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Tazumal Background Report

Background report on Tazumal focusing on newcomers from Arik; often vague and unconfirmed.

Capital of the Itzapan nation, now known as the “Crossroad Between Worlds” for the role of nearby Port Nuada as the beachhead for Southron and Arik influence in Aztaltica.

Who Rules: Revered Counselor Caxal of the Itzapan

Who Really Rules: General Morgan Cordell, Viceroy of New Southold

Population: 150,000+ Aztalticans, 8,000+ outlanders

Major Products: Tazumal is the most economically diverse region of Aztaltica, because it is the land’s main point of connection with the outside world. Consequently, goods from both Aztaltica and Arik are increasingly available here. Work has begun on a shipyard beside Nuada’s Port, and within another year the first caravels laid down in the Aztaltica are likely to slide down the ways into the placid waters of Tazumal Lagoon. Also work has begun on a smelting plant.

The goods that are brought from Arik include weapons, armor, and raw steel, as well as livestock—horses, cattle, pigs, and sheep, all of which are new to Aztaltica—wagons, tools, and various odds and ends that cannot be found in the Aztaltica. These cargoes are usually sold at wholesale rates to vendors within Nuada’s Port itself; these merchants must pay 2 to 5 times the cost, per item of the price these would cost in Arik. However, they can often turn around and sell them in the market of Tazumal city for 5 to 10 times the price, so merchants have been flocking in. In fact, the marketplace at Tazumal has doubled in size since the coming of the foreigners.

As for Tazumal itself, it is a center for fishing, growing mayz, cacao, cotton, indogo, and featherweaving, and had great salt mines on the coast where slaves are routinely sent to work until they die.


Notable Institutions

Army of New Southold, this force some 3,000 strong, has the Silver Legion at its core—officially mercenaries but actually fiercely loyal to their General and now Viceroy Morgan Cordell. While officially under General Aramis Darkhelm, all know that should they take to the field, it will be under General Cordell’s leadership. The rest of the army is divided into three types—mercenaries, royal troops, and baronial troops. The mercenaries are mainly represented by Cameron Gaunt’s 9th Flaming Fist Regiment, as well as Captain Proudfoot’s halflings archers and some Thonian berserker cavalry. The Royal troops include some housecarl foot knights and many archers, as well as a large unit of knights, and some knights errant. Finally, there are the baronial troops, basic foot and archers, whose morale is poor since their leader Baron Warwick was removed. There are also 60 Knights of the Silver Hand, the most powerful cavalry unit in Aztaltica, who answer to the church of Nuada, but who would aid the Army of New Southold in almost any conflict.

The Watch, at the Southrons’ insistence, an organized watch commanded by the eagle knight Pimotl has been established, as crime has skyrocketed since the outlanders’ arrival. Nonetheless, the Watch, with their lightly armored members with obsidian arms, is little respected by most outlanders, and often has difficulty apprehending criminals. The Watch’s reputation suffered further for its role in the Dweomerlists Disaster, when Pimotl offered his resignation. Any outlander criminals are subject to Southold law and must be handed over to Nuada’s Port or the Temple of Tyr in Tazumal for judgment.

The Eagle Knight Brotherhood, is led by General Tutepec, a respected eagle knight who replaced Kultec after the Night of Tears. They represent Itzapan’s greatest warriors, but their ranks are divided by those for and against the newcomers. The brotherhood’s influence stems beyond their role as Itzapan’s military officers, as many are prominent members of high ranking Itzapan families.


Notable Mages:

Archmage Liet, formerly head librarian at the College of War Wizardry in Bywater. This gold dragonmage was once in the famed Bywater Six adventuring group. He long coveted control of the College, but Gondal showed no signs of aging or dying, so he left to become “a big fish in a small pond. He lives in a three story stone tower which appeared overnight on the outskirts of town. Despite entreaties by Baron Warwick’s men and the Silver Legion faction during the recent insurrection, he remained aloof to all political concerns; his dislike of both the nobility and Nuadans is well known. Liet now styles himself as “Archmage of Aztaltica” and is known to be conducting magic research on the properties of this new continent as well as opening a new and highly priced magic shop. He is know to arrogant and politically naive.

