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In 2002 we decided on something non-European for a change of pace; the Riviera Maya on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. The Jade Moon villa in Akumal was excellent--very spacious and thoroughly modern. It was actually two villas--mirror images of each other, though we freely passed from one to the other.

It was right on the beach, and you could go to sleep to the sound of the waves.

View along the beach from the villa. There was also an anchored raft a bit out to sea.

We did a lot more cooking ourselves this time, as unlike the last two villa trips, this was self-catering. Rob's fresh guacamole with a selection of chips, accompanied by a stream of Coronas with lime, was particularly memorable.


Not far down the road was the ancient Mayan city of Tulum--right by the water and so a magnet for tourists--as well as a nearby cenote (sinkhole) cave network with nature reserve.

Here Chris sits alongside a monkey.

Rob climbing the pyramid in the city near the villa, whose name escapes me...

The view from the top of the pyramid over what was once a great city, now overgrown. You can just see the top of another pyramid peeking through the tree canopy.

Another treat was the ancient ball court.

Felix (who spoke the language well) Teo and I went a couple days earlier to Palenque, one of the best preserved Mayan cities in Mexico. This was a real treat and well worth the long drive.

There were 60s-style VW bugs everywhere--apparently the Mexicans continued producing them for years.

The falls at Misol-ha, and we also visited the less spectacular Aqua Azul. We certainly appreciated the opportunity to get in and cool off--as a trip to Yucatan in June is exceedingly hot.


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Game Summary:

2002 May: Akumal Mexico Jade Moon Villa

Players: Chris, Effi, Felix, Rob, Sam, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker

Plot: BOOK II: Conquest!; winning Ball Game to solidify Itzapan support versus Zlatan, failure in assassination mission in Huatepec.

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