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Last updated post June 2010

  Legion Stirs (12/00) Discovery (5/01) Lost City (10/01) Conquest! (6/02) Screams (8/02)
Main Award 1 - 1.5 levels (-) 1 level (-) .5 level .66 level (4K) .33 level 6 (2K)
Absent Award - - .2 level .26 level 6 (1.6K) .17 level 6 (1K)
Gelben 4 D3.5+1.5=5 5+1=6 6+.5=6.5 18+4=22K NA 22+1=23K
Kincade* - 5 D4.5+1=5.5 5.5+.5=6 15(D12.5)+4=16.5K 16.5+2=18.5K
Gilgareth 4+1.5=5.5 5.5+1=6.5 6.5+.5=7 21+4=25K NA25+1=26K
Dmitry 4 D3.5+1.5=5 5+1=6 6 D5.5+.5=6 15+4=19K NA19+1=20K
Arkane - 5+1=6 NA 6+.2=6.2 16.2+4=20.2K 20.2+2=22.2K
Sett - - 5.5+.5=6 15+1.6=16.6K NA16.6+1=17.6K
Latna-So - 5+1=6 NA 6+.2=6.2 16.2+4=20.2K NA20.2+1=21.2K
Terwyn - - - - 13+2=15K
Garrant 4+1=5 5+1=6 6+.5=6.5 18+4=22K NA22+1=23K
Vogon - 5+1=6 NA 6+.2=6.2 16.2+4=20.2K NA20.2+1K=21.2K


  On Campaign (5/03) Occupation (6/04) Hunt for Tacuba (5/05) Night of Tears (5/06)
Main Award .66 level 6 (4K) .5 level 7 (3.5K) .33 level 7 (2.3K) .5 level 8 (4K)
Absent Award .26 level 6 (1.6K) .18 level 7 (1.3K) NA=.17 level (1.2K) NA=?
Gelben 23+4=27K 27+3.5=30.5K 30.5+3.5=34K 34K(D24.5)+4=28.5K
Kincade* 18.5+4=21.5K 21.5+3.5=25K 25+3.5=28.5K


Gilgareth 26 (D18)+4=22K 22+3.5=25.5K 25.5+3.5=29K 29K+4=33K
Dmitry 20+4=24K 24+3.5K=27.5K 27.5+3.5=31K 31K(D24.5)+4=28.5K
Arkane 22.2+4=26.4K 26.4+3.5K=29.9K 29.9+3.5=33.4K 33.4K+4=37.4K (NPC)
Sett 17.6+4=22.6K NA22.6+1.3=23.9K 23.9+3.5=27.4K 27.4K+NA1.5=28.9K
Terwyn 15 (D12.5)+4=16.5K 16.5+1.3=17.8K 17.8+3.5=21.3K 21.3K+4=25.3K
Latna-So 21.2+4=25.2K 25.2+3.5K=28.7K 28.7+3.5=32.2K 32.2K(D24.5)+4=28.5K
Garrant 23+4=27K NA27+1.3=28.3K NA28.3+1.8=30.1K 30.1K+4=34.1K
Vogon 21.2+4=25.2K 25.2(D18)+3.5=21.5K 21.5+3.5=25K 25K+4=29K
Ontor - - 21+3.5=24.5K 24.5K+NA1.5=26K
Ria - - 21+3.5=24.5K 24.5K+NA1.5=26K
Moe - - - 21K+4K=25K


  The Jungle (5/06) Out of the Woods (10/07) The Statue (5/08)
Main Award .33 level 8 (2.7K) .5 level 8 (4K) .5 levels 8 (4K)
Absent Award .17 level 8 (1.4K) .25 level 8 (2K) .25 levels (2K)
Gelben 28.5K+2.7=31.2K 31.2K+4K=35.2K 35.2K+4K=39.2K
Kincade* 32.5K+2.7=35.2K 35.2K+4.1K=39.3K 39.3K+4K=43.3K
Gilgareth 33K+2.7=35.7K 35.7K+4K=39.7K 39.7K+4K=43.7K
Dmitry 28.5K+2.7=31.2K 31.2K+4K=35.2K 35.2K+4K=39.2K


