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We had our first big overseas reunion here at my house in Sawtry in late May 1998. Timing was bad for me, just having volunteered for seven months in Sarajevo with SFOR, but managed to get a week's leave.

Imagine my surprise on arrival finding everybody had arrived a bit early and "broke in" through an open back window...

On a day trip to London, outside an old pub. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of pictures from this trip, though we also made outings to Cambridge, and especially Warwick Castle, reputedly the most impressive in England.

As usual, we loaded up on lots of English liquor and food--particularly recall Sam making an excellent beef teryaki.

This was the classic shot on the Trafalgar Square lions which Chris put on mugs for the players. I still have mine, as well as the t-shirts Effi had made. Translation: "The die is cast in Britain"

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Game Summary:

1998 May: England at Ted's in Sawtry

Players: Chris, Dan, Effi, Felix, Mike, Rob, Sam, Ted (DM), Teo, Walker

Plot: Apotheosis, Army advances across steppes to Tovag Baragu, Vecna defeated ending Disjunction, debate with the gods.

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