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Summary: The Special Missions Unit is an ad-hoc, informal grouping of several Silver Legion members, assembled under General Cordell's direct command only when the situation demands. Most of the time, the "unit's" often-changing membership fulfils other senior functions in the Legion. The unit originated during the initial scouting voyage to Aztaltica, and most of the eight senior legionnaires (save former Chaplain-Colonel Demetrious, Arkane, and Latna-So) who went on that first voyage remain Special Mission Unit members today. General Cordell often assembles the band for missions behind enemy lines, reconaisance, raids, assassinations, and such, and they played an instrumental role in the recent insurrection againsy Batron Warwick. The current membership, in rank/date of rank order is:

GelbenColonel-Chaplain Gelben Fisk (Southron cleric of Nuada) The Chaplain-Colonel is a member of the zealous Nuadan Order of Saint Uther, just as his predecessor Demetrious, and is known for his fierce dedication to Nuada. Though he has only been outside the Order's cloisters a few short years, he has rapidly assumed a position of trust within the Legion, long commanding the Silver Phalanx unit of pikeman before being promoted to Colonel. He is usually garbed in a suit of gleaming full plate armor with a red cloak, usually carrying an enchanted mace and a shield etched with the Nuadan armored fist. The only discordant note in this picture of chivalry and just war is a small ring apparently made of feathers on his right hand. His martyrdom on the Night of Tears at the hands of Garkuna, High Priest of Sotek, is celebrated by many of the faithful, some of whom call him "Saint Gelben."


KinCadeSpymaster-Captain Kincade Winkwillow (halfling rogue/sorceror/ranger): Although he comes from a long line of halfling diplomats in the Five Shires, Kincade has been swiftly promoted through the military ranks in near record time. In addition to organizing Legion scouting and intelligence collection, he commands the Silver Raiders light cavalry on the battlefield. The halfling is known for his agility, said to be almost quicker than the eye, and his charm. He wears a fine cloak over studded leather armor and wields a pair of daggers in battle. Since arriving in Aztaltica, he has acquired an eagle familiar Kiya, who often rests on his arm, and has bone earrings which signify his role as "king" of a tribe of native halflings called the "Little People."


GilgarethCaptain Gilgareth Prindle (Southron fighter/rogue) Captain Gilgareth is a lifelong soldier, rising from the ranks as a sergeant in the Royal Army during the Civil War before being recruited by the Legion after his valour in seizing the breach at the Battle of Balar. He is known for his easygoing ways, and well-liked by the troops. He commands the new unit of Itzapan volunteers being trained with Southolder weapons, tentatively named the Tazumal Recruits. Gilgareth is a swashbuckling, agile warrior, wielding a rapier in one hand and a hand axe with the mark of Gunter's Smithy in the other. He wears a mithril chain shirt, but his most striking aspect is the native cloak of red, yellow, and orange feathers.


DmitryLieutenant Dmitry Vladimirovich (Silvanian Wizard [Abjurer]) Dmitry is known throughout the Legion for his intelligence, prowess with Abjuration magic, and knowledge of siege engineeing, which he studied at the Royal College in Dunthrane. As a result, he has been placed in command of the small Ballista Battery captured from the Cortals at Radzetsky Pass. He speaks little of his history, and many legionnaires are mistrustful of his Silvanian lineage, though he has repeatedly proved his loyalty. Dmitry wears a wizard's cloak, a pair of bracers on his forearms, and an elaborate signet ring. He longs to fight the Cortal foe and hopes to rescue his brother imprisoned by the Cortals years past.


SettLieutenant Sett (Elf Rogue/Sorceror) Sett is one of the few full elves in the Legion, a new officer, but judged valuable for his lightning agility and command of illusion sorcery. His background is well known to the legionnaires who recruited him; taken as a youth into forced service by the Bywater Thieves Guild, only later rescued to Elsinor's Orphanage were he recuperated from the traumatic experiences. He later learned the art of illusion sorcery and joined the Legion, serving in the Silver Raiders as a scout. He was separated from the rest of the band after the Night of Tears, but reunited after being taken in by the desert dwarves. Sett wears no armor, and is usually shrouded in a black, hooded cloak. He wears various amulets and rings, with a trusty enchanted shortsword by his side.