40K+4K-44K 44K+2K(NPC)=46K
Sett 28.9K+NA1.4=30.3K 30.3K+4K=34.3K


Terwyn 25.3K+NA1.4=26.7K 26.7K+NA2K=28.7K 28.7K+4K=32.7K
Garrant 34.1K +2.7=36.8K 36.8K+4K=40.8K 40.8K+NA2K=42.8K
Vogon 29K+NA1.4=30.4K 30.4K+4K-34.4K 34.4K+4K=38.4K
Ontor 26K+NA1.4=27.4K 27.4K+NA2K=29.4K 29.4K+NA2K=31.4K
Ria 26K+NA1.4=27.4K 27.4 K+NA2K=29.4K 29.4K+NA2K=31.4K
Moe 25K+NA1.4=26.4K 26.4 K+2K=28.4K 28.4K+4K=32.4K
Huitlipacoatl 28K+2.7=30.7K 30.7K+NA2K=32.7K 32.7K+4K=36.7K
Dornarbarazbaruk   32K+4K=36K 36K+4K=40K


  From the Ashes (5/09) Insurrection! (6/10) Through the Looking Glass (7/10?)
Main Award .5 levels 9 (4.5K) .5 levels 9 (4.5K) .33 levels 10 (3.3K)
Absent Award .25 levels (2.2K) NA=.25 level 9-1D (1.9K) NA=.16 level 10 -anyD (~1.6K)
Gelben 39.2K+4.5K=43.7K 43.7K+4.5=48.2K 48.2K
Kincade* 43.3K+4.5K=47.8K 47.8K+4.5=52.3K 52.3K
Gilgareth 43.7K+4.5K=48.2K 48.2K+(D40.5+4.5)=45K 45K
Dmitry 39.2K+4.5K=43.7K 43.7K+4.5=48.2K 48.2K
Arkane 46K+NA2.2K=48.2K


Sett 38.3K+4.5K=42.8K 42.8K+4.5=47.3K 47.3K
Terwyn 32.7K+4.5K=37.2K 37.2K+1.9NA=39.1K 39.1K
Garrant 42.8K+NA2.2K=45K 45K+4.5K=49.5K 49.5K
Vogon 38.4K+4.5K=42.9K 42.9K+4.5=47.4K 47.4K
Ontor 31.4K+NA2.2K=33.9K 33.9K+1.9NA=35.8K 35.8K
Ria 31.4K+NA2.2K=33.9K 33.9K+1.9NA=35.8K 35.8K
Moe 32.4K+4.5K=36.9K 36.9K+4.5=41.4K 41.4K
Huitlipacoatl 36.7K+4.5K=41.2K 41.2K+1.9NA=43.1K 43.1K
Dornarbarazbaruk 40K+4.5K=44.5K 44.5K+1.9NA=47.4K 47.4K


XP Total Needed
XP in Level


Magic Items Won or Purchased

Book VI: Insurrection:

Attendees: Gelben, Kincade, Gilgareth, Sett, Dmitry, Moe, Vogon

Personal Cash from Special Missions for attendees: 9,700 per person (50k Warwick study + Reinhart (5k+1k+250+165+140+100=6655) + Thalargos (5k+5k+1k=11k) + Warwick (280) = 67,935)

Legion Cash Payout: Varies widely, see formula in SIlver Legion report

Total Treasure/Pay for All Special Missions Unit Members (including back pay):

COL Gelben: +3 Shield Called, 10 +3 crossbow bolts, plus 75,000 nobles COL pay and 9,700 treasure

CPT Gilgareth: Studded Leather +3 of Shadow (+10 hide), Potion of Cat’s Grace, Potion of Cure Serious, Potion of Cure Moderate, Potion of Flying, plus 30,000 CPT pay and 9,700 treasure

CPT Kincade: Ring of Protection +3, 1 x Fountainhead Arrow (10 acid burst, 2d8, Ref 14, 3r, hit AC5 square), Potion of Flying, plus 30,000 CPT pay and 9,700 treasure

LT Dmitry: +2 Full Plate of Stamina (+1 Fort) with Energy Protection (Lightning Resistance 10, up to 50, then inert for day), Bastard sword +1, plus 21,000 LT pay and 9,700 treasure

LT Sett: +2 Shield of Cold Resistance (absorbs first 10 of cold/round), Eversmoking bottle, Potion of Clairaudience, Potion of True Sight, plus 21,000 LT pay and 9,700 treasure

