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PROLOGUE: The Legion Stirs (Chicago, WINTER 2000)
Legionnaires: LT Gelben, LT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, SGT-MAJ Garrant
Chapter I. Clearing Passage Through Khundrakar, Higharvestide (30 September) 1511

  • Just after Vecna’s Disjunction, the Silver Legion is fighting on the front against the Cortals
  • Goal to outflank Cortals holding Radzetsky Pass--travel via ancient dwarfhold Khrundrakar
  • Party of lieutenants fights its way through the dungeon, slaying orc and troglodyte tribes
  • Negotiate with duergar and avoid black dragon, and escort the Legion through to hit enemy rear

Chapter II. The First Battle of Radzetsky Pass, 12 Marpenoth (October) 1511

  • Silver Legion defeats the Cortalish defenders of Radzetsky Pass in great turning battle, few casualties

Chapter III. Freeing Black Tower Bridge, 14 Marpenoth (October) 1511

  • Party of officers sent to reopen supply lines seized by humanoid raiders
  • Black Tower Bridge watchtower seized, party organizes sneak attack and recaptures it
  • Tower then assaulted by humanoid hordes--battering ram and escalade--narrowly holds
  • Party loots hobgoblin lair--recruits from grateful village of Thirple--CPT Menigan joins

Chapter IV. The Second Battle of Radzetsky Pass, 19 Marpenoth (October) 1511

  • Cortalish 9th Army counterattacks to recapture Radzetsky Pass, but Legion prevails
  • Heavy infantry losses as Silver Phalanx and Dunthrane Halberdiers rout, Dmitry dies

Chapter V. Onward to Tara, 31 Marpenoth (October) 1511, St. Uther’s Day

  • After the traditional St. Uther’s Day procession, General Cordell tells officers about next mission
  • Seek information on ancient jungle land of Aztaltica far to the south, former Videssian colony

Chapter VI. The Tower of the Stars, 21 Uktar (November) 1511

  • Party arrives at Tower of the Stars, great library
  • First talks with Derwyth the Sage, learn of Hellstorm’s hazards (blocks seas far to the south)
  • Tower was taken over by Cortal Sage Vladimir; Master Sage Shalfrey under siege
  • Vladimir wanted to deliver word of Aztaltica’s riches to Cortals, letter apparently unsent
  • Party sneaks into question room past guards, then fights its way to inner sanctum
  • Master Sage Shalfrey rewards party with some answers on Aztaltica, offers future free question
  • Gets Videssian map of Aztaltica pre-Cataclysm, discovers Archmage Zenjik has rutter charts

VII. Pubs and Sewers, Nightal (December) 28, 1511

  • Party on pub crawl in Dunthrane dock quarter, withstand night attack in rooms at Bleeding Orc Inn
  • Party ambushes assassins in pub, learns they were hired by Cortals in revenge for Tower incident
  • Follow leads into sewers and destroy lair of Coal Goblins serving Cortals

BOOK I: The New World (France, SPRING 2001)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, LT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Kincade, LT Arkane, SPC Latna-So, SGT-MAJ Garrant, Vogon
Chapter I. The Best Laid Plans, Yuletide Eve, 1511

  • Silver Legion Council of War outlines the Aztaltica mission and issues orders
  • Initial scout voyage for intelligence, act friendly, make alliances, leave if hostile
  • Small party to go to Liveoak to consult Raven the seer and Archmage Zenjik Demonslayer
    • Raven-Bird Sighted warns look to the eagle, beware jaguar, but most of all the hiding serpent
    • Seek audience with Zenjik, getting past riddles and animated guardians in his walled grounds
    • Zenjik sells old Videssian Hellstorm rutter charts; aim for Hell’s Landing, cross at new moon
  • Second small party sent after missing baggage trains amid more Cortal-paid humanoid uprisings
    • They liberate Southron river ferry captured by troll and caster, track to their lair
    • Party seeks missing baggage trains, has run-in with Cortal assassins, but finally prevails
  • Both groups return to Dunthrane, board Captain Garvyn’s carrack Endurance

Chapter II. Voyage to Aztaltica, 30 Hammer (January) 1512

  • Endurance leaves Dunthrane, after seasickness; Chaplain Demetrious ill, confined to room for voyage
  • 28 Alturiak: reach Hell’s Landing isle, ancient Videssian died there and old Thonians had visited
  • 1 Ches: Into the Hellstorm, fight lightning creatures and dozen air elementals, mast cracks
  • 12 Ches: First sighting of birds as food runs low, 42 days at sea

