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The following are relevant Legion Log passages detailing the coup against General Cordell and the Legion by Baron Warwick Kenilworth of Balar, and his assumption of power in New Southold. As the coup is now over, they are retained for historical value.

Scenes from the Little People Pipe of Visions:

It is the road back from Gemnia Pass, in Zlatan. General Cordell is astride his horse, with Hieronymous by his side and a handful of Silver Raiders escorts. They come to a swift halt when they gallop over a hill, and see a vast army, a fair-skinned Southron army, which is not their own. There are seasoned royal troops here, Housecarls, as well as Balar Ducal troops, a company of the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company, led by a hulking captain, and perhaps a third of the troops are Legion replacements from Winterhaven—though oddly, only the troops are familiar, no officers you left behind, not even the drillmaster, Sergeant Penrith, who was supposed to accompany this class of trainees. They number perhaps 2,000 troops, perhaps more, three times the Legion at its strongest in Aztaltica, an incredibly powerful force, especially as a third of them is cavalry—the reports of their effectiveness against the natives has clearly caused more horses to be sent. At their head is a noble, whose heraldic device on his shield proclaims him as Baron Warwick Kenilworth of Balar—Cordell once described him as bloodthirsty, not liked by his men, yet well-connected, the son of the Duke of Balar. He is well known for the dragon tattoo on his face, reputed to have powerful enchantments. Gil remembers him from the final days of the Civil War when Southron forces lay siege to the rebel stronghold on Balar, though quite young at the time, his troops established a reputation for terror, burning villages and such, though he used the lash frequently to keep discipline among his men.

 A Nuadan high priest, one of the Inquisition branch, stands to one side, a powerful wizard to the other. Gelben recognizes the priest, Thalargos, one of the worst sort of Inquisitors, perhaps one of the few who were rightly locked away after the fall of the Anorien Inquisition for their excesses, but pardoned to aid in the war effort against the Cortals. Demetrious may have been a tad overzealous at times, but he had honor and would not stoop to base tools such as torture, but this one, Thalargos, had been investigated for Tempurian Heresy, and had been found before his arrest with such scriptures, which he claimed he had captured.

 Cordell and Baron Warwick speak, though you are frustrated as you cannot hear what they say; Cordell looks weary, dirtied, and bloody, no doubt from days fighting, but instantly is alert and wary. Warwick is smiling, and then he is shouting, pointing at Cordell, gesturing, clearly putting on a show for the men as well as addressing the general. Guards encircle the few legionnaires, their weapons out. Nonetheless, the Silver Raiders draw their weapons warily. Cordell looks behind him, as if hoping to see the Legion, but it must be far behind, so he calmly says some words, the Silver Raiders drop their weapons, downcast, and he hands over his sword to the Baron. Warwick smiles, and gestures for them to be shacked in manacles and taken away. He then turns to Thalargos, and makes some sweeping gestures, then notices a small Zlatan village nearby. The priest nods and smiles, and a company of the black-bannered Balar troops march toward the native village weapons drawn. And then the scene faded back into smoke...

Arkane's Recollections after the Jungle Battle Against the Great Hunter's Saurians:

After the Night of Tears, the Legion retreated to Gemnia Pass, and there held against haphazard attacks by the Viperhand creatures—the original cultist mutations to trolls and ogres, and such. However, the larger body of enemy forces, the Saurian Army created on the Night of Tears, marched after the Zlatan City refugees. The city itself is in ruins and has been largely deserted except a garrison of Viperhand beasts. I heard that Cordell was replaced in a coup of sorts by a large force of new arrivals, and that the new leader, Baron Warwick, is a brutal one, delivering collective punishment on the Zlatan, razing villages and condoning wanton murder.

