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The Endurance is carrak that always been kept in excellent repair. It is made with fine Southron oak decorated with red and white trim. The ship’s figurehead is the head and torso of Baldur, goddess of the sea. She has long, flowing hair and clutches a trident in one hand and gently grasps a seahorse in the other.

Technical data for the Endurance
Length overall: 165 feet
Length on deck: 115 feet
Beam: 35 feet
Height of main mast: 130 feet
Sail area: 13,000 sq. feet
Catapults: 3
Heavy Ballistae: 10
Armor Class: 16
Hit Points: 260

General Conditions
Either Captain Garvyn or his first mate Brummett are in command on the main deck at all times. A full crew, including officers, is 91 men, although it is perennially short, sailing for Aztaltica with only 60 old salts. To function as a warship, even more men would be needed, but with the change in the ship’s use and the modifications, fewer men are necessary. During idle periods, sailors spend their time in their cabins, in the mess hall, in the hammock room, or sometimes in the cargo hold, if space permits.

Sailors are trained in their jobs and in fighting. They are not all highly intelligent, but they understand their jobs and perform them well. Any Silver Legion members must show a certain amount of respect for the sailors, and cannot presume to boss them around.

In combat, 30 men are required to properly man the ballistae and 18 men are needed for the catapults. Nearly all the men aboard except the youngest and newest are trained in the use of the weapons. During periods of inactivity, the Master Gunner trains sailors in the use of these weapons.

Senior Officers
Captain Garyvn (Southron)
First Mate Brummett (Thonian)
Second Mate Ralfeo (Iron Leaguer)
Master Gunner (unfilled)
Master Carpenter Thorvid (Thonian)
Master Navigator Peregrine (Southron)
Ship's Cook Basil (Halfling)

Garvyn’s uncle Killian was a seafarer his entire adult life, which he spent on the Endurance, never settling down or establishing a home. Garvyn hired on to his uncle’s ship as a teenager and remained in its service through adulthood, and therefore, Killian left the ship to his nephew. Garvyn has owned the ship for 13 years. The ship is constructed more in the manner of a warship than a cargo vessel, but modifications have allowed for an ample cargo hold. The ship has hired out to various local and national rulers as a warship, in particular serving in the Sahuagin Wars and the Southron Civil War. However, several years ago—since being freed from his curse--Garvyn decided to give up the mercenary life. Garvyn has rarely lacked for work and has hauled almost everything imaginable.

Four years ago Garvyn was cursed after he dumped the body of a child overboard rather than taking it to her home for burial as promised. The curse forbade Garvyn and the crew from leaving the ship, and routinely tormented them horrible nightmare, hallucinations, and actual undead attacks. The curse was only lifted when the Bywater adventuring company the Intrepid Paragon came aboard, located the child’s body, and reburied it in its proper place. The ship’s Master Gunner, Khoresh, left to join their ranks. Since then, Garvyn has avoided dangerous combat jobs—seeing it as a well-earned rest from the curse. However, when he discovered the Videssian scroll mentioning the ancient land of Aztaltica, his old yearning for gold returned, prompting him to recontact his old associate Cordell of the Silver Legion.

Since arriving in Aztaltica, the Endurance crewman have mostly stayed near the ship, rarely straying from Port Nuada. Most sailors remain very susperstitious and fearful about the new land with its strange gods and human sacrifices. However, the crew has been paid better in this single mission than any other given the river of gold flowing back to Arik, and the Endurance will likely remain the flagship for the Legion's support ships.

The ship has 260 hit points. When its hit points are reduced to zero, the ship begins to break up and sink. However, if a single attack inflicts damage equal to 20% or more of the ship’s original hit points, roll on the following table.

1D6 Roll Effect
1 Hole in deck
2 Hole in hull above waterline
3 Hole in hull below waterline
4 Mast breaks (determine randomly)
5 Ship shaken (see below)
6 Fire

Holes: A hole made in the ship has a diameter (in inches) equal to the damage caused by the attack. For example, a strike inflicting 60 points of damage would tear a five foot (60-inch) hole.
Mast breaks: A broken mast loses a number of feet (counting from the top down) equal to the damage inflicted. For example, if a strike inflicts 50 points of damage, the affected mast loses its top 50 feet. Any crewman in the rigging or crow’s nest must roll a successful Dexterity check to grab rigging or a sail, or else he falls to the deck or into the water (1d6 points of damage per ten feet fallen).
Ship Shaken: Anyone not tied down or sitting must roll a successful Dexterity check or fall to the deck.
Fire: A fire can be extinguished by two persons on the first round, adding one person for every subsequent round. Fire inflicts one point of damage on the first round, doubling on every subsequent round.