Chapter III. First Contact, 13 Ches (March) 1512

  • Endurance lands in Itzapan at Twin Visages rocks, meet Eagle Knight Atahuelpa, becomes guide
  • Escorted to capital city Tazumal, Revered Counsellor Caxal's Court
  • Maractyl of Sotek wants them killed, but Caxal treats them as honored guests
  • 16 Ches: Assassination team led by jaguar chief Villac and knights attack Legion sleeping quarters
  • Jaguars slain, branded with symbol of a rare cult common in neighboring Zlatan Empire
  • Secret meeting with Watil of Feathered Snake Qotal—strike a deal to oppose human sacrifices
  • Demetrious recovers from sickness and takes over trade talks, officers to scout inland

Chapter IV. Lost City of Quetza, 20 Ches (March) 1512

  • Group travels with Atahuelpa to far-flung home village Balul
  • Priests of Sotek warn of calamity since sacrifices have ceased, disasters, plague, famine, attacks
  • Group travels to jungle pyramid of enigmatic Uxma the Featherweaver—gets few answers
  • Mysterious disease afflicts Balul peasants, blamed on legionnaires; Latna-So stays to cure
  • All Itzapan priests and knights called for great debate about foreigners in the capital
  • Atahuelpa leads some legionnaires to lost city of Quezta in jungle; infested with displacer beasts
  • Discover that old reptilian race once ruled all until defeated by Videssians in 202 BC invasion
  • Upper levels guarded by Videssian armor constructs—Inner Sanctum sealed by Videssian magic
  • Videssian warning--don’t disturb “Saurian” evil imprisoned there—legionnaires return to Balul

Chapter V. The Battle for Balul, 11 Tarsakh (April) 1512

  • Legionnaires attacked by reptilian “Saurian” or “El Saurim” scouts—Atahuelpa knows as legends
  • Army of 100+ seen marching on Balul, three types: scout skinks, warrior saurus, giant kroxigor
  • Speculation attack occurred because of sacrifices stopping; saurians sacred to Sotek
  • Band marches back, evacuates village and prepares to defend it with Atahuelpa and 7 guards
  • Creatures well-organized into military units, launch probes, attack from three sides
  • Most fearsome battle legionnaires ever fought; several go down, Kincade killed
  • Legion holds, killing 90 Saurians, Atahuelpa declares them his brothers

Chapter VI. Epilogue, Greengrass 1512

  • After attack, legionnaires return to Iztapan’s capital Tazumal; Caxal offer alliance and trade
  • Zlatan tribute collectors arrive, Caxal makes Legion appear his ally by refusing to send sacrifices
  • Captain Garvyn’s Endurance laden with 300,000 in gold, after 47 days on the mainland
  • Demetrious volunteers to stay behind with 10 guards
  • On 13 Kythorn (May) 1512 return after 131 days, Lady Ailea casts geas to keep mission secret
  • Cordell congratulates them on laying the foundation for alliance with the Itzapan
  • Final speech by Cordell. The New World is ours for the taking, “To New Southold!”

INTERLUDE I: Home and Away (Washington, FALL 2001)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, LT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Sett, SGT-MAJ Garrant
Chapter I. Lost City of Quetza, 25 Ches (March) 1512

  • backdated to occur in Aztaltica during Chapter 4 of Book II: Discovery

Chapter II. Command and Control, 20 Kythorn (May) 1512

  • General Cordell holds ceremonies assigning new Captains to their companies
    • CPT Gelben commands Silver Phalanx, 160 spearmen, defensive bulwark
    • CPT Kincade commands Silver Raiders, 80 light archer cavalry, scouts
    • LT Dmitry gets small ballista battery of 30 men, made mobile from seized Cortal equipment
  • Kincade goes on mission to Bywater secure 12 cog ships for the invasion flotilla
    • Negotiates contract giving cargo rights for 5 years at 14% cut, to Sashenstar merchant house

Chapter III. Recovering Orphans’ Toys, 30 Kythorn (May) 1512

  • Officers to recover magic toy soldiers (good for recruiting) stolen from Elsinor’s Bywater orphanage
  • Band goes with elven orphan illusionist Sett to pay ransom for toys; they ambush the thieves
  • Legionnaires pursue bandits into ruined monastery of Mishakal, fight dire creatures underneath
  • Band kills bandits, destroys direstone which created dire creatures; Dmitry slain

Chapter IV. Final Plans, 27 Kythorn (May) 1512

  • General Cordell tasks Kincade with drafting deception plan to keep Legion mission secret
  • Gelben tasked with drafting invasion plans; flotilla set to sail on eve of fall, 10 Eleint

BOOK II: Conquest! (Yucatan, SPRING 2002)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, LT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Arkane, SPC Latna-So, SGT-MAJ Garrant, Vogon
Chapter I. Voyage, 10 Eleint (September) 1512

  • Cordell asks Kincade and Gelben for briefing, officers make final plans
  • Introduces Southron Assessor Slevak, slimy representative of creditors
  • 20 ship flotilla leaves Dunthrane, officers on Endurance, Cordell on horse ship--Redoubtable
  • Saughgin band led by 4-armed noble attack on night 3, but are repelled
  • Hell’s Landing isle; 5 ships deposit raions/arms cache before heading back; the other 15 sail on
  • One ship lost in Hellstorm, water elementals attack, on other side becalmed, food running low

