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Letter 1 from Garkuna, Intercepted 2 Hammer 1513

To All Worshippers of Sotek, Eater of Hearts,

I, Garkuna, High Priest of Sotek the Destroyer, must command you his minions to do a very difficult thing. In the name of Sotek. I must order you to wait! Our numbers grow nightly, and soon we will have the forces we need to overthrow the invaders from across the sea. Until then, you must avoid the strangers in the heart of the city. If you go near the Sacred Plaza, the power of Sotek may compel you to kill before we are ready.

Play along with this new tyrant Cordell for now; know that our former Revered Counselor, Nahuatyl is a traitor to the empire and Sotek for bowing down to him. Know that the great general of our armies, Tacuba, has been rescued from beyond death by the Eater of Hearts to aid our retribution. And the Destroyer has greater aid yet for his faithful in the days ahead, days of wonder and of terror.

I promise you this: When the time for action arrives, Sotek shall strike, and strike quickly. There will be killing aplenty for each of you. And he shall eat well!


Holy Symbol of Sotek

Holy Symbol of Sotek

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