The Decks
Main Deck

The numbers given here correspond to areas on the map of the ship. The map is drawn to scale to accommodate standard Warhammer miniatures (1 inch = 5 feet).

1. Bowsprit: The bowsprit is similar to a mast, except that it protrudes from the bow of the ship. It is 50 feet long and serves to strengthen and stabilize the ship as well as to anchor rigging. It is in the shape of Baldur, goddess of the sea.

2. Forward Catapult: The ship’s three heavy catapults constitute its heavy artillery. When the ship was in military service, four more catapults stood on the deck, but Garvyn removed these when he converted the ship to cargo service. Each of the three heavy catapults can be swivelled 90 degrees to the right and the left. Five crewmen are required to fire each catapult. The baskets can be loaded with almost anything, but the lockers on the forecastle and sterncastle are loaded with 25-pound iron balls. These balls measure 15 inches in diameter and improve the accuracy of the catapults (see following).
The catapults can be fired at a range of 100-600 feet. As per the Siege Engine rules on DMG 151-2, the gunner makes a Siege Engine skill check against DC 20. The range increment is 200, with a -2 for each increment beyond the first. If using iron ammunition instead of stones, add another +1. If successful, where the object actually lands is determined by rolling d12 and consulting the Deviation (10' to 16' on DMG 68, 1 is two squares up on right corner). If the check is failed, the DM secretly rolls and consults the table, the result is where the catapult is actually aimed. Loading the catapult takes a full crew of five eight rounds to load. Initially aiming, or reaiming, takes 10 minutes. Three to four crew members can fire it in three times the time, and less than three cannot operate it. The heavy catapult does 5d6 points of damage to anything in its square. However, a large or smaller creature gets a Reflex Save DC 14 to dodge the incoming load. If the load is calculated to land beyond its intended target, there is a chance that the load strikes something in its path. For example, a load fired at a ship might strike rigging or a mast. Depending on the trajectory of the load, determine if such a strike occurs. If a catapult load hits rigging or a mast, roll 5d6 and that many feet of mast (or square feet of rigging) collapse to the deck; half damage is caused to the deck from the falling iron balls and debris.

3. Forecastle Rail: This sturdy rail separates the forecastle from the main deck. It could be chopped apart by an axe or hatchet, but it is sturdy enough to support the weight of one man standing on it. It will not collapse if a character is thrown against it in a battle or storm. It provides one quarter cover if someone is behind it.

4. Ladderways to Forecastle: These are short stairways with wide, shallow steps. The wood is painted and sprinkled with coarse sand to provide sure footing in wet weather.

5. Foremast: This mast is built from the trunks of several large trees and is encircled with iron bands. It is the shortest of the three masts at 90 feet tall. A small crow’s nest is positioned 50 feet up the mast.

6. Rigging: Fashioned of ropes ranging from one to three inches in diameter, the rigging can support the weight of several men. However, when climbing, the sailors distribute weight evenly on either side of a mast. PCs who have no experience aboard a ship must roll successful Dexterity checks to climb the rigging successfully. Characters who fall suffer 1d6 points of damage per ten feet fallen.

7. Rope Coils: These ropes range in diameter from one to five inches and in length from 50 to 200 feet. The coils are heavy and measure as much as three feet tall and four feet wide. The number of rope coils on deck varies according to which sails are in use.

8. Belaying Pins: These are thick wooden dowels on carved handles that fit into round holes below the rail. Ropes from rigging and the sails are wrapped around the pins to hold them in place. If a belaying pin is wielded as a weapon, it should be treated as a dagger, yielding 1d4 points of damage.

9. Ladderway to Lower Deck: This is a narrow ladder with steep steps. It rises at approximately a 70 degree angle. The steps are painted and coated with sand like the stairs leading to the forecastle. A wooden cap fits over the ladderwell to keep rain out of the lower deck. The cap can be removed for cargo loading. The double doors at the bottom of the stairts leading belowdecks are strong wooden doors, 2 inches thick. Hardness 5, HP: 20, Break DC Stuck 23, Locked 25. They can only be barred from belowdecks, with a simple wooden bar.

10. Fire Buckets: These are large wooden buckets wrapped in leather. They hold approximately three gallons each. They are filled daily with seawater.

11. Mainmast: This mast is built of the trunks of many large oaks. It is bound with iron circles. The mast is 130 feet tall and has two crow’s nests, one 60 feet from the deck and a second, smaller nest 85 at feet.