Chapter II. Diplomacy, 22 Marpenoth (October) 1512

  • Fleet makes landfall; Port Nuada now has small motte and bailey fort
  • Demetrious has gone native, attended by native tattooed retinue (Nuadan Irregulars)
  • Atahuelpa fears bad politics during absence--Demetrious has made enemies among the Itzapan
  • Sotek High Priest Maractyl challenges officers to Ball Game to decide fate of alliance
  • Band plays Ball Game vs. Jaguar Knights to decide matter, win through wizardry and pummelling
  • Week later, Night of the Long Knives occurs, Itzapan Jaguar Knights massacred by Demetrious
  • Officers indignant over massacre, but many Itzapans secretly pleased at Sotek purge
  • Massive alliance celebration as trade goods distributed and ships laden with gold
  • Cordell orders the ships to set sail home with the gold; fails to convince fearful Assessor Slevak
  • Legion march south through Forest of Ghuna, being watched by black-cloaked individuals

Chapter III. Winning Allies, 20 Uktar (November) 1512

  • Officers fly on carpet to warlike mountain kingdom of Huatepec, meet Prince Pacal, second son
  • Calls Prince Haramal pro-Sotek, allied with Maractyl & Villac, fled after Night of Long Knives
  • Revered Counselor Takamal mistrustful, sends them to “Tezca” assuming they will die
  • Party fights dragonlike “Tezca” creature in tough lava cave battle, win
  • Even afterward, Prince Haramal resists alliance, legionnaires go home empty-handed
  • Prince Pacal secretly travels to Legion for more talks few days later
  • Says his brother Haramal must be slain before Huatepec will ally with Legion
  • Suggests they attack Haramal’s Royal Gorge Palace to kill him and the exile Itzapan Sotek faction

Chapter IV. Assassinations, 24 Uktar (November) 1512

  • Party infiltrates Huatepec fortress disguised with magic as Zlatan warriors
  • Big fight ensues in central hall; jaguars awake, hastily don armor, and gradually stream out
  • Kincade infiltrates and nearly kills Maractyl, but is himself slain; Gil nearly shares fate
  • Gil chases single servant fleeing outside; but Huatepec relief force see his true legionnaire self
  • Band kills Haramal and finds secret escape; must swiftly flee leaving many items
  • Huatepec now will not ally with either Zlatan or Legion; tactical success, strategic failure
  • That night, infiltrating black-robed assassins attack Legion leaders with the Dagger of Soul Reaving.
  • Kill Lady Ailea and cut out heart, left Videssian steel dagger behind
  • Saddened Cordell wants revenge, “the streets of Zlatan shall run with the savages’ blood!”

INTERLUDE II: Screams (Syracuse, FALL 2001)
Legionnaires: CPT Kincade, LT Arkane, SPC Terwyn, SPC Tumorf Twodrink, SPC Moe Firiendoril, SGT Halgar Balderrak
Chapter I. Investigating Arsinium, 26 Uktar (November) 1512

  • Kincade asked to lead mission of specialists to Arsinium, ancient Videssian city near to line of march
  • Journal mentions city built on meteor strike site to mine “ferrisite;” people feared jungle “L’Rex”
  • Fight neanderthals armed with Videssian weapons; negotiate safe passage with leader Uruk

Chapter II. The Screams Awaken, 28 Uktar (November) 1512

  • Pass through fortified “Barrier Door” down into crater; first serpentine Screams attack
  • Get some loot from past victims, then flee after killing total of 7 Screams—many more below
  • Uruk waiting outside Door; beats party to standstill, allowed to leave after giving 1/3 of treasure

Chapter III. Loose Ends, 30 Uktar (November) 1512

  • March back; Arkane discovers stone which he claims proved his ancestor Khan visited Aztaltica
  • Squabble over magic item distribution; Atahuelpa says L’Rex was legendary jungle spirit

BOOK III: On Campaign (Scotland, SPRING 2003)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, LT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Arkane, SPC Latna-So, SGT-MAJ Garrant, SGT Vogon
Chapter I. Laying the Foundations, 1 Nightal (December) 1512

