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Legion Log Book VII - The Old World and the New

Chapter I. Home Again

Legionnaires: COL Gelben, CPT KinCade, CPT Gilgareth, LT Dmitry, LT Moe, SGT-MAJ Garrant

Legionnaires' planned itinerary:

10 Ches (March) 1514: Endurance sets sail from Tazumal

1 Tarsakh (April): Endurance breaches Hellstorm, multiple Sendings, Moe & Dmitry teleport to Dunthrane, conduct business, fly toward Hyborea next morning

7 Tarsakh: Moe and Dmitry fly and reach Hyborea (portable raft for sleeping), fight duel next day, then either train (winner) or use library (conciliation for loser)

22 Tarsakh: Endurance makes landfall in Dunthrane, Southold; day of shopping for legionnaires, Moe and Dmitry teleport back to Dunthrane

23 Tarsakh: Royal Audience with King Edmund on the future of New Southold

24 Tarsakh: Moe teleports KinCade to Daggerspell Monastery, where he trains for one week

24-26 Tarsakh: Leave/personal business (at least one delivers chest to Archmage Zenjik in Liveoak)

27 Tarsakh, available legionnaires (COL Gelben, CPT KinCade, LT Dmitry, LT Moe, SGT-MAJ Garrant) rendezvous in Dunthrane to fly west to front

29 Tarsakh: Legionnaires arrive morning in occupied Sylvania to rendezvous with Resistance contact Petya Aframovich and plot attack

30 Tarsakh: Legionnaires stage to final positions/preparations for attack, Moe teleports to get KinCade from monastery, then back on same day

Greengrass: Legionnaires attack Granite Mountain Prison; only day of the year the cell of Dmitry’s brother will magically open, then start flying back that night

1 Mirtul (May): Moe and another teleport to Dunthrane, pick up any magic item commissions ready (12 days post-landfall), then teleport to Bywater next day

2 Mirtul: Dmitry finishes flying others to Bywater as Moe arrives; rest and relaxation in town, someone returns chest to Sashenstar Merchant House

4 Mirtul: Investigation into Gelben’s beatification at House of Silver Hand, Bywater, that evening all teleport to Dunthrane 5 Mirtul: Ship departs for Aztaltica early morning

20 Kythorn (June): If on schedule, ship just makes Hellstorm window and arrives Tazumal; fly to Gemnia Pass for Legion assault on Zlatan City planned for end of month


Sealed Orders from Cordell

My Dear Legionnaires,

I have enclosed this set of sealed orders to be opened on the day before you dock in Southold, with plans on how to approach the Royal Audience. I expect my senior officer Colonel-Chaplain Gelben and my diplomat Spymaster-Captain Winkwillow to lead the talks, but I expect you all to participate, so have entrusted you with these general talking points. I cannot emphasize how important it is to our cause that we ensure the King is fully informed and on our side in this matter.

Use these as a guide only—if you can get more for the Legion and New Southold, press ahead, if the situation is not apt, then do not push these matters. I trust your proven judgment. But in any case, I wish you to bring up the following issues:

1. The Loyal Insurrection: This will be a sticky matter with Baron Warwick’s father, Duke Warwick Kenilworth of the Duchy of Balar. I realize we have a letter suggesting the two were in cahoots and I doubt it not, but that will probably be enough to prove Treason, so you should judge how hard to press that issue. What is key is that you emphasize how your insurrection was loyal and just, citing the Tempurian Heresy, etc. Patriarch Menote and his Tyr brethren will no doubt harry you on the “illegal” nature of the revolt, so you must be prepared to counter.