Though officially exonerated, many blame him for the Dweomerlists Disaster, when top seed Toril resigned due to his controversial referee call, sparking a stampede toward the exits (many of which were locked by the Watch), and 100 deaths and 700 injuries as people were crushed against his new Walls of Force. Liet emerged from the crisis politically weakened and with legionnaire Marcus Poncet installed by the Viceroy as his political officer, to vet public statements and actions.

Toril Greymantle, infamous master conjurer known to have former dealings in necromancy, who Warwick signed on several months before mounting his Aztaltica expedition and coup against Viceroy Cordell. He is known for his grey robes, skullcap, skull-tipped staff, and unusually powerful conjured beasts. After a long battle under and outside of Fort Warwick during the Silver Legion Insurrection, he escaped, but was pardoned along with Warwick’s other men after General Darkhelm testified he was not part of the Baron’s inner circle. He entered the Dweomerlists run by his old rival Liet, who years earlier had raided his house and stole his magic items.

Toril is politically canny, and his walkout of the Dweomerlists after Liet’s unpopular call boosted his reputation considerably, such that he was being courted by House Mirada and the Nightsong Guild. However, after winning the Dweomerlists, he took his old job as Court Mage of New Southold back under the new regime, and is back in his old quarters under Fort Cordell. His aide Taran aide Nicolas de la Vallee Poussin, who was slain in the Insurrection, has been raised. His official aid is the warmage Ferno, an appointment publicly seen as Cordell’s move to keep an eye on the conjurer, who is known as the second most powerful mage in Aztaltica.

Hazlik, wild mage employed by the Church of Shinare. Hazlik finished a surprise second place in the Dweomerlists, and is among the most well-liked and approachable mages in town. Conversions to Lady Luck have been up considerably since his showing.

Ariel, elven female mage just arrived, thought to be in employ of Caramon Dieg. Her third place finish in the Dweomerlists has considerably bolstered her reputation and that of House Sashenstar.

Moe Firiendoril, half elven invoker and Lieutenant in the Silver Legion, finished a surprise fourth in the Dweomerlists. His caustic ways are well known, but he is respected for his fighting prowess. He is rumored to be seeking membership in the Arcane Order of Hyborea.

Dmitry Vladimirovich, Sylvanian abjurer and Lieutenant in the Silver Legion, finished seventh in the Dweomerlists, though many attributed that to his surprise matchup to Rolando’s darkness powers in the first round. He is well known for his Sylvanian noble background, command of the Ballista Battery, and clever use of transmutation and abjuration magicks. Like Moe, he is rumored to be seeking membership in the Arcane Order of Hyborea.

Ferno, Southron warmage, the first of Liet’s new fighting casters, now dual hatted as Chief Instructor at the Academy of Warmagery and Deputy Court Wizard of New Southold. He finished an impressive 5th in the Dweomerlists, despite being the youngest mage, though people are wary of his rumored temper.

Malron, independent mage known to cast mid-range arcane spells for a fee. Can often be found or summoned at the Shady Dragon Inn. Malron finished last in the Dweomerlists, but his gained name recognition anyway, and his business is up such that he is considering buying a small shop.

Rolando de Estrada, Iron Leaguer warlock in the employ of the Mirada merchant house. While he fought several long Dweomerlists matches, he finished sixth, and was deeply unpopular for his extensive use of unlimited darkness abilities. Liet has excluded him from future competitions and Don Carlos fired him (he wants a strong Abjurer who can protect his property from theft like the Sashenstars have).



Notable Churches:

Most of the good and neutral Arik faiths have at least a cleric or two missionary in Tazumal, though only some have yet set up actual churches or shrines.