  • Grand Council of War at Guatyl on Zlatan frontier, discuss 6 reports
  • Disease spreading among natives in Itzapan, probably from teamsters, Latna-So cures allies
  • Assessor reports 2 million noble earnings, questions wisdom of striking forward--why not wait?
  • Cordell debates treatment of enemy, wants to raze the temples of Sotek but spare civilians if able
  • Gelben discusses Legion status; 1,193 legionnaires plus 5,000 Itzapan allies
  • Kincade discusses intelligence; 4 options to reach Zlatan; decide on haunted Gemnia Pass
  • On the march, Atahuelpa nearly duels CPT Romnor after massacre
  • Scouting mission to Gemia Pass, then onward to Zlatan itself
    • Pass held by Videssian undead Vigilant Haunts; fight to tower, win “Rain Bow” item
    • Defeat Vigilant Spectre Marcus Venator; Arkane saved by invisible benefactor
    • Infiltrate Zlatan city in disguise, watch Viperhand branding by Sotek High Priest Garkuna
    • Kincade makes Grasshopper Spring water supply run red to sow fear
  • Second scouting mission is to retrieve Totem of White Feather, pluma healing battle standard
    • Race Zlatan adventuring party to get it, run into halfling savages
    • Beat Jaguar Knights at shrine and recover standard; Terwyn claims halfspear Sotek’s Tooth

Chapter II. Scrimmage, 13 Nightal (December) 1512

  • Arrive at Gulan village which has an island arena “capture the flag” mock combat scrimmage
  • Cordell asks Arkane and Gil to lead teams in the game to decide captainship of new Legion unit
  • Gil’s team slowly winning; then ground collapses revealing Saurian invasion force, beaten off
  • Legion continues march through now-cleared Gemnia Pass-Gelben has disturbing dream

Chapter III. Battle of Gemnia Pass, 30 Nightal (December) 1512

  • Enemy force throws themselves at the Silver Legion with little strategy
  • Cordell defeats General Tacuba in single combat, turns tide as Zlatan elite slain
  • Slaughter for hours; 3,000 Zlatan killed, 7,000 wounded/captured
  • Uxma the Featherweaver speaks to band “One war’s end is another’s beginning”

Chapter IV. Victory, 1 Hammer (January) 1513

  • Cordell and officers decide to drive on city; Zlatan envoy Amaxac declares surrender
  • Revered Counselor Nahuatyl believes legionnaires emissaries of gods—submissive
  • Legion takes up quarters in Temple of Qotal, Itzapan allies camped on adjacent Grand Plaza
  • Zlatan gold begins to flow, Cordell dubs it New Dunthrane and see himself as new Regent

INTERLUDE III: Occupation (Colorado, SPRING 2004)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Arkane, SPC Latna-So, SPC Terwyn, SGT Vogon

Chapter I. Intelligence Gathering, 2 Hammer (January) 1513

  • Cordell shares intercepted letter from Garkuna to Sotek cultists—says harbor strength, wait for now
  • Gelben and Dmitry tasked to establish security/patrols in Zlatan city proper
    • Restrict legionnaires from going alone, assign Silver Raiders as rapid reaction force
  • Latna-So and Kincade speak to sources, ambushed by “Tica” and find another letter from Garkuna
    • To General Tacuba—visited by Old Ones, say to capture lone legionnaires for sacrifice
  • Arkane and Vogon investigate outside city to protect supply line; discover trail into mountains

Chapter II. The Assault on Huana Pichu, 5 Hammer (January) 1513

  • Special Missions Unit reassembles to follow trail to Sotek cultist headquarters, Huana Pichu monastery
  • Fight Jaguar Knights in jungle; stop them from sending smoke signals to monastery
  • Vogon, Arkane, and Kincade fly ahead into temple inner sanctum fierce fight; Vogon slain
  • Rest of band harassed by archers, eventually make it into monastery
  • Garkuna is sacrificing legionnaires to create humanoid monsters from peasant volunteers

Chapter III. Aftermath, 6 Hammer (January) 1513

  • After Garkuna flees and final Viperhand cultists slain, party loots complex, rescues Legion prisoners
  • Discover final letter from Garkuna to Tacuba; describes sending “Sotek’s Blood” poison
  • Also mentions Viperhand tattoos now give greater powers to cultists
  • Force returns to congratulations from Cordell on a job well done
  • clearer now that Zlatan’s occupation will be much more difficult than its conquest

INTERLUDE IV: The Hunt for General Tacuba (Syracuse, SPRING 2005)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Arkane, SPC Latna-So, SPC Terwyn, SPC Ontor, SGT Vogon, Ria

Chapter I. Convoy Duty, 4 Tarsakh (April) 1513

  • Gelben, Vogon, Sett, and Ontor escort Paymaster Hieronymous' treasure convoy north
  • Ambushed in streets of Azatl by Zlatan insurgents, swiftly defeated
  • Attacked again in Qemochli village, close siege battle, victorious, but Hieronymous kidnapped

Chapter II. Clearing Azatl, 5 Tarsakh (April) 1513

  • Kincade, Arkane, Terwyn, Lanta-So travel to aid CPT Guererro in clearing Azatl of insurgents
  • Band succeeds using good intelligence and finally destroy's insurgent cell lair

Chapter III. Portents and Promotions, 7 Tarsakh (April) 1513

  • Zlatan seer, Aruna, tells legionnaires fortunes, some mundane, some troubling
  • At promotion ceremony, Vogon awarded Silver Fist medal