LT Moe: Boots of Levitation, Ring of Protection +1, Potion of Cure Moderate, plus 21,000 LT pay and 9,700 treasure

SGT Vogon: +3 full plate, SR 15, Greater Mind Cloaking (+5 vs mind, reroll failed 1/day), Potion of Cure Serious, Potion of Neutralize Poison, plus 6,000 SGT pay and 9,700 treasure

CPT Ariansus: +3 bastard sword of return (call within 30’), plus 30,000 CPT pay

SPC Terwyn: 21,000 nobles pay gave Rainbow back to Latna-So’s Yazakh colony as per will

SGT-MAJ Garrant: 15,000 nobles SGT-MAJ pay

Huitlipacoatl: 0 pay, non-legionnaire, Cordell gives 2,500 of his own pay as thanks for aiding Special Missions Unit on journey from Saurian city of Maxal

Dornar: 0 pay, non-legionnaire, Cordell gives 2,500 of his own pay as thanks for aiding Special Missions Unit on journey from Saurian city of Maxal

Arkane, Onto, Ria: Non-legionnaires All other legionnaires paid as below table


Interlude VII: From the Ashes

Note, this was treasure on all the monsters slain, some of which was used by them or by the PCs


MW bronze shortsword x2, MW shortbow x2, token of cure serious x14, 2 diamond earrings 500 nobles each, 4 amythest earrings 200 nobles each, Maca +1, MW Mighty Short bow +2, 40 MW arrows, Feathertoken of cure critical x 2, 2 Seeds of Sotek, gold armband (500s), minor jewelry (50nobles each x 6 = 300 nobles),


Amulet of Tongues, Potion of cure critical x 2, wand of dispel magic (10th) (19), Greatsword +2, mithril full platemail, Potion of cure critical x 2, Potion of cure critical x 2, full plate, shield, ring of protection +2, Shortsword +2, MW shortsword, 2 potion of cure critical


No treasure taken, rebel legionnaires imprisoned.


Interlude VI: The Statue

Attendees: Huitli, Vogon, Sett, Dornar + dog, Gilgareth, Dmitry, Kincade + Tirol, Moe, Terwyn

CASH 2 x 2000 noble gold bracelet set with 2 opals (Vogon, Dornar)

5 x 1000 noble gold armband (Moe, Gilgareth, Kincade, Dmitry, Tirol)

3 x 500 noble gold holy symbol of Sotek (Sett x 2, Moe)

Total 10,500 nobles


Ambushing the slavers

Talisman of Web (1 charge) – Moe – used

Displacer hide – Dmitry – traded

Amulet of clairaudience (1/day; tiny amulet of gold pointed Videssian ear with ruby earring) – Kincade

Various feathertokens Purchased from Hesoctl

Cloak of resistance +1 – Gilgareth via Dmitry

Necromancer spellbook bound in indestructible shadow-dragon scales – Dmitry / Moe

Dagger +1 venom holder – Sett via Kincade Ring of protection +1 – (Who got this?)

Various masterworked and non-magical items; various feathertokens

Traded for: Halberd +1 of wounding; Goggles of desert; displacer hide, cash


From demi-pyrohydra

Cloak of Scales (resistance +1, +2 vs. poison) – Dmitry

From Temple of Sotek

2 x shortbow +1, mighty +4 – Huitli, Terwyn

Wooden shield +1 – Terwyn

Maca +1 – Huitli (traded to Gilgareth for Maca +2 brutal surge)

5 x Cure Critical Wound feathertokens (4d8+7) – Vogon, Sett, Kincade, Gilgareth, Huitli

Cure Moderate Wounds feathertoken (2d8+3) – Terwyn

Recovered items

Dmitry Wand of Magic Missiles, 5th level-41 Wand of Light-14, Bracers of Armor +3, Signet ring of protection +1 with pearls of power, Poncet’s Wind Fan, Potion of Vision, Spellbooks Silver Dagger, 36 MW Crossbow bolts, 10 Silver bolts

Garrant Full plate +2, Greatsword +1, MW Chain Shirt, MW Silver dagger, Amythest, 750 Diamond, 3000

Gelben Mace +1 (Durgeddin blade +1), Brooch of Shielding-12, Light MW Crossbow, Hewards Handy Haversack, Scroll of Divine Power @10th MW Bolts, 40 MW Silver Bolts 10