The Pyramid of the Silver Hand, temple to Nuada, contains 20 priests of the Order of St Uther as well as 60 Knights of the Silver Hand under Sir Feldernak. Resides in the former pyramid of Sotek, still looking otherworldly clad in obsidian, but a large silver hand statue has replaced the chacmool at its summit. The church was previously run by Marshal Caernarvon until his assassination by Baron Warwick, then briefly by fill-in Marshal Gelben during the Silver Legion Insurrection, and now Marshal Greylin Lofalkin, a reformed Inquisitor. Lofalkin has assumed the duties of both the previous Marshals Thalargos of Zlatan and Caernarvon of Itzapan, and is called simply Marshal of Aztaltica. He is seeking out further Tempurian Heresy as well as finding a middle path for spreading the faith between Thalargos overzealousness and Sir Feldernak’s lack of action.

The House of Tyr, small house converted to a temple of Tyr run by Justice Aldur of Dunthrane, with the militant wing run by his deputy, the famed paladin Lady Araselle of Hador. Aldur is often kept busy by the many legal cases involving Southrons which come before him, and has requested a High Justice be dispatched to relieve him.

The Lady's Hall, temple to Shinare; run by Priestess Azura, two Shinare paladins (fantra) the Southron Xaphias the Wanderer and the Huler Theriheb are sometimes present, often away on adventuring and missionary work. The wild mage Hazlik is employed here, and there are some of Fortune's Favored like Lamia as well. Shinare has quickly become a goddess second only to Nuada in popularity among the Aztalticans, as they value her focus on fortune and luck.

The Grove of the Oak Father, small sacred wood of Silvanus, this nemeton lies 10 miles south of town, managed by the Archdruid Talis (also formerly of the Bywater Six, an old friend of Liet’s whom he convinced to go). As the senior (known) druid in Aztaltica, he is trying to seek native converts to the faith and study the many new plants and animals here.

Temple of Mishakal newly opened and run b y High Priestess Illiandra, this modest building is thronged with the sick seeking aid from the servants of the goddess of healing.

Shrines to Adora, Baldur, and Reorx also exist in the city, tended by a single priest.

Temple of Qotal, largest temple to the native gods, run by High Priest Watil. Generally pacifist, but believed to have close ties with the Legionnaires against the Saurian threat. The temple’s enchanted fountains and garden still draw awe and worshippers.

Temple of Azul, run by High Priestess Simbeca, the turquoise cladding and flattened top with gardens also make it distinctive.

Temple of Tezca, run by High Priest Kunra, believed to oppose all outlanders’ presence; its pink granite construction and eternally burning braziers make it a prominent landmark.

Temple of Sotek, destroyed by Legion and High Priest Maractyl slain and Jaguar Knight Villac slain (and the building has been taken over by the Nuadans). There are rumors of a new, small band of Sotek worshippers, but their location is unknown.

House of the Dead, this large cemetery abutting the entire eastern edge of town has grown much larger in recent months, as perhaps 10% of the population has died in two years of the plague. The Nuadans speculate the area has turned into a Boneyard, a nexus of necromantic power. There have been escalating undead attacks around the cemetery, reportedly led by the Cortalish necromancer Klaus von Sturm. It would be difficult to clear the place out, as there are miles of ancient catacombs underground, so the official approach has been placing guards on the entrances and dispatching aid when attacks occur.


Equipment Shops:

There are no Southron smithies in the city—the Nuada’s Port smithy is for official use only, though in practice Southrons may purchase steel arms there for a high price.

Ronaldos, This Iron Leaguer of the Mirada merchant house runs a large shop with adventurer gear and steel weapons right off the main market.

Maztal’s Outfitters, native shop catering to outlanders seeking to explore Aztaltican ruins, even with some overpriced surplus steel blades for sale. Run by mercurial former explorer and bard Maztal, who can also arrange bearers, healing feathertokens, and a full package of exploration support.

Fyodor’s, This equipment stall on the Grand Market with a little bit of everything is run by Sylvanian merchant Fyoder Armatov. Fyoder is very well connected (some claim he is a fence for several thieves in town) and he claims he can get ahold of most anything with a few days notice.


