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After the cliffhanger at the Night of Tears session at Teo's in May, we held a follow-up in the UK over Columbus Day weekend in October 2006. The last time we'd done an England session was Sawtry in 1998, but this time, Ted and Lauren had just moved into the ex-Wesleyan Old Chapel in Northamptonshire.

Gaming in the chancel, the part of the chapel where the altar once stood (most of the rest of the church is called a nave), nice and atmospheric with the high ceiling above.

Alex (far left) even stopped by for a bit and did some NPCing.

Walker discovers chickens, here looking at Ginger climbing atop the table looking for food.


Shot from the balcony above where we gamed--where Chris dramatically did his return of Arkane. We never did get to walk the fields beyond, out toward Brawn's Spinney, but did amble for a half hour along the Nene Way, across Four Brides and past the canal locks.

We managed to get out to F. E. Coales Butchers in Twywell, one of the best around, for some fine Northamptonshire cheeses and sausages. Also drove around Twywell village, one of the more traditional ones with stone facings and some thatched roofs, though we were late for lunch, just managed to get some at the Victorian Tea Shop in Thrapston. We also sampled some "traditional" British foods like Scotch eggs, mulled cider, even a curry.

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Game Summary:

2006 October: England at Ted and Lauren's Old Chapel

Players: Alex (part), Chris, Effi, Felix, Rob, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker

Plot: The Jungle, the party, bereft of any items, escapes from the Saurian city purused by the Great Hunter.

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