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Letter 2 from Garkuna to General Tacuba, Intercepted on 3 Hammer

To General Takuba, Commander of the Once and Future Armies of Zlatan,

I trust this message reaches you in health, and that after raising you from the dead, you are ready to do Sotek's will. I have wondrous news. I have been visited by the Old Ones, but I must reiterate that the secret of their existence and our plans must not be revealed as the people might not understand. The Old Ones told me that Sotek is angry that the sacrifices at our temples across the empire have ceased, and has decided a change of tactics is needed. They said Sotek will channel the power of any new sacrifices to bolster our ranks against the invaders. All the temples of Sotek are watched, so I have moved to the ancient mountain monastery of Huana Pichu, where they will never think to search. It has a consecrated chacmool we require, and is its approaches are well-guarded, and not only by men!
We are not yet ready for open battle, yet already Sotek is bestowing gifts upon the faithful. See that my announcement is spread among the faithful in secret, telling them not to attack the invaders in the city yet. The Old Ones asked me to wait for a sign, and when it occurs, we shall strike.

But for you I have separate instructions. We must take some of them prisoner, that they may be sacrificed; for the souls of the newcomers are dear to Sotek; the Eater of Hearts values their blood a hundredfold more than an Aztaltican. Feel free to use some of Sotek's new minions for night raids. I know only that this will eventually help us drive the invaders away. Dispatch some of your best troops to ambush the invaders when they are in small numbers and vulnerable. We have reports they are receiving supplies from the Itzapan traitors, and are sending their wooden “wagons” back laden with gold, or patrolling the countryside, or sending their healers among the people. Strike at these isolated groups; and try to capture them alive, healing their broken bodies just long enough to live for the altar if needed. You should have received the first doses of Sotek's Blood; which should assist you in your mission. Bring them here to the monastery of Huana Pichu, and I shall launch the ritual. We shall succeed, in Sotek's name.

Garkuna, High Priest of Sotek the Destroyer

One Manifestation of Sotek

One Manifestation of Sotek

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