Taverns/Adventurer's Quarters:

Shady Dragon Inn, this new version of the famed tavern of the same name in Abberwyvern, Balar was set up by Nanson, a well known thug of a barman. He came at Baron Warwick’s request, but has no known political alliances and did not become involved in the recent insurrection. The Shady Dragon has quickly become a center of Arik adventurer and rogue activity, and the place does have an unusual number of robberies and fights.

Gaston’s, is the second, less seedy tavern set up and run for outlanders. It is run by the Taran adventurer Gaston, formerly of the band Gaston’s Gallants. It serves Taran foods and a limited stock of wines and is increasingly popular with outlanders.

Lady Salinka's House of Dark Delights, popular brothel with adventurers—this is a new establishment set up by the popular Bywater madam in the New World and is the only brothel with staff from Arik.

Huetzin’s House of Octal, upmarket native tavern, one of the few which attracts an Arik clientele to sample Aztaltican drinks.

Coiled Serpent, seedy native-only tavern known to host suspected Viperhand sympathizers and thieves. There have been occasional attacks against outlanders seen nearby. Run by Panitzin, retired jaguar knight.


Important Individuals:

Viceroy Morgan Cordell – The charismatic general of the Silver Legion has been released from his long imprisonment and is now again the Viceroy of New Southold. Most Itzapans see him as an improvement over Warwick, though his replacement has yet to have great impact on their day to day lives, other than ordering Arik healers to again help with stemming the plague.

General Aramis Darkhelm – Perhaps the most powerful Southron warrior in Aztaltica, this well respected general was sent by King Edmund to keep on eye on Baron Warwick, and maintains the same vigilance on Viceroy Cordell. Cordell retained him as titular general of the Army of New Southold, though most days he remains in immediate control of the garrison at Port Nuada. Cordell retains generalship of the Silver Legion and he plans to lead the offensive against the Saurians, leaving Darkhelm to remain as temporary Viceroy and guard Port Nuada.

Revered Counselor Caxal of the Itzapan - Caxal has ruled as Revered Counselor for years by expediently siding with those having superior firepower. Most recently, this has meant allying with Cordell, although this means he is little more than the Viceroy’s agent among the Itzapan.

Caramon Dieg, Rich independent merchant representing the Sashenstar Merchant House of Bywater, which had a preferential trade agreement for goods coming out of Itzapan signed with Cordell, but this was revoked by Baron Warwick, so he is seeking other ventures.

Don Carlos, head of the Iron Leaguer Mirada Merchant House, granted trade concessions from Baron Warwick’s regime. While he lost many of these back to the Sashenstars after the insurrection, he has retained the lucrative contracts monopolizing the sale of cacahuhel and chili luxury food items for the nobility in Arik. He personally owns one of the largest indigo plantations in Itzapan, on the road between Tazumal and Port Nuada. Some suspect him of growing Devilweed as well. He seeks to replace his old arcanist Rolando with a powerful Abjurer to prevent recurrences of the crime.

Assessor Slevak – powerful Crown representative who runs tax collection at the docks. All treasure, wealth, or goods of any kind flowing out of the new land of Aztaltica (minus only personal possessions and items, and those goods documented by a scribe as originally having been brought into Aztaltica from Arik) are subject to a 20% tax due to the Southold Crown, evasion of which is considered Treason. The tax is generally administered by Slevak’s men at Port Nuada, which is fairly effective as this is the only current deep water port for Arikers and magical transport is blocked by the Hellstorm. Nonetheless, evasion has been known to occur, facilitated by various magicks.

Cameron Gaunt, Captain of the 9th Flaming Fist regiment – Cameron is a famous warrior from Arik, known for his enchanted two-handed sword. On the southern outskirts of town on the main road leading south is the Flaming Fist barracks, garrison for his 9th Regiment of Arik’s most famous mercenary company (though Cordell’s Silver Legion is certainly challenging Eltan’s reputation on that point). His unit is based in a walled compound which can serve as a small fortress if needed, with a parade ground as well. There is also a halfling mercenary company billeted here as well as some Southron royal archers.