 Cordell and nearly all his officers, except Romnor, are locked in the makeshift castle at Nuada’s Port, where you made landfall all the way back in Itzapan. Only the influence of a new Nuadan Templar, Lord Caernarvon, prevents them from being executed. This Caernarvon is apparently a bigwig in Gelben’s Templars of St Uther, and by seniority should be the senior priest in Aztaltica (there are many here now to “spread the faith” as they say), but Warwick has put his own man, as if you could find someone more a fanatic than Demetrious, some Inquisitor, in charge. He keeps Caernarvon restricted in Itzapan with a ceremonial title as Marshal of Iztapan, while the new one is Marshal of Zlatan, where all the fighting, and slaughter, is. The Legion has been kept out of the way on purpose, permanent garrison duty at Gemnia Pass, which could be held by a tenth as many-can’t be trusted by the new regime though. There have been a couple mutinies I hear, against Warwick’s new officers, and several executions. There were a whole load of Legion replacements from Southold, but they threw Drillmaster Sergeant Penrith in the dungeon and scattered them among the other new units to keep them separate, which is probably what they’ll eventually do the Legion, and would already have done were it not for the other Nuadan high priest’s influence.

Lieutenant Tirol's report on the Legion status

So much has transpired since you were taken from us. General Cordell and many of the senior officers who survived the Night of Tears are imprisoned in Nuada’s Port, you remember, back on the coast where we originally made landfall. There’s a small castle there now, Fort Cordell it was to be, now Fort Warwick. Aye, surely you’ve heard of him, the bloodthirsty Baron Warwick Kenilworth of Balar, the usurper, and now Regent of New Southold. He is not popular, and even the Itzapan allies wish he were gone; there have been the first reports of attacks on the Southron reinforcements there, sporadic as yet. Can you believe it, the good Ticans, the Itzapan, attacking us! Some of them at least, most still thank us for overthrowing Sotek’s religion and human sacrifices, and for defeating their ancient rivals the Zlatan. But the newcomers are different, treating them more as minions than allies.

There is rumor that Chief Inquisitor Thalargos is torturing Cordell and the officers even now—in the dungeons below Fort Warwick, trying to find where the three million nobles in treasure stashed somewhere near Nuada’s Port is hidden. Drill Sergeant Penrith is there as well, as Hieronymous, and so many others. Only a few of lieutenant rank remain in the Legion. Warwick has charged all Legion officers of the rank of Captain and above with Treason for alleged plans to break away and form a new nation independent of Southold, and for stealing gold meant for the crown—all trumped up charges of course. They would probably have been killed by now, but for the influence of Lord Caernarvon, now styled Marshal of Itzapan, a Templar of Gelben’s order, who despises the new regime and insists they have a fair trial in Southold. So if Captains Gelben, KinCade, or Gilgareth are spotted, they will be arrested on sight for Treason--to be tortured for information, and then sent back to Southold for trial and execution. The lower-ranked legionnaires, if recognized, would probably be arrested for desertion if spotted by other Southrons and be sent back to the Legion.

That is the situation with the Legion, but much else has changed since you have been away. News of the great riches here has reached Arik, and fortune seekers of all stripes have arrived in ships which arrive perhaps once every few days; Iron Leaguer Merchants hawking their wares, Yazakh refugees seeking to resettle, Huler mercenaries working for the new regime, and so many others—all paying Warwick to ensure a pilot can allow passage through the Hellstorm. They call it the New World back home, and many see it as the source of great gold which will fund Southold’s final victory in the interminable war against the Cortals which has raged since 1508.

... I have been in contact with Marshal Caernarvon, and he has instructed me not to lead a revolt under the current circumstances, as there are simply too many of Warwick’s loyalists, but your return changes everything. He wished to bide his time for the right moment, and then he would declare Marshal Thalargos, Baron Warwick’s right-hand man and chief Inquisitor, tainted by the Tempurian Heresy, and by association, Warwick himself. However, he insisted that no Southron blood be shed, all must be taken alive and tried for their crimes, as most are simply following orders.