Gilgareth Mithril Chain Shirt, Amulet of the Lizard, +2 Natural AC Rapier +1, Jaguar Knight Armband, 500 nobles, Amethyst, 1000 nobles Amethyst, 500 nobles Opal, 100 Gold quill dust, 131 nobles

Kincade Dagger +2, Dagger +1 Spellstoring, 2 levels, Signet ring Flawed, Boots of Speed (On command, haste for 5 rounds, 2x/day: extra partial, +4 haste AC, 1.5x jump), Brooch of Riding Horseshoes of Speed, MW Arrows, 20 MW light crossbow, 50’ silk rope, Scroll, shield x4, Feather tokens: Animal Friendship (@1st Dispel Magic (@5th Nuggets of Ore (ferristite), Pluma and Hishna rocks, 5 of each

Vogon Orcish 2-Handed Axe +1, Chain Shirt +1, MW Mighty Composite Longbow, 35 MW arrows, 1 kobold dinner set

Huitli Flute of the Leopard, MW Shortbow Quiver with 20 arrows


Terwyn TBC

Magic i tems still missing

Dmitry – cloak of resistance +2, circlet of minor blasting, brooch of shielding (12), feathertoken of breathsense, scroll of shrink item

Garrant – vest of protection +1, ring of protection +1, potions of swimming, cure light, cure serious

Gelben – large steel shield +1, cloak of resistance +2, ring of featherfalling

Gilgareth – ring of protection +2, handaxe +1 returning, feathercloak of magic vestment +2 (1/day, 5 hours), minor protection scarab (47)

Kincade – studded leather +2 sonic resistance, ring of protection +2, brooch of tongues, potion of vision, vial of wasp poison (dc18, d6 dex, d6 dex)

Vogon – ring of free action, amulet of protection +2 Huitli – fire peppers, sandals of speed

Moe – TBC

Terwyn – TBC


Interlude V: Out of the Woods

1k noble equivalent to Dmitry

730 noble equivalent each


Gil – scarab of goblem, token of bulls strength

Kincade – fangs of jaguar token

Sett – skin of tezca token

Gelben – potion of spider climb

Baraz – halberd +1 of wounding

Garrant – boots of flying, 6 charges, 2 hrs

Arkane – cmw, clw feather tokens

Dmitry – scroll of flare, 1k share

Huitli – javelin of lightning

Vogon – goggles of desert for trade

Book V: The Jungle

+2 Maca of Brutal Surge - Gilgareth Once per day, on a successful attack, user may activate and unleash a blast of magic force, essentially, launching a bull rush attack in addition to normal damage. This does not cause attacks of opportunity and is resolved using the wielder’s strength and other characteristics. If it is wielded in two hands, the bull rush gets a +2. If successful, the bull rush pushes the enemy back the greatest possible distance allowed y the result of the opposed check, but the wielder does not move along with the enemy. Such movement back may cause normal attacks of opportunity, but never by the wielder.

+2 Vicious Maca - Garrant This item creates a flash of disruptive energy when it strikes that resonates between target and wielder, inflicting 2d6 on target, 1d6 on wielder.

+2 Shield of Arrow Catching - Gelben Bronze Shield has additional +1 vs. ranged weapons. Any ranged weapons aimed at a target within 5 feet will be drawn off course and target the shield bearer instead, unless the wielder has total cover from the attacker. Additionally, those attacking the wielder ignore any miss chance, as missiles are unerringly drawn toward him. Ranged weapons with a higher plus than the shield’s base are not drawn away.

Bone Dagger – destroyed +2 unholy weapon, inflicts one negative level per strike, DC 23 Fort Save to resist. If the dagger is unsheathed and a negative level not inflicted for 10 rounds, wielder suffers a negative level, can be abandoned, then next to touch it loses level. Wherever it goes it acts as if an Unhallow spell has been cast on the area.

The dagger consists of a shard of bone crudely fixed on an ivory hilt, sheathed in human skin.

Armband of Stabilization - Vogon This is an armband is made of simple, very small beads, like you’ve seen in so many places here, from Itzapan villages to the grand market of Zlatan city. The beads are of blue, yellow, and orange, forming simple, jagged patterns as the Aztalticans are so fond of. The player need not wear this, but must have it present on the table at the time or it has mysteriously been lost.

