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Silver Legion Special Missions Unit: The officers, specialists, and soldiers who make up General Cordell's elite reconnaissance and special operations force (the player characters). Now with PC pictures and updated after the Legion's successful insurrection.

XP Tables: Updated experience point and magic item lists for Special Mission Unit members.

Intelligence on Baron Warwick's Coup: Detailing what was known about how the Southron noble removed Cordell and assumed command of New Southold, now of historical interest only.

The Silver Legion: Leaders (now with pictures), units, history, and customs of the great mercenary company. Also see organization chart at the bottom of this page.

Campaign Plot Summary: Outline form of the campaign plot thus far--the short version of the longer Log.

Silver Legion Log: Narrative of the Legion's adventures, full of pictures and maps. Broken down into:

Silver Legion Warhammer Statistics: Latest Legion roster and stats post-Insurrection after replacements have integrated, for the WH mass battle system.

The Army of New Southold Warhammer Statistics: Minus the Silver Legion above, as it would be under General Aramis Darkhelm alone. COMING SOON

Silver Legion Marching Song: Informal legionnaire marching song.

The Endurance: Background of Captain Garvyn's famed carrack, the ship that discovered Aztaltica.

Bow of the Seven Sisters: Enigmatic Yazakh magic item now wielded by Latna-So.

The Templars of St. Uther: Commonly-known information about the order so influential in the Legion (Demetrious and Gelben are members)

The Virtues of Nuada: Powerful Nuadan items in Arik's history, including General Cordell's sword.

Kiya: Kincade's musings on the nature of familiars and sorcery.

Port Nuada Map: Silver Legion's new supply base in Itzapan--now occupied by Baron Warwick.

Legion HQ Room at Winterhaven, Southold Map: Now a continent away.

Silver Legion Org Chart

Silver Legion Organization Chart

Members of the Silver Legion Special Missions Unit


Legion Battle Standard

Legion Battle Standard w/new battle honor, "Zlatan Empire, 1512-13"


General Cordell

General Morgan Cordell


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