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After the England reunion, we decided to get more exotic, and rent the beautiful Villa Cuiano on the eastern edge of Tuscany. In true Italian style we indulged in two-hour long meals every evening, cooked and prepared by the family which was all part of the package. A typical meal consisted of an appetizer (the brushetta was incredible), a pasta course, a meat or fish course, and an excellent desert, all washed down with large jugs of the local wine.

Matt took this great picture with everyone in the windows.

Much of our time was spent sitting on the patio by the pool, sampling various Italian wines (particularly from Montepulciano, where we made a couple trips and the odd winery tour). One day Effi brought back some exceptional, freshly salted sardines.

The last night was best, sitting out in those patio chairs under the stars.

View from the villa into the mountains of neighboring Umbria--it took a long time to drive up to the place, but it was worth it.

On the other side of the ridge was the long Lake Trasimeno, where Hannibal massacred the Romans in 217 BC.
Ambling around Trasimeno, Chris, Sam, and I stumbled on this castle
Rob, Sam, Walker and I on the visit to Assisi; the views were excellent from the hilltop village, as was the cathedral, with St. Francis buried in a chamber below. Chris still has the saint's "toe" somewhere...

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Game Summary:

2000 May: Tuscany Italy Villa Cuiano;

Players: Chris (DM), Dan, Dave, Effi, Gus, Rob, Sam, Ted (ptDM), Teo, Walker

Plot: Wratheaters and Garth's return; Garth again destroyed, though Rhuul escapes; Agrippa cured of vampirism.

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