If the wearer falls beneath 0 hp, the necklace begins to give off a barely audible hum. Before the recipient even begins to lose blood, a ghostly shape emanates from the necklace, flitting across the body more rapidly than the eye can follow. It visits the most serious wounds and staunches any bleeding. The victim is automatically stabilized, though still unconscious; the same occurs if further wounds down to -9 occur. Its second power is to protect the wearer from death activates automatically if the hit points drop below -10. The wearer does not die, but drops to -9 and stabilizes. This second power only functions once, and it crumbles to dust afterwards.

Pendant of Resistance - Huitli It is a small, oblong pendant on a simple leather necklace string. The pendant contains several iridescent bits of stone, apparently encased on glass, of glowing green, yellow and purple hues, quite like nothing else you’ve seen in this far-off land, or in the Old World for that matter. The pendant must be worn by the player when the save comes up to work; if the pendent is lost out of game, it is somehow lost ingame.

The pendant does nothing initially, but once attuned to the wearer for 24 hours, it grants Spell Resistance of 13 and a +1 deflection bonus to AC. Once per day, it allows the caster to recast one of his memorized spells up to 3 rd level cast within the past 24 hours.

Boots of Landing - KinCade These are black leather boots made from the skin of a great cat and appear to be in excellent condition. They have extra padding in the soles, adding two inches to your height when worn.

If the wearer falls by more than 6 feet, the boots reorient him so he falls on his feet. Suffers no damage from falls of 100 feet or less. If falling more than 100 feet, subtract 100 feet from the damage. Unlike feather fall, they do not slow descent, simply absorb impact.

Portable Foxhole - Dmitry When placed on a flat surface, this circular piece of canvas creates a shallow pit 5 feet square and 3 feet deep, provides cover against ranged attacks. Items left inside the foxhole when it is close up appear on top of the flat surface, as it is not an extradimensional storage item.

Camouflage Paint - Gilgareth This jelly-like substance comes in a jar 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch deep, with five applications. Spread across face as standard action, the paint changes the color of the users skin, clothing, and gear to match surroundings, offering +5 bonus to Hide checks, but only when stationary. Wears off in 8 hours. Weighs 1 pound.

Bone Needle x3 each - Gelben, Kincade, Gilgareth, Dmitry, Garrant, Vogon, Huitley, Arkane

There are needles that are carved from bone. Each needle has an activation word that is called out as the warrior strikes. A +20 insight bonus is applied to the next attack, and the user is not affected by a miss chance. Each bone needle has three charges. These are produced only by the Little People, who give one to each of their warriors on coming of age, and are nearly never shared. Their creation is a difficult and lengthy ritual process calling on the powers of nature, and a warrior very rarely gets a more needles.

Necklace of Dispel Magic @12 th, 1 charge – Dmitry

Armor in a Bottle x4 – 2 Garrant, 2 Vogon It takes time for the potion to spread completely over the body of the user. The strength of protection depends on how long the user allows for this process, which requires him to remain still. If only 1 action is spent waiting, the protection will be +d4 AC. A full round confers +d6 AC. Allowing a complete minute allows +d12 AC. The maximum useful time to allow it to settle is 10 minutes, allowing d6+6. No matter how much time is used, it persists 2d6 hours, after which time it dissipates. If the AC of armor or other defenses worn already exceeds that of the armor, the mist has no effect and is wasted. The armor has the same spell malfunction and skill check penalties as a typical armor of that protection level.

Elixir of Reckoning - destroyed This elixir is a brilliant, crimson liquid that bubbles and churns within the vial. Indeed, the container is made of extra thick glass, and cork stopper is sealed with wax. When the seal is broken, the liquid inside flashes with a brief surge of power. It has a slight scent of ozone, almost like the tang in the air after a lightening strike. Upon consumption, of the elixir, you feel a rush of energy, followed by a sense of euphoria and invincibility. Your flesh almost thrums with power, your heart rate increases, your skins flushes.

If the imbiber dies (falls to -10 hit points) within 1 hour of drinking the elixir, his body explodes in a blast of eldritch energy dealing 5d6 to every creature or object in a 20 foot radius. Reflex Save DC 16 for half damage. Remnants of the body are distributed around the periphery of the blast. If not slain, the elixir has no effect. Price 825 nobles.

Flaming Fists Potion x2 – Gelben / Huitley After drinking this potion, the wielder’s fists will burst into flame, adding d6 points of damage per hit. Effect lasts 3 hours.