Gelben's report of contact with Lord Caernarvon

Gelben explained that he successfully made contact with Lord Caernarvon, the new Nuadan Marshal of Itzapan, using Lieutenant Tirol’s speaking stone. ... Caernarvon was dismayed at Baron Warwick’s poor leadership of the Southron forces in the face of the gathering Saurian threat, and furious at the rough treatment of the natives that was turning allies to enemies. But even though he suspected Inquisitor Thalargos of Tempurian heresy, and by association Warwick, he could not move against the Baron immediately.

Caernarvon claimed that to challenge Warwick, he needed time to muster his political allies in Nuada’s Port, and that the legionnaires must also demonstrate to all the weakness of Warwick’s leadership. Finally, he asked the band to also prepare a fighting force capable of stopping the Saurian threat. To this end, Caernarvon suggested they seek alliances against the Saurians with the remaining native nations, and especially with the mountainous nation of Huatepec, which appeared to be abandoning its traditional policy of neutrality.

Huitley's discussions on Itzapan sentiment

Huitley took time aside to speak with an Itzapani who had been liberated from the Saurians’ dungeons, an elderly woman named Kutucahecla. The woman proved unable to provide any information concerning the fate of Huitley’s village, but spoke of the unrest that had been created among the Itzapani youth as a result of the coming of the Southrons. It seemed this development had polarized the young Itzapani, with some defying their elders and embracing the ways of the new and powerful arrivals, while others took a reactionary turn, insisting there be no deviation from Itzapani traditions and secretly endorsing the expulsion of the outlanders.

Letter Found in Baron Warwick's Study After the Insurrection

Dear Duke Warwick of Balar, Master of Harbury

My liege and father, the plan goes well. Our base of operations is finally secure with the completion of Fort Warwick. The gold continues to flow, and the forges are melting down Aztaltican statuettes and works of art as quickly as we can. Caxal is not a problem, I have made clear that he will be removed should be prove problematic. Cordell had too much of a soft touch with the natives, like a good hound, they need to be shown who is in charge.

The plague spread like wildfire, and we do not even have to do a thing, it weakens the natives and keeps them more manageable. I even understand it has spread to neighboring countries, which should be useful as we expand beyond Itzapan. The Saurians are a real problem, however. For now they are engaged in the south finishing off the Zlatan refugees, which will be a good riddance, but I ask for another 1,000 troops in the next four months so I can bolster our forces for when they turn to us. One Southron is worth twenty natives on the battlefield, and I’m sure we can also see off the Saurian foe.

I agree that Cordell is the one troublesome matter. As per my last missive, I cannot get Cordell to make any useful confession regarding the theft of the King’s Fifth we alleged. As this was the very reason for getting Edmund to hand over the Viceroyalty to us, I certainly understand the need for progress. As for the King’s continued questions on the matter at court, I have no ready answer yet. If they are sending Lofalkin to check on Thalargos’ interrogations, then he will of course see through this, so we have little time. I have instructed the good Inquisitor to step up questioning, but I hold out little hope. We may need to arrange an accident, a forged confession would, I think, be too dangerous if it were found out. Your next letter will probably not arrive before the new inquisitor does, so I shall arrange for the accident and another “failed” resurrection. However we will need to try something new in future, as that line may stretch credulity if it happens to often—I just had to use it with that meddlesome Caernarvon as well.

I am having some minor problems with Cordell’s men, but by the time this letter reaches you the Legion should not be a problem.

Baron Warwick Kenilworth, Viceroy of New Southold


First Vision Shows Baron Warwick of Balar Seize Power in New Southold

His Nuadan Inquisitor, Thalargos, "Marshal of Zlatan"

General Cordell Imprisoned at Port Nuada

Port Nuada

General Romnor

Map of Itzapan Nation

Map of Itzapan Nation

Itzapan Court of Caxal

Itzapan Court of Caxal

Itzapan Court of Caxal

Southron Power Structures

Itzapan Court of Caxal

Independent Arik Factions

Legion Battle Standard

Legion Battle Standard

General Cordell

General Morgan Cordell Free Agai


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