2. Saint Gelben: My Nuadan sources claim there are rival factions in the Nuadan church who support and oppose the interpretation that Gelben’s sacrifice on the Night of Tears was a miracle of Nuada, and he should be granted formally what many already popularly acclaim—sainthood. Needless to say, it is in our interest that this route is pursued. I am told the investigations are to convene in Bywater, at the House of the Silver Hand just before your return journey, after nearly a month in Southold. I understand several of you are aiding Dmitry in an attempt to rescue his brother from Granite Mountain prison, behind Cortal lines, one week after landfall, and then you have several weeks for personal agendas, training, and rest and relaxation. Enjoy this time, it is well earned, but please ensure you are all present to bolster his case in Bywater at the hearings.

3. Foreign Colonies: The inflation the flood of gold has caused back in Arik is a major concern, and protectionist sentiment is rising in Southold. There are even moves to limit foreign colonies or force them to all pay our taxes. We face enough foes as it is between the Saurians, Viperhand monsters, ancient Videssians, drow, Cortals, pirates, and any remaining Aztalticans who oppose us—we must keep on good terms with the other civilized nations of Arik, as we may need to band together to fight common foes. We have the first mover’s advantage by a couple years, and it can only be to our benefit if smaller colonies of other powers are established, or even better, enclaves within our lands.

4. Native Status: You know my position on the Aztalticans—they are people as us, but less developed. It is our civilizing mission to bring the light of the true gods to them and light of our culture and civilizations. We have the divine right to rule over them justly, just as the Southron nobles are right to rule over the Southolders—use that line, the nobles will like it. We will cultivate their loyalty by bringing the gifts of Southron civilization. Make the contrast between our more open policy and Baron Warwick’s more draconian one, as ours wins allies and increases revenue, while there ultimately would not.

5. The Saurian Offensive. As you know, we are marshaling and reintegrating our forces for a march south to seize Zlatan city again, to put an end to the transformed Viperhand threat based there; once secure, we will decide whether to march on the main body of Saurians, though if your intelligence is correct, they are hundreds of leagues southeast in the jungle of Maxal, and I’m content to let them rot there. We will not be in time to save the Exodus of Zlatan refugees in any case—they are on their own, but by removing command, control, and logistics, we perhaps can disrupt the Viperhand army in pursuit. I think it enough if we recapture Zlatan’s lands and link up with the Desert Dwarves of the House of Tezca, who will be able to give us strategic warning if the lizards are headed back our way. I believe we can protect them and the Little People enclave in their care. As for the Zlatan civilians, we realistically cannot reach them in time, even if a march across the desert were practicable, which it is not. Lobby the King for more troops of course, play up the Cortal threat. That is the other reason I don’t want our forces too far inland—we seize and hold Zlatan, then when we know of the Cortal base in Aztaltica, we will crush it as well.

6. Duchy of New Southold: Assuming all goes well and the King is convinced we are in the right (my sources suggest he does, or at any rate does not care so long as the King’s Fifth continues to flow), then I wish you to raise the issue of making New Southold the realm’s sixth Duchy, with me as its Duke. I have growing support at Court from Lord High Marshal Ethelwulf, the Nuadans, and Duke Duncan of Anorien in particular. This is a bold move—do not press too hard if it seems unlikely to succeed—even planting the idea at this stage would be progress.

As to the rest, I trust to your judgment in dealing with the King and his court—be wary, for all there are not your friends. Southold is in many ways more dangerous than Aztaltica to you now, but I have every confidence your diplomacy will win the day.

Two minor issues, my incarceration delayed repayment of some of our initial debts incurred to finance our expedition. Please deliver the enclosed enchanted chests to Archmage Zenjik Demonslayer in Liveoak, for purchase of his translation magic items—several of you have been there if I recall, and the other to House Sashenstar in Bywater. I know we’ve re-established ties with the local branch of their trading house in Tazumal, but there are other debts I wish paid direct, KinCade you know the way I believe.

May Nuada speed you to Southold and back again in time for the final offensive against Zlatan.

Morgan Cordell,

General of the Silver Legion

Viceroy of New Southold


Chapter II. Raid on Granite Mountain Prison


Chapter II. ???


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