2010 July: Ted's Ithaca, NY; TBA
Plot: INTERLUDE VIII: Through the Looking Glass: pursuing the drow through the mirror, Arkane's world, and Tazumal visits


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