12. Anchor Capstan: This great wooden cylinder is fitted with eight sturdy posts protruding parallel to the deck. Sailors work together to turn the capstan and raise the anchor. On the deck around the capstan, many wooden stakes are nailed flat to the deck. These provide footing on the smooth wood (important in wet weather).

13. Mizzenmast: This mast stands 120 feet tall. It is constructed like the other two masts on the Endurance, and it has one crow’s nest 55 feet off the deck.

14. Ladderway to Lower Deck: This ladder is identical to the other ladderway (area 9). Both ladderwells are capped by a wooden platform to keep rain out; a hatch can close off the well in foul weather. A wooden cap fits over the ladderwell to keep rain out of the lower deck. The cap can be removed for cargo loading. The double doors at the bottom of the stairts leading belowdecks are strong wooden doors, 2 inches thick. Hardness 5, HP: 20, Break DC Stuck 23, Locked 25. They can only be barred from belowdecks, with a simple wooden bar.

15. Ladderways to Sterncastle: Identical to the ladderways leading to the forecastle (see area 4).

16. Sterncastle Rail: Identical to the forecastle rail (see area 3).

17. Ship’s Wheel: Typical of steering devices on ships, this oak wheel turns the rudder to control the ship. In rough seas, three men may be necessary to maintain control of the wheel.

18. Aft Catapults: Identical to the forward catapult.

19. Lockers: These lockers resemble enormous wooden trunks or chests. They are built right onto the deck and are not transportable. The lockers are held shut by enormous iron latches, but they are not locked. Iron bands wrap around the lids and sides of the chests. The lockers are four feet deep. The lockers alongside the sterncastle ladderways hold extra sails and ropes. The lockers between the forward ladder ways contain shields, short swords, daggers, and bows and arrows. The lockers on the castles contain iron balls for use in the catapults (50 loads per castle locker).

Lower Deck
1. Heavy Ballistae: These should each be manned by three crewmen and can be fired once every three rounds. If two men handle a ballista, it can be fired once every four rounds; if manned by one gunner, it can be fired only once every six rounds. The main gunner adds his Siege Engineering skill modifier (including Dex) to a maximum of +7. Any inexperienced crew members give a -1 to the modifier. At least one experienced gunner is required to fire a ballista. Successful hits inflict 3d6+3 points damage, with a 20 a critical. A ballista may be fired at a range of 10'-360', with a range increment of 120'. The ballistae are positioned behind large, square portholes. The portholes have wooden covers that can be swung shut and latched in foul weather. A ballista can be swivelled 250 degrees to the right and left of its center.

2. Quivers: These large wooden cylinders are bolted to the deck. Each holds 25 ballista bolts.

3.Mess Hall: Long tables and benches fill this room. All furniture is bolted to the deck. The crew eats in shifts in order to accommodate all the men.

4. Galley: All cooking gear is stored here. An enormous wood-burning stove fills one end of the room. A stove-pipe exits the side of the ship.

5. Cabins: Experienced crew and those with seniority sleep in these small cabins. The cooks, carpenters, crack gunners, and others with important talents are among those inhabiting these quarters. The doors have latches but no locks. These cabins consist of a stack of three bunks, barely three feet wide, running along the length of the cabin. The bunks are roughly six feet long. A narrow storage cavity is fitted beneath each mattress. Footlockers and sea chests fill the floors.

6. Officer Cabins: These are primarily for passengers, which the Endurance has ferried from time to time. Garvyn assigns the Silver Legion officers to these cabins. This is the only space available on the ship, except for unoccupied hammocks in area 12. Each door has a lock. These cabins are fitted with a stack of three bunks, like the other cabins. They are also outfitted with a desk (bolted to the bulkhead) and three stools. Three small, empty lockers line one wall, forming a bench.

7. Silver Legion Leadership Cabin: This is outfitted exactly like the guest cabins. General Cordell and Ailea usually bunk here when aboard, but for the maiden voyage, it is occupied only by Colonel-Chaplain Demetrious.

8. Master Gunner’s Cabin: This is outfitted like the guest cabins, except that it has only two bunks. The door is always locked to safeguard any navigational information. The Master Gunner and Master Navigator share this cabin.

9. First Mate’s Cabin: This is outfitted like the master gunner’s cabin. The door is usually locked (75%). It is occupied by Brummett, the First Mate and the second mate.

10. Captain’s Cabin: This door is fitted with a sturdy lock. The largest of all the cabins, this room also holds all the navigational charts and maps. There are four bunks in two stacks in this room, along with a large map table, four tall stools around the table, several chests, and a comfortable leather armchair. Garvyn’s entire adult life has been spent aboard this ship, so there are many mementoes, such as animal tusks, furs, inexpensive jewellery, and exotic art objects.