Karstack, Slayers Brotherhood leader, rather well known in fast rising Arik underworld circles, runs small chapter of this assassins guild in a dodgy part of town, about a block from the Coiled Serpant. He is believed to be allied with Caramon Dieg who is also from Bywater.

Anson Adams, famed Southron explorer-bard who penned Six Against Daargard and the Balad of the Night of Tears, Anson often accompanies adventuring groups on missions into the jungle. When not travelling he usually keeps a room at the Shady Dragon Inn.

The Nightsong Guild, this group evolved out of the demi-human rogue group the Righteous, led by the halfling Taron Leimmonkheir. The band fled Southold as their bounties for various acts of thievery in Dunthrane and Alcester were simply too high. Other members include the elf Ace, dwarf Grotto, and elf Corsair. After coming into money, they have established the Nightsong Guild, aiming to be the main Arik thieves guild in Aztaltica. They are old school thieves, and try not to kill on their missions.

Yazak/Selunite Colony, this group of some 400 Yazakh refugees has set up a colony some 20 miles east of Tazumal on the savannah that somewhat resembles their native steppes, from which they were driven after Vecna’s failed bid at godhood. The colony is led by Gaetmo So, sister of the slain Specialist Latna So, cleric of Selune in the Silver Legion. Once they finish building wagons, they intend to migrate to a 100x100 mile isolated area far inland on the Tlacopan Plains east of Kuklan, awarded by charter for their use by the Viceroy for aid during the Silver Legion Insurrection.

Sulka, new sage in town with richly appointed tower in the Merchants Quarter.

Chanticleer Winterwood, elven Initiate of the Order of the Bow, senior warrior allied with the Church of Solonar.

The Sunwalkers, group of Southron adventurers dedicated to Lathandra, goddess of dawn, who believe an ancient magic item harnessing the power of the sun is in one of the abandoned cities in the jungle.

Karuth, head of the 50 dwarven miners working in Fort Cordell. With the end of the long tunneling search for Cordell’s hidden three million nobles, they now are hard at work directing work on the fort’s walls.

Arkane, independent faction led by ex-legionnaire ranger LT Radamanthus Kane in southern forests far from Tazumal. Believed to be aided by druids Ontor and Ria as well as many animal defenders. Goal is uncertain, but believed to be defending Aztaltica from Arik incursion.

Lamia, one of Fortune’s Favored, she is also an occasional cat burglar.

Raymond Le Clerk, rich Taran merchant whose network is a distant third to the Sashenstars and Mirada, but is the best source for Taran goods, especially wine.

Vandamar, elven representative of the Daggerspell Guardians in Aztaltica, vigilante group.

The Much Kill, a goblinoid caravel led by Captain Gnash, this vessel has been terrorizing shipping lanes back to Arik

Mazatzin, the self-styled first of the “Mage Hunters,” this Viperhand Cultist works with some jaguar knights, thieves, and at least one Hishnashaper and is allegedly targeting Southron mages.

Copil, prominent Aztaltican rogue, known to run native Thieves Guild

Camargo, prominent Aztaltican thug, has harassed and robbed outlanders in native quarters

Yataxa, Huatepec merchant with a stall in the Grand Plaza


Important Features in Town:

Grand Market, this has doubled in size since the outlanders arrived. The entire square is filled with carts covered by beautifully woven canopies in a riot of colors. They sell all sorts of wares here, from small statuettes, to Aztaltica's exotic foods, and other objects of art and everyday life. However, in the northwest corner is the Arik market, where Southrons, Iron Leaguers, Hulers, and Tarans congregate and sell more exotic wares from across the sea.

Platform of Knights and Sweatlodge, here are the eagle knight barracks, a pyramid shaped sweatlodge, and a platform for duels.

