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A millennium after the Great Cataclysm the Southron people finally emerged from under the yoke of the Videssian tyrants led by their hero and first king, Aethelstan. At this moment the holy artifacts of Tyr appeared in Aethelstan’s hands: the Crown, the Scepter, and the Sword. In breaching the pact that kept the higher powers from directly influencing Arik, Tyr unwittingly paved the way for many of the other powers to directly influence events for the short period of time until the pact resumed: Mask passed the Ring of Shadows to his high priest deep beneath the streets of Alcester, and far south in Aztaltica, Sotek appeared as the great stone in the desert found by Tecco, founder of Zlatan. Nuada too used this moment to give some of his skills to his followers.

In the moment of the breach he imbued twelve items with some aspect of his power. All of the items were given intelligence and the ability to reject their wielder. If the wielder violates the morals of the item it uses the Teleport ability to move to the Great Vault beneath the temple of Nuada in Bywater, there to rest for a year before Teleporting away to serve a worthy soul. Some of these have played great roles in the struggles that have beset Arik, while some have remained silent, their role as yet unknown.

The items that have been seen in Arik include:
Nuada’s Hand – a Silver Gauntlet which always serves the current Grand High Marshal. This is not to be confused with the relic also known as Nuada’s Hand which Lord Soth’s minions attempted to steal.
Nuada’s Wrath – a Longsword currently in the possession of Morgan Cordell, general of the Silver Legion
Nuada’s Revenge – a great silvery Mace currently wielded by Anaximander, former Grand High Marshal
Nuada’s Speed – this item manifests most commonly as a set of silvery horseshoes that empower the horse of an individual who is not otherwise directly worthy of one of the virtues
Nuada’s Power – this item manifests as the hinges of the gates of a city important to the cause of Nuada and appears to strengthen them against opposing siege engines
Nuada’s Rage – a Greatsword used by Eltan, leader of the Flaming Fist
Nuada’s Strength – this silvery Belt appears to increase the strength of the wielder to inhuman levels. It was last seen at the battle of Fort Caruk in the Creswell Fields during the First Cortalish War in 1297. The Belt allowed a peasant laborer named Terian to single handedly rebuild the stone wall of the fort in a single night which allowed the successful defense of the fort against the 2nd Cortalish Irregulars.

Others are known only by name:
Nuada’s Faith
Nuada’s Duty
Nuada’s Pain
Nuada’s Justice
Nuada’s Vengeance

Typical Priest of Nuada

Typical Priest of Nuada


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