False Life Potion, x4 – 2 Dmitry, 2 Huitley Drinker gets d10+3 temporary hit points for 3 hours or until damaged.

Cure Light Potion, d8+7 - Kincade

12 potions Cure Moderate 2d8+8 - Gelben, Kincade x2, Gilgareth, Dmitry x2, Garrant, Vogon, Huitley x2, Arkane, Kashta

4 potions Cure Serious 3d8+10 – Gelben, Gilgareth, Garrant, Vogon

100 flasks of oil – some to various PCs, rest to Little People

Unlimited flight arrows, shortbows, macas, bronze scimitars, bronze large shields, bone armor, Sotek holy symbols – some to various PCs, rest to Little People

Saurian Ballista and 12 bolts – Dmitry, Shrink spelled

Videssian Steel Banded Mail, Longsword, Large Shield – Garrant

Videssian Steel Two-Handed Battle Ax, Studded Leather, 2 Daggers - Vogon


Book IV: The Night of Tears

All seven surviving legionaires (Gelben, Kincade, Gilgareth, Dmitry, Garrant, Terwyn, Vogon): white sacrificial shifts, 3 neck pouches on leather cord, war whistle around neck, 2 copper knives d3, break on 1, 2 flasks of octal, 2 waterskins, padded cotton armor, AC +2, weight 5, Max DEX +8 (worn if desired), moccasins

Gelben,: healers kit, Nuadan holy symbol, carrying Sack 2: 2 gold quills (filled with gold dust, 50 nobles worth), 20 coral buds, 100 mayzcakes, 1 wizard spellbook (100 pages, 88 pages filled) for a multiclass sergeant who had just become a transmuter—no evocation option (2 pages per spell level, non trans spells italticized) 0-Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close (6 pages) 1-Alarm, Burning Hands, Endure Elements, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Message, Shield, Reduce (16 pages) 2-Alter Self, Darkvision, Endurance, Fog Cloud, Levitate, Pyrotechnics, Shatter, Spectral Hand, Summon Swarm (34 pages) 3-Dispel Magic, Major Image, Shrink Item, Water Breathing (24 pages) 4-Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer, (8 pages)

Kincade: 1 MW silvered steel dagger with inscription In Periculis Audax (Bold in Face of Danger—Silver Phalanx), 1 small obsidian knife d4, break on 1, sling, 50 ft., 33 slingstones d4

Gilgareth: sling, 50 ft., 33 slingstones d4, Tinderbox, Whetstone, 2 silver nobles, Carrying Sack 1, gold quills (filled with gold dust, 50 nobles worth), 1,000 cocoa beans, 25 jade necklaces of various Aztaltican gods, 13 war whistles, 1 ornate mantle, feathered headdress

Dmitri,: sling, 50 ft., 33 slingstones d4, 6 steel war darts, healers kit, 1 sewing needle, diary of a soldier

Garrant: Whetstone, Nuadan holy symbol

Vogon : Whetstone

Terwyn : Whetstone


Interlude IV: The Hunt for General Tacuba
Vogon: Videssian Ring of Freedom of Movement, Feathertoken Cure Critical
Gilgareth: Amulet of Lizard (Natural Armor +2, once per day for 1 hour, Feathertoken Cure Critical
Kincade: Earring of Quetzal (wearer sprouts scaly wings and can Fly 1/day for 10 minutes), Feathertokens Cure Moderate x2
Latna-So: Anklet of Chameleon (+10 on Hide checks in natural surroundings), Feathertoken Cure Critical, 4 x 500 rubies
Terwyn: 1 Seed of Sotek (thrown weapon, range 40 feet, 6d6 acid damage on everyone within 10 ft, Ref 15 for 1 damage), Feathertoken Cure Critical, Cure Light, jewelry 1100 nobles
Arkane: Feathertoken Cure Critical, jewelry 1100 nobles
Dmitry: Feathertoken Cure Moderate x2, jewelry 1100 nobes
Sett: Feathertoken Cure Moderate, Cure Light, jewelry 1100 nobles
Traded: Maca of Warpwood +1 (any wood struck by the maca is warped (magic can save)– traded for healing feather tokens (included in above distribution)