SettLieutenant Moe Firiendoril (Half Elf Wizard [Evoker]): Moe rarely talks about his background and wears nondescript clothing. Only the light crossbow on his back marks him out from anyone on a Southron street, that and the pointed ears of his half elven heritage. He is sometimes seen with a rat companion named Squiggy. Moe was a specialist for years, but after distinguishing himself on the Night of Tears by swimming behind enemy lines and destroying Zlatan war canoes, he earned a field commission in the Silver Raiders as a Lieutenant. However, the trauma of the experience of swimming for miles carrying Latna So's corpse left him with a severe pain in his leg, and he has limped and been short-tempered ever since. Following the Legion's liberation he has worked tirelessly to get the arcane casters ready for battle.

TerwynSpecialist Terwyn Kite (Elf Cleric of Solonor): Terwyn's background is a mystery: he wears plain clothes, talks in a flat accent, and says little about his past. Only his elven heritage and devotion to Solonor are obvious. Kite obviously joined the Legion to leave something behind, but he has never said what. Like Latna-So, Terwyn is sensitive to the natives' situation and has taken the time to learn about the Aztaltican language and cultures. He shuns authority when possible and has little interest in advancement, but is always reliable. Terwyn is thin, has short, light blonde hair, and deep grey-green eyes. He always wears a worn traveling cloak and mithril shirt, and carries his finely crafted bow Aefimir, as well as a recently acquired magic spear with Sotek markings. Specialist Kite was tasked with remaining at the Gemnia Pass garrison and helping train the Huatepec allies while the legion marched north to confront Baron Warwick.

GarrantSergeant-Major Garrant (Southron fighter) Garrant is a hulk of man, popular with the troop and often seen drinking with them late into the night. He cares little for Nuada and is perhaps louder than he is clever, but he is reliable. Though treated with the deference due any officer as the Legion's senior NCO, he does not aspire or pretend to rise above his station. He wears an enchanted suit of full plate armor and wields the greatsword "Lighting"--known for his ability to whirl and cleave through several opponents with it. He also wears a red cloak and a longbow over his shoulder. Like most Southrons, Garrant was long known to mistrust and belittle the native "Ticans," but he gained a new respect for their bravery after the death of an Itzapani warrior named Kanto and the noble example of Atahuelpa. Given their long lack of discipline under General Alfred's tenure, General Romnor has tasked Garrant with increasing training.

Vogon Sergeant Vogon (Half Orc fighter/barbarian) Vogon the half-orc is known throughout the Legion for his whirling doubled headed orcish battle axe, as well as his great strength and stamina. He is also known for his simple, gutteral speech, usually free of words longer than two syllables. Vogon was recently reappointed a Sergeant in the Dunthrane Halberdiers, and there are bets how long the appointment will last, as the barbarian has been busted down the ranks before. He wears a chain shirt and an assortment of bone necklaces with a gold amulet. Vogon recently received a special award for bravery for his actions during the aerial assault on the Viperhand/Sotek temple of Huana Pichu.


Current Travelling Companions:

Huitley Huitley (Itzapan bard/ranger) Huitlipacotl, Huitley to the legionnaires, is an Itzapan explorer--part bard and ranger in Arik terms. She served with the Itzapan troops as an ad-hoc scout, hired for her knowledge of Zlatan legends and lands. She survived the Night of Tears by leaping into the flames, and has since travelled with the legionnaires, though she remains outside their chain of command and she clearly disagrees with much the "Grundlings" stand for. She has a slender, wiry build, with an eagle beak nose, dark brown skin, sharp cheekbones, deep inset eyes, a high forehead, and nearly always wears a nose ring. Huitley wears a green cloak, has a maca she rarely uses, as well as a shortbow flute she often plays. In the jungle she befriended a parrot-like red bird, often seen on her shoulder. After the Legion's liberation at Gemnia Pass, Huitley left to investigate the fate of her village and family, from which she had been separated since the Night of Tears, but pledged to return.