Chapter IV. Assault on the Temple of Gual'batal, 10 Tarsakh (April) 1513

  • General Cordell sends entire team to rescue Hieronymous and kill General Tacuba
  • Kincade and Sett infiltrate Temple of Gual'batal, manage to save Hieronymous
  • Rest of band comes in fighting, slays High Priest Garkuna, but General Tacuba escapes

Book IV: The Night of Tears (NJ, SPRING 2006)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Arkane, SPC Latna-So, SPC Terwyn, SPC Ontor, SGT Vogon, Ria

Chapter I. Chaos and Siege, Midsummer 1513

  • Council of War—Cordell says must hang on until reinforcement
  • 10,000 Iztapan allies arriving in 1 months, Southron reinforcements in 2 months
  • Massive crowd ~100,000 Zlatan warriors assembles outside—this is what they have waited for
  • Nahuatyl goes before crowd, invisible Videssian monks strike him down--looks like Sotek’s work
  • Mob attacks, siege of pyramid fight begins below, Garkuna, Tacuba, Hishna Brotherhood
  • Latna’s Rainbow confuses Tacuba, Special Missions Unit blocks the doors
  • Itzapan allies slaughtered, General Kultec dies, Atahuelpa goes out to help, disappears in the fray
  • Cordell calls weary council of war--panic from Assessor
  • Decides they must wait a month until 10,000 Itzapan troops arrive, then escape via causeway
  • All legionnaires can take as much gold as they can carry—heavily-laden, plus three wagons

Chapter II. The Night of Tears, 30 Eleasias (August 1513)

  • Band leads first assault, stealth to take gate to Plaza—leave Garrant behind as rearguard
  • Seizes ballista emplacements and fights Hishna Brotherhood adventurers
  • Latna So slain, but band finally seizes canal bridge as army advances
  • Press on to Southern Fortress, secures passage with Darkness coins,allows Legion to pass
  • Hishna beasts—giants, ogres, and trolls, assault rearguard, beat back initially
  • Garkuna and Tacuba arrive with main enemy army; Special Missions unit defends causeway
  • Hopeless odds, as fleeing treasure carts breaks bridge, tumbles in; band stuck on wrong side
  • Demetrious pulled into war canoe, Menigan charges forward and fights until slain
  • Band tries to pull back, but hopeless as canoes and a flying invisible spellcaster approach
  • Gelben decides to defend far side of bridge until all downed—yet buys time for Legion escape
  • Zlatan attackers bind their wounds, take to Temple of Zlatan

Chapter III. Sacrifice and Salvation, 30 Eleasias (August 1513)

  • Band awakens in grimy interior of cell, awaiting sacrifice
  • Visited by Slann in cell, Lord Xhiliepa, says sacrifice will transform the Zlatan into Saurians
  • For centuries Slann cultivated Zlatan as cattle, even used the last Videssians, their old enemies
  • Party led to the sacrifice, Gelben volunteers to be first, body thrown into great fire pit
  • Heavens shake, volcano erupts, Garkuna claims it has gone wrong, tainted sacrifice, martyrdom
  • Channelling power of foreign good, city of Zlatan falling into fire and death, civilians fleeing
  • Coatl turns Lake Qotal to ice so people can flee new Saurians—Uxma says jump into flames
  • Fires of the pyramid are actually a teleport to Saurian city larder of corpses
  • Band discovers Itzpan bard Huitley and warriror Kanto alive, join forces
  • Uxma appears in elderly guise, offers some help in return for Gelben’s sacrifice, but says no allies
  • Band takes stock of limited items they can scavange from the dead
  • resolves to escape and regain their stolen magic items, unsure of their future in the Legion


BOOK V: The Jungle (UK, FALL 2006)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Arkane, Huitley, Kashta, Kanto

Chapter I. Escaping the Saurian City, 1 Eleint (September) 1513

  • Fires of the pyramid are actually a teleport to Saurian city larder of corpses
  • Band discovers Itzpan bard Huitley and warriror Kanto alive, join forces
  • Uxma appears in elderly guise, offers some help in return for Gelben’s sacrifice, but says no allies
  • Resurrects Nuadan, explains his god now has foothold in Aztaltica; many days walk NW to Zlatan
  • Band takes stock of limited items they can scavange from the dead
  • Resolves to escape and regain their stolen magic items, unsure of their future in the Legion
  • Band slays skink warders and shamen, exfiltrates pyramid and Grand Plaza of Maxal
  • Dmitry uses illusion of band as Saurian, works until outer perimeter, lack of speech reveals them
  • Band does fighting withdrawal into jungle, Vogon and Garrant rearguard separated
  • Aged skink archer, Great Hunter, pledges to track them down