Interlude III: Occupation
Latna So: Videssian Quiver of Normal Arrows
Kincade: Videssian Shortbow +1
Vogon: Videssian Ring of Protection +1
Arkane: jewelry 1250 nobles
Gelben: jewelry 1250 nobles
Dmitry: 250 nobles jewelry, 1000 noble sacrificial gold and jade knife
Nuadan Irregulars: 5 MW macas
Silver Raiders: 100 nobles jewelry to each survivor, MW jaguar knight armor (to Silver Raiders as battle trophy for mess tent)
Destroyed: Evil Maca +1 (-1 level while wielded to all non-evil)

Book III: On Campaign
Arkane: Talisman of Fish Control (automatically control all non-sentient Small-sized or smaller fish in 60’ radius when charge activated, for larger than Medium-sized fish, or smaller sentient fish, get Will save vs. DC 17, up to 30 HD of such large/intelligent fish affected. Shaped as a small jade pirhana - 4 charges (4 charges), Vermin Totem (beetle) (drop to activate, last one hour or until killed, obeys simple two word commands), 6 feet long, acid spray (EX) in 10 foot cone once per round, FORT save DC 13 or take d4+2, SPD: 30’, AC 16, +2 bite d4+1, FORT +5, REF +0, WILL +0, Spot +6, Listen +6, MM pg. 206, HP: 16), Eyegleam salve, Cure Serious Wounds @ 8, Cure Light Wounds @ 5, Searing Light token @ 3 (from Dmitry, used), 4 x gold bracelets (2000)
Dmitry: 3 x fireball ballista bolts @ 10 (1 used), (Use causes Terror check on any Aztaltican unit target, otherwise as standard 10d6 Fireball), diamond (4000)
Garrant: Full plate +2, 2 x Cure Serious Wounds @ 8
Gelben: Gold jewelry (6,000)
Gilgareth: Bull’s Strength potion @ 6, Cure Serious Wounds @ 6, Cure Light Wounds @ 5, 4 x gold bracelets (2000), amethyst (500)
Kincade: Neutralize Poison @ 7, Cure Serious Wounds @ 6, 4 x gold bracelets (2000), ruby (1000), 40 x garnet (400)
Latna So: The Rain Bow or Bow of the Seven Sisters (Yazakh composite shortbow +2, +5 when raining, range increments double, immune to rain penalties) with quiver of 15 special arrow shafts which are powered by 7 types of gem arrowheads (Ruby, Amber, Citrine, Topaz, Jade, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Diamond. One Amethyst arrow already used--explodes when strikes--the harder the target, the more violent the explosion. Against an unarmored human it only does 2d6 fire damage, against moderate armor such as chain or jaguar it does 4d6 fire damage, d6 to all within 5 feet, against armored plate mail, a dragon, a wall, etc, it does a 6d6 fireball to the target, 2d6 in 10’ radius), Cure Light Wounds @ 5
Sett: Ring of Protection +1 (from Kincade), Cure Serious Wounds @ 6, 4 x gold bracelets (2000), featherweaving (900), amythyst (500), 10 x lapis lazuli (100)
Terwyn: Sotek’s Tooth +1 bronze acid halfspear (+d6 acid damage on each hit); “Sotek’s Tooth” inscribed on head of weapon; haft is wrapped in glistening green snakeskin
Vogon: Bone Sliver of Ixabna To “wear” this item and enjoy its powers, take d8 damage and make a DC 15 Fortitude save due to the tearing of flesh as the needle is inserted. Failed save means the ritual failed, and must be attempted again. If any of these d8 points of damage inflicted by the bone insertion are healed through magic (assumed to be the last hit points cured if there are multiple wounds), the bone pops out and its effects cease." Wearer receives an insight bonus of +2 to hit on all attacks using his primary weapon (which must be chosen each day at the time the Sliver is inserted). Wearer also suffers -2 on reaction rolls with all non-Saurians or deep jungle dwellers. Cure Critical Wounds @ 12, Cure Serious Wounds @ 8
Lieutenant Ariansus: Full plate +1 (from Garrant)
Lieutenant Marcus Gerritsen: Vermin Totem (bee) (drop to activate, last one hour or until killed, obeys simple two word commands), 5 feet long, SPD: 20’ fly 80’ (good), AC 14, +2 Sting d4+poison DC 13 d6 CON/d6 CON then bee dies, FORT +3, REF +3, WILL +2, Spot +6, Intuit +6, MM pg. 206, HP: 16), Eyegleam salve, 2 x Cure Serious Wounds @ 6, 3 x jade bracelets (600)
Donated to Army: Human-skin shield +1 (Captain Romnor)
JungleBane +1 tentacled Great Bronze Scimitar - Jungle-Bane appears to be a large, roughly made bronze Atlan great scimitar with a dull greenish hue to the metal. As a free action the wielder can command the hilt to lengthen to 5’ thus giving a 10’ reach for the weapon. Great scimitar is an exotic weapon requiring a feat to use. (Champion in Aztaltican company)
Arcanus Morti, +2 battle axe, ghost touch (hits noncorporeal without miss chance), unholy (+2d6 vs. good, bestows negative level when carried by good), wounding (bleed 1 hp/round) - destroyed
Phantom Shield +1 The minimalist bronze rim around this shield frames a thin membrane of fragile white leather, which on closer inspection is human skin. The evil tentacle spirit power of the item has been destroyed by Gelben’s Consecrate spell, leaving only a peculiar and revolting +1 shield. - destroyed
The Battle of Gemnia Pass (Legion)
General Cordell never divulges exactly what the Provosts acquire when policing the battlefield after the Specialists do a detect magic sweep. However, it is widely known that some two dozen evil weapons of Sotek were recovered and destroyed by Demetrious, and a dozen magical macas were seized and awarded to the Itzapan allies. Many hishna scaletokens were found and subsequently destroyed, as were some pluma feathertokens, which went to replenish the Legion’s stores. The Zlatan have few permanent magic items other than weapons and such tokens, but it is well known Cordell awarded a Periapt of Wound Closure to Captain Daggrande for his crossbowmen’s excellent marksmanship during the battle, and a Ring of Protection was awarded to First Sergeant Gambonne of Romnor’s Wildcats for heroism. Other temporary items have been gathered and retained in the Legion stores.

