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Welcome to Aztaltica, Legionnaire!
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Welcome to Ted's online home for the Aztaltica D&D Campaign, which also details the exploits of the Miscreants / Bywater Six / Intrepid Paragon at Yale.

It's chock full of text, graphics, maps, and music. I hope the site sparks some nostalgia for what has gone before, and anticipation for what is yet to come..

Legion: Details on the characters and their mercenary company, the Silver Legion.


Aztaltica: Info on the "New World," Aztaltica, with references, maps, etc.


Arik: Information on the "Old World," the continent of Arik, including logs and details of the Miscreants, Bywater Six, and Intrepid Paragon.


Rules: Our many campaign-specific rules variants and gaming aids.


Out-of-Game: Details and pictures of our group's real world trips, plus the odd link.


Music: Clicking the music icon launches the background music, a selection of 10 favorite fantasy battle tunes.


Members of the Silver Legion Special Missions Unit

(finally updated after the Insurrection with the latest)





7/17-24/2016 - Search for the SMU in Boston villa.

2015 - Battle of the Gods at Rob's in Denver.

2014 - Battle of Tazumal in Croatia villa.

7/3-7/7/2013 - Updated for gathering at Sunrise Villa in Orlando for BOOK VIII.

10/26-10/28/2012 - Gathering for INTERLUDE IX. 48 Hours in Dunthrane at Chris's Syracuse.

6/11-6/20/2011 - Trip at Villa Zilio near Vicenza, Italy, for BOOK VII. The Old World and the New, at Ted's.

8/26/2010 - Site updates complete for end of "Summer of Gaming". See log with many pics INTERLUDE VIII. Through the Looking Glass, many updates.

6/4/2010 - BOOK VI. Insurrection at Ted's Ithaca.

4/28/2009 - INTERLUDE VII. From the Ashes.

5/10/2008 - INTERLUDE VI. The Statue, Syracuse.

5/10-8/2007 - At Teo's Sanrio in NJ, INTERLUDE V. Out of the Woods.

10/20-23/2006 - At Ted's Old Chapel, UK, BOOK V: The Jungle.

5/26-29/2006 - At Teo's Sanrio in NJ, BOOK IV: The Night ofTears, when everything changed...

5/27-30/2005 - Syracuse NY event INTERLUDE IV: The Hunt for General Tacuba, completed Arik section with the old campaign's history, as well as several new Flash animations and music. There's even an Arik trivia quiz. It's finally done!

5/25/2005 - Grand site opening, after purchasing webset template and a long customization and content addition process. Also completed purchase of a rare 90-strong, painted Aztec miniature army for Aztalticans:

azetc army

Privacy Note: No last names are used on the site and search engines are blocked. Graphics and text from various sources are used for non-profit, entertainment purposes of this group only, not for the public.

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