Huitley Dornar (Desert dwarf barbarian / atheist cleric) Dornarbarazbaruk (Dornar to the legionnaires) is one of the fierce desert dwarf (Barazul) barbarians of the House of Tezca. A gundu (leader) of the Gundubarazbaruk tribe, he was appointed as an emmisary by King Luskag to travel with the Silver Legion, help organize a defense and alliances against the Saurian threat, and learn more about the outlanders and the dwarves from the "Old World" of Arik. He wields a jet black plumastone axe and dagger and wears the simple leather armor of his kind. Even in lands where water is plentiful, he always carries two full waterskins, and his satchel of pungent mushrooms. Though he supports his new Legion allies in the civil war between the "cloudriders," his primary mission is to defend against the Saurian threat, so he is currently conducting talks with Prince Pacal on a treaty between the desesrt dwarves and Huatepec.


Ex-Members of the Special Missions Unit:

ArkaneFormer Lieutenant Arkane (Southron ranger) Radamanthus Kane, Arkane for short, is an intense ranger, a devout devotee of Solonar and nature. His insight rivals that of the most learned and faithful priest, aiding the legionnaires greatly in answering enchanted riddles and otherwise surviving in his element, the wild. He was a member of the Silver Raiders light cavalry and scouting unit until he left the Legion under mysterious circumstances after Zlatan's fall, and now is believed to act as a defender of the Aztaltican land from foreign oppression. Little is known of his background, save that he is from the Forest of Arden and sometimes talks about a distant ancestor, Kahn. He wears a green cloak over a chainmail shirt and carries a shortbow and ancient Videssian buckler. In combat he wields an enchanted bronze scimitar etched with Sotek runes.


Latna-SoSpecialist Latna-So (Yazak rogue/cleric of Selune) Latna-So was a devotee of Selune, godess of travel and the moon, apt for a priestess who lived a wandering life, and whose people are all refugees after the deluge of the Yazakh steppes following Vecna's Great Disjunction. As a specialist on limited contract with the Legion, she was perhaps the most outspoken of the band in favor of treating the Aztalticans well, often bringing her into conflict with hardliners. She died a heroic death on the Night of Tears. Her sister, Gaetmo So, has gone on to establish a 400-strong colony of Yazakh refugees near Tazumal. She wore the light, banded armor common to the Yazakh steppes, along with boots and a cloak of a fine, elven appearance. Slung on her back was an enchanted Yazakh compound bow--the Rainbow--with intricate carvings and writing, and she wielded a short sword in combat.


Legion Battle Standard

Legion Battle Standard w/new battle honor, "Zlatan Empire, 1512-13"


XP Tables: Experience point tallies for Special Mission Unit members.


Silver Legion Org Chart

Silver Legion Organization Chart



Special Missions Unit Log:

PROLOGUE: The Legion Stirs (Chicago, WINTER 2000)

BOOK I: The New World (France, SPRING 2001)

INTERLUDE I: Home and Away (Washington, FALL 2001)

BOOK II: Conquest! (Mexico, SPRING 2002)

INTERLUDE II: Screams (Clevland, FALL 2001

BOOK III: On Campaign (Scotland, SPRING 2003

INTERLUDE III: Occupation (Colorado, SPRING 2004)

INTERLUDE IV: The Hunt for General Tacuba (Syracuse, SPRING 2005)

BOOK IV: The Night of Tears (NJ, SPRING 2006)

BOOK V: The Jungle (UK, FALL 2006)

INTERLUDE V: Out of the Woods (NJ, FALL 2007)

INTERLUDE VI: The Statue (Syracuse, SPRING 2008)

INTERLUDE VII: From the Ashes (Syracuse, SPRING 2009)

BOOK VI: Insurrection! (Ithaca, SPRING 2010)

INTERLUDE VIII: Through the Looking Glass (Ithaca, SUMMER 2010)

BOOK VII: The Old World and the New! (TBA, SPRING 2011?)


General Cordell

General Morgan Cordell


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General Cordell

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