Chapter II. Pursuit Through the Jungle, 2 Eleint (September) 1513

  • Hasty flight, forced march, disease, and fatigue, war drums remind of Saurian pursuit
  • Fight fearsome bloodbloater swarms in swamp, various jungle creatures snakes, ant swarm
  • Follow ant devestation “road” to watering hole, then trails, ambushed by fleshraker dinosaurs
  • Kanto scouts ahead, taken by fleshrakers who retreat into narrow cave complex
  • Difficult close-quarter fighting, slay spiders, Kanto attacks young and is eaten
  • But band prevails, gets some magic items, ward off skink tracking party
  • Band hears army coming behind, come to great mire; will o’wisp leads to flimsy log “bridge”
  • No choice but to follow, as skink army crests hill behind and opens fire
  • Legionnaires slay will o’wisp, escape ahead of enemy army

Chapter III. The Little People, 9 Eleint (September) 1513

  • On seventh day of pursuit, feral jungle halflings “Little People” under warrior Kashta capture band
  • Chief Talub orders for sacrifice in pit, but Kincade defeats Lord of Jaguars, become their “King”
  • As all become clan members, Chief Talub uses Pipe of Visions
  • See Cordell being taken prisoner by new Baron Warwick back in Iztapan, massacring natives
  • See some of their stolen magic items in vault beneath Zlatan Great Pyramid
  • See Arkane getting message from hawk, riding great giant eagle
  • Village of 300 Little People march, but after another week, Saurians catch up, fight pitched battle
  • Defending bluffs over river; pyrotehcnics, entangle, Little People arrows decimate first waves
  • Great Hunter, Salamander, shamans with Dispel wands, great Triceratops with howdah strike
  • Arkane, Garrant, and Vogon arrive mid-battle, turn tide, but Great Hunter escapes

Chapter IV. Reunions and Decisions, 16 Eleint (September) 1513

  • Legionnaires reunited, discuss next steps; help Legion, new Southrons, or Zlatan refugees
  • Garrant and Vogon describe their attack on Videssian monitoring station over Saurians
  • Arkane tells of flying here, watching Saurian army chasing Zlatan refugees across desert
  • Says Cordell imprisoned in Nuada’s Port, protected from execution by Nuadan Lord Caernarvon
  • However, Baron Warwick, Inquisitor Thalargos, and unnamed wizard rule, harsher on natives
  • After great debate and doubts by Huitley, Dmitry, Kincade, band decides to help Legion, split up
  • After crosing desert, half will infiltrate Zlatan city and regain magic items
  • Other half will travel to Huatepec and gain their alliance with Legion to topple newcomers
  • Then link up, rally the Legion at Gemnia Pass, march on Itzpan if needed to rescue comrades


Interlude V: Out of the Woods (NJ, FALL 2007)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Sett, SGT-MAJ Garrant, SGT Vogon, Huitley, Dornar, ex-LT Arkane

Chapter I. Into the Desert 1 Marpenoth (October) 1513

  • Legionnaires, Arkane, and Little People march across House of Tezca desert to reach Zlatan City
  • Hard going, halfling casualties, then eagle knight Tezzozomac appears, tells of Saurian supplies
  • Band ambushes Saurian supply train, gains water
  • Atahuelpa appears, tells how he leads the Zlatan Exodus, pursued by Saurian host
  • Legionnaires ambushed by desert dwarves, taken by Dornar to King Luskag
  • Ancient Arik dwarves sundered by Cataclysm 15 centuries ago, have some metal, but remain aloof
  • After discussions, halflings stay with dwarves to harass Saurian supply lines
  • Dornar joins group, head in the Anvil—deep desert
  • At edge of death from thirst, band finds entrance into underdark realm


Chapter II. Grot-Thuk, Realm of the Rock King, 28 Marpenoth (October) 1513

  • Band advances into caves, but soon separated into two groups
  • One group inadvertantly kills umber hulk, draws wrath of Parves, the Rock King
  • Vogon wins mysterious death bowl contest, several get mysterious tattos
  • Both groups travel tunnels, find underdark lake, and join again to figh Parves
  • After hard fight with Parves’ minions, band lays down arms and submits to judgement
  • KinCade sentenced to death, but other halfling volunteers to die instead of his king
  • Parves was desert dwarf, exiled, now rules realm of Grot-Thuk
  • Puts band back on their way, led blindfolded back to surface


Chapter III. The Videssian Complex and Back to Zlatan City, 15 Uktar (November) 1513

  • Band investigates Videssian complex guarded by constructs
  • Sett achieves control, and legionnaires now have refuge on Mount Zatal
  • Legionnaires gaze down on ruined Zlatan City and consider options


nterlude VI: The Statue (Syracuse, SPRING 2008)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Sett, SGT Vogon, SPC Moe, Huitley, Dornar

Chapter I. News of Zlatan and the Legion, 18 Uktar (November) 1513

  • City devastated, great chasms, bridges broken, sunk, many Saurians, Viperhands
  • Band watches Saurian attack on Silver Legion camp at Gemia Pass
  • Rescue LT Tirol and SPC Moe who give intel on General Alfred usurping of the Legion
  • Gelben and Garrant infiltrate Legion to prepare for coup while rest head to Zlatan

