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Letter 3 from Garkuna to General Tacuba, Intercepted on 5 Hammer at Huana Pichu

To General Takuba, Commander of the Once and Future Armies of Zlatan, Beloved of Sotek

One of the two messengers with my last missive has not returned, so I fear it may have fallen into the invaders' hands. I doubt they will be able to decipher the magicks protecting the letter, but I cannot be sure, so will increase the guard here at the monastery in case they are coming. I have also prepared the escape route in case we face overwhelming odds. It is too early for a decisive battle; that will come later.

Along with this messenger I shall send another shipment of Sotek's Blood, which shall dull the senses and slow the enemy, allowing them to be captured easier. The poison is the result of long research, as we need something to overwhelm the invaders' very strong metal armaments and magical powers to make them more vulnerable. Through our recent ceremonies, Sotek has channeled his power into the Viperhand tattoos providing additional powers to his loyal followers. Finally, once we have created enough new minions for Sotek, we shall crush the invaders and Sotek's temples in Zlatan will run red again…

Garkuna, High Priest of Sotek the Destroyer


Holy Symbol of Sotek

Holy Symbol of Sotek

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