11. Ladderway to Main Deck: See the previous description of the main deck.

12. Hammocks: The greenest sailors bunk here. Hammocks are strung across the room, stacked two high, for a total of 22 bunks. Footlockers and chests line the walls of the room. The chests contain three to four changes of clothing, personal mementoes, and 5d8 + 10 gp. A trap door is built in the floor near the ladderway to the cargo deck. The hammocks and trap door are removed when loading cargo.

13. Ladderway to Cargo Hold: This ladderway is identical to those leading from the main deck to the lower deck.

Cargo Deck
1. Sail, Line, and Tool Storage: These compartments hold sails, ropes, tools, lamp oil, wicks, lanterns, grappling hooks, fishing equipment, firewood, and other gear. The doors are not locked.

2. Water Storage: Barrels of fresh water and rum are stored here. Any empty barrels are carried to the main deck during storms to catch rainwater. These doors are always locked; Garvyn and the first and second mates have the keys.

3. Food Storage: These compartments are always locked. Garvyn, the First and Second Mates, and the cooks have the keys. Flour, oats, hardtack, dried meats, salt, onions, potatoes, and other foods are stored here.

4. Ladderway to Lower Deck: This ladder is identical to the other ladders.

5. Open Storage: Large crates and cargo are kept here during shipping runs.

6. Secure Hold: Double wooden doors open into this storage space. Valuable cargo is carried here, and ordinary cargo is stored here if the space is needed.

7. Privies: Many sailors take care of their needs on deck, but the privies are necessary. Buckets must be carried to the main deck or a porthole to be emptied.

The Endurance

The Carrack Endurance


Endurance Deck Plans

Endurance Deck Plans


Endurance Lower Decks

Endurance Lower Decks


Captain Garvyn

Captain Garvyn


First Mate Brummet

First Mate Brummet


Second Mate Ralfeo

Second Mate Ralfeo


Endurance Arriving at Port Nuada

Endurance Arriving at Port Nuada


Crew Members Statistics

Seadogs (two Warrior 3/Fighter 1):
HD: 4, Init: +7, Speed: 30, AC: 14, Attacks: short sword (+6) dam: (1-6, +3), longbow (+6) dam: (1-8), Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +1, Str 17, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 14, AL:N, Skills (27): Balance (5), Climb (10), Jump (7), Profession Sailor (7), Swim (10). Feats (5): Weapon Focus (short sword), Endurance, Improved Initiative, Toughness, Point Blank Shot.
HP: 30

Sailors ( four Fighter 4)
HD: 4, Init: +3, Speed: 30, AC: 13, Attacks: short sword (+8) dam: (1-6, +5), longbow (+7) dam: (1-8, +2), Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +1, Str 17, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 14, AL:N, Skills (21): Profession Sailor (3), Swim (5), Listen (5), Spot (5). Feats (6): Weapon Focus (short sword), Weapon Focus (longbow), Weapon Specialization (short sword), Weapon Focus (longbow), Weapon Specialization (longbow), Alertness, Power Attack.
HP: 35

Sailors (six Fighter 3)
HD: 3, Init: +2, Speed: 30, AC: 12, Attacks: short sword (+7) dam: (1-6, +3), longbow (+6) dam: (1-8), Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1, Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 12, AL:N, Skills (18): Climb (4), Profession Sailor (3), Swim (5), Use Rope (4). Feats (5): Weapon Focus (short sword), Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Weapon Focus (longbow), Rapid Shot.
HP: 22

Sailors (ten Warrior 2)
HD: 2, HP: 14, Init: +1, Speed: 30, AC: 11, Attacks: shortspear (+6) dam: (1-8, +4), short sword (+6) dam: (1-6, +3), Fort +3, Ref +1, Will 0, Str 16, Dex 12, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12, AL:CG, Skills (15): Climb (6), Profession Sailor (2), Swim (6), Use Rope (3). Feats (4): Weapon Focus (short sword), Weapon Focus (shortspear), Power Attack, Improved Unarmed Strike.
HP: 14

Sailors (thirty Fighter 1)
HD: 1, HP: 8, Init: +1, Speed: 30, AC: 10, Attacks: short sword (+4) dam: (1-6, +2), Fort +2, Ref 0, Will -1, Str 15, Dex 11, Con 11, Int 9, Wis 9, Cha 12, AL:CG, Skills (8): Climb (4), Profession Sailor (1), Swim (4). Feats (4): Weapon Focus (short sword), Endurance, Toughness.
HP: 8


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