Chapter II. Infiltrating the Ruined City, 25 Uktar (November) 1513

  • Band crosses causeway evading Saurians, meets Zlatani resistance leader Hesoctl
  • Tells of secret way into Great Pyramid if legionnaires attack Saurian supply base
  • Joined by cleric Varshak, band destroys kilns, axles for water supply convoys
  • Learn Garkuna trying to animate Sotek statue to destroy Exodus, Southrons, then Saurians
  • Legionnaires descend via secret entrance under the great pyramid of Sotek

Chapter III. The Statue, Feast of the Moon, 1513

  • They recognize the chamber from their visions where their magic items lay
  • Garkuna and priests finishing hishna awakening ritual and battle is joined
  • Mysterious Varshak ignored fight and prised the statues jewel eyes out before fleeing
  • Vogon was slain and the Statue animated and left to pursue the Exodus, Garkuna fled
  • Legionnaires recovered around half their magic items and stealthily escaped

Interlude VII: From the Ashes (Syracuse, SPRING 2009)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Sett, SGT Vogon, SPC Moe, Huitley, Dornar

Chapter I. Plotting the Insurrection, 1 Nightal (December) 1513

  • Legionnaires regroup at Videssian observatory to discuss latest intel with CPT Gelben
  • Spoke to Nuadan Lord Caernarvon via speaking stone, Legion was to be disbanded
  • Caernarvon preparing allied in Itzapan to move against the usurper Baron Kenilworth
  • Asked legionnaires to seek allies against Saurians, then liberate Legion bloodlessly
  • Dmitri flew to lobby Atlan (in vain), while others marched to mountain nation Huatepec
  • After being spotted by a Saurian terradon patrol, beat off a Viperhand attack

Chapter II. Back to Huatepec, 14 Nightal (December) 1513

  • Infiltrate Huatepec and present themselves at Revered Counselor Takamal’s palace
  • Old ally Prince Pacal speaks to legionnaires, tells of rival Iron Leaguer delegation
  • Legion offers metal weapons, prospecting, horses, defense in return for military aid
  • Cortals (“Iron Leaguers”) attack with Huatepec Tezca cleric allies, eventually defeated
  • Captured Fire Wizard the Cortals have a beachhead in Aztaltica soon to be reinforced
  • Takamal (wrongly) concludes Cortals must have slain other son and sides with Legion

Chapter III. Winning the Legion Back, Yuletide (December) 1513

  • Rendezvous near Legion camp at Gemnia Pass to plot coup—Caernarvon insists no Southron dead
  • Yuletide celebrations, many drunk, strike during changing of second and third watch
  • Special Missions Unit members divide up to rally units, take out CPT Guerrerro
  • Convince CPT Romnor to defect with promise of Generalship until Cordell reinstated
  • General Alfred and officers taken in main tower, imprisoned for fair trial
  • Legion liberated amid chants of “General Romnor,” “Silver Legion” and “Saint Gelben”

Book VI: Insurrection! (Ithaca, SPRING 2010)
Legionnaires: CPT Gelben, CPT Kincade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Sett, SGT Vogon, SPC Moe

Chapter I. Gathering Information, 14 Hammer (January) 1514

  • Officers spend 2 weeks prepping march; Kincade, Gil, and Sett scout Itzapan capital
  • Notice plague is spreading, Itzapan forces weak and unwilling to take sides
  • Scout defences and go to meet Lord Caernarvon, but he has been assassinated
  • Make deal with Dieg to buy out mercenaries in uprising and get Nuadans on side, apolitical Sir Feldernak agrees to make Gelben temporary Marshal, send Knights
  • Gaetmo So accepts Latna’s Rainbow return, pledges military support in return for colony charter

Chapter II. On the March, 30 Alturiak (February) 1514

  • Legion mobilizes and marches north, fights off two native ambushes
  • Battle of Fort Tetzcoco, Legion defeats natives and Southrons led by Lady Araselle
  • As Legion prepares to defend, Warwick’s troop begin five mile march to Fort
  • Special Missions Unit rides under illusion disguise to free Cordell from Fort Warwick

Chapter III. Attacking Fort Warwick, 30 Alturiak (February) 1514

  • Legionnaires breach defenses and many traps—yowler, salt mummies, iron golem
  • Discovers drow in Thalargos’ Tempurian temple, do not pursue, but see mirror gate
  • Wizard Toril Greymantle, assistant Nicolas, and Spymaster Reinhart attack
  • Rescue Cordell, but Toril warns Warwick & Thalargos who Word of Recall back
  • In close run battle, usurpers slain, as is Gil, Pelfry, and Hieronymous; Toril escapes
  • Cordell declared Viceroy and recovers 3 million nobles in Legion treasure, disburses
  • Says Special Missions Unit must return to Southold to explain, get King to send troops
  • Must return in time for summer campaign against Saurians, march to retake Zlatan city
  • Plan to be in Southold for 18 days, leave 1 Mirtul to be back 12 Kythorn for attack