Interlude II: Screams
Arkane: Buckler +3
Moe Firiendoril: Tome of clear thought +1, Scroll of summon swarm
KinCade: Ring of protection +2, Gems and coins totaling 3000 gp
Tumorph: Shortsword +2
Marcus Gerritsen: Chain shirt +2
Halgar: Ring of Protection +2

Book II: Conquest
Gelben: Ring of Feather Falling
Gilgareth: Feather Cloak of Magical Vestment, 1/day @ 5th level); (Tezca colors - red yellow orange 2 potions cure Serious @ 5th
Arkane: Feathertokens, 2 resist elements @ 3rd, lesser restoration @ 3rd, dispel magic @ 5th, 2 potions cure serious @ 5th
Vogon: Feathertokens, (Aid @ 3rd, 2 barkskin @ 3rd, 2 divine favor @ 1st)
Kinkade: Feathertokens (animal friendship @ 1st, dispel magic @ 5th, blindness @ 5th, cure light @ 1st), potion cure serious @ 5th
Dmitry: Feathertokens (searing light @ 5th, sound burst @ 3rd, remove paralysis @ 3rd), potion cure serious @ 5th
Latna So: Feathertokens (cure serious @ 5th, 3 Prayer @ 6th, some charges used)
3200 nobles to be split 8 ways = 400 nobles each





Experience Note: We don't track individual XP awards, rather, all PCs get a uniform award at the DM's discretion. Death, indicated above by a D, sets a character back to halfway through the previous level, which can really hurt if you were on the verge of making the next level (5.75 back to 4.5), or can only be a little if you just made a level (5 back to 4.5). However, at least you still earn all XP you made in any given adventure--these earned XP are not lost, but are all added to the new, reduced XP total. DMs gain full XP for events. Players who cannot attend an event (NA) above, will earn half of the average XP earned in the event, modified down for deaths by the following formula (multiply XP level multiple earned by surviving characters, then subtract .5 level multiple for dying PCs, then divide by total number of PCs, then divide by two).

Given our infrequent sessions, the following system governs XP awards. The main event of the year will earn each PC enough experience points to win half of a level for the average PC, as determined by the DM. Any PC can also play in only one other gaming session during the year, which is worth one-third of a level

If a player wants to play in more than two events in a year, he must either play a different character, or forgo any chance to earn experience in that session. Otherwise, players who can’t travel far or often for the session could be penalized. This restriction keeps the focus on the main sessions.





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