Interlude VIII: Through the Looking Glass (Ithaca, SUMMER 2010)
Legionnaires: CPT KinCade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Sett, LT Moe, SPC Terwyn, SGT-MAJ Garrant

Chapter I. Against the Drow, 1 Ches (March) 1514

  • Six enter mirror gate, appear in drow jungle camp, slay guards, scout leader flees
  • Legionnaires hit ambush, drive forward across bridge, dinosaur mount pasture
  • Hasty assault up hill to fort, Scorpions down Gil, but band decides to press attack

Chapter II. Leave in Tazumal, 3 Ches (March) 1514

  • Gil and KinCade interrupt cat burglar Lamia; she escapes on rooftops
  • Info gathering about cemetery "Boneyard", pirate caravel Much Kill--sage Sulka hired
  • Most legionnaires get approaches for joining rare orders now that back in civilization; KinCade spurns Spymaster, Nightsong Guild, but pursues Daggerspell Guardians
  • Moe and Sett fight undead by cemetery, from Cortal necromancer Klaus von Sturm
  • "Mage Hunter" Mazatzin attacks Moe, nearly slays Sett, but flees as Watch approach
  • Terwyn wins archery contest, considers joining Order of the Bow wing of Solonar faith

Chapter III. The Dweomerlists, 5 Ches (March) 1514

  • Archmage Liet discusses arcane matters, unveils Warmages, Mages Guild, item shop
  • Thanios of Arcane Order makes rare invitation, as does Greylin for Holy Scourge
  • Dweomerlist tourney is greatest arcane spectacle in Aztaltica, hard fought spell duels
  • Dmitry knocked out by Rolando and Hazlik, Moe beat Hazlik, lost to Ariel, but still in the game as the Quarterfinals continue...

BOOK VIII: The Old World and the New (???, 2011)
Legionnaires: TBD

Chapter I. The Voyage Home, 10 Ches (March) 1514

  • Back on ship with the Endurance and Capt. Garvyn...


Legion Battle Standard

Legion Battle Standard w/new battle honor, "Zlatan Empire, 1512-13"


Cortalish Northern Theater of Operations

Legion Plan to Outflank the Defense at Radzetsky Pass Via Khundrakar


Tower of the Stars, Tara

Sages of the Tower of the Stars


The Endurance

Initial Voyage on the Endurance



Atahuelpa, Itzapan Eagle Knight


Jaguar Knight Attack in Quarters

Jaguar Knight Attack in Quarters


Battle of Balul, At the Gates

Battle of Balul, At the Gates


Bywater Environs

Bywater Environs


Cursed Temple of Mishakal Crypt, Outside Bywater

Cursed Temple of Mishakal Crypt, Outside Bywater


Aztaltica Map

Rough Map of Aztaltica Given to Legionaires by the Itzapan


Arrival at Port Nuada

Arrival at Port Nuada


Assault on Prince Haramel Palace

Assault on Prince Haramel's Palace


Videssian Map of Ultima Thule

Old Videssian Map of Ultima Thule Showing the Screams' Arsinium





General Cordell's New Port Nuada


Gemnia Pass Map

Gemnia Pass Map


Saurians Attack!

Saurians Attack at Gulan Arena


The Silver Phalanx Holds

The Silver Phalanx Holds vs. Zlatan at the Battle of Gemnia Pass


Valley of Zlatan

Valley of Zlatan


Zlatan City

Zlatan City


Jaguar Knights

Jaguar Knights


Azatl Map

Clearing Azatl


LegioN Escape Zone 1

Planning the Legion's Escape: First Engagement Zone


Bridge Battle Overview

Overview of the Night of Tear Fighting Battle as Legion attacks Hishna Brotherhood


Against the Southern Fortress

Legion Vanguard Against the Southern Fortress By The Causeway


Legion Escape Zone 2

Second Engagment Zone Near the Causeway an South Fortess


Final StandFinal Stand on the Far Side of the Bridge as Legion Escapes


Zlatan Post Night of Tears

Zlatan in Ruins After the Night of Tears


The Great Hunter Stalks the Legionnairesas they flee from Maxcal into the Jungle


Fleshraker Lair

Cave Complex of the Fleshrakers


House of Tezca

The Way Back Home, Across the House of Tezca

Parves, the Rock King


Zlatan City in Ruins


The Great Statue of Sotek Arises from the Bowls of the Temple!

New Southron Regime

Fort Cordell (formerly Warwick)

General Cordell

Fort Warwick Dungeons


Pursuing the Drow Through the Looking Glass

The Drow Fort and Environs

Undead Attack Moe and Sett!

Dweomerlists Results Thus Far

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