The Ball Court, this structure consists of the flat court and its two facing walls of stone—the side walls. Each of these has the requisite ring placed midway between its ends, 15’ off the ground. The ends of the court are open. Above each wall rises a gallery of platforms where several thousand people on each side can stand with a good view of the game below. Three towers—two on one side and one on the other—rise above these galleries. The tops of the towers are reserved for the city’s most influential people and their guests. As the game has gained a Southron following, one tower is reserved for the Viceroy and his officers, the other for the Sashenstar Merchant House and their guests, and the final one for the Revered Counselor and Itzapan nobles. Archmage Liet has added permanent Walls of Force to protect the spectators when this is used for Dweomerlists. This addition contributed to the Dweomerlists disaster, but precautions have been enacted so that crush situation should not recur.

Favorite teams are the 1st district Blues and the 4th district Whites. There is a new team from the Flaming Fist, the Reds.

Garrison, flat, narrow building without windows where the common Aztaltican soldiers reside,

Temple of Pluma, The exterior of the temple is a deceptively plain-looking structure of four walls, but it houses the hall of Itzapan Plumaweavers, the best in Aztaltica outside Far Itzapan.

Pyramid of Pronouncements, this 10’ tall step pyramid with a 10’ square top is used for debate, discourse, and occasionally combat.

Library Court, this is another open square, yet such an odd sight, which one would never behold in Southold. Scholars of all ages relax on cushions on the square, reading old scrolls, and some penning them. Many sip from wooden mugs at their side as well, occasionally going back and forth from a main building which is obviously a library.


Surrounding Area: The savannah between the landing at Port Nuada and the city of Tazumal is lined with roads and new farms, plantations awarded to Baron Warwick’s senior officers, now in the process of being removed and awarded to Cordell’s allies. Most of the land west of the Tazumal has been parceled out to various military men, courtiers, and other notables. The new farms stretch for several miles all around the cities of Tazumal and Port Nuada. The land on the eastern side of the river is as yet unassigned, officially being held as church land by the Temple of Nuada in the name of the native Itzapans. It too will probably be parceled out when a bridge or regular ferry begins operating across that river.

Natives from the area were reduced to near-slavery, and the Itzapan are encouraged to work the fields in exchange for minimal support. The docks of Nuada’s Port and the marketplace of Tazumal are active with brisk, profitable trade. Only merchants with established permits may buy on the Nuada’s Port docks, although anyone may sell in Tazumal. (This creates a lively black market of goods that “disappear” from the dock, then reappear in Tazumal.)


Places of interest

Nuada’s Port/Fort Cordell: These two locations are growing together with each passing day. Fort Cordell is a great earthen redoubt, rectangular in shape and housing armories, a blacksmith shop, stables, barns, granaries, and about 300 men-at-arms living in tents. It is reputed to have a dwarven dug dungeon complex beneath it, though some rumors claim the dwarves were brought in to dig for the three million nobles’ treasure the imprisoned General Cordell was reputed to have stashed somewhere on the grounds. It commands the shore of Tazumal Lagoon, which is a splendid anchorage—a natural harbor—for the ships that come with increasing frequency to these shores. An expanse of grassy plain, perhaps three miles long, separates the fortress from the Itzapan city. This plain is now crossed by several roads, and the savannah itself is’ being farmed intensively. Assessor Slevak runs the well-armored and magicked taxation bureau here, which imposes the King’s Fifth tax on all goods and wealth flowing out of the port.

Several broad canals give access to the city, and serve as avenues from the central market to the outlying areas. By Viceroy’s order, all steel-making in Port Nuada is conducted behind the walls of the redoubt, to prevent the secrets of making fine metal weapons from reaching the natives. All smiths and apprentices are Southrons (or hired dwarves).

Viceroy Cordell’s Estate: This is located about 10 miles upriver from Tazumal, confiscated from Baron Warwick, and is being been constructed much like a splendid baronial manor anywhere in Southold. The Viceroy owns a great tract of land. The grounds of the house are a half-mile square, and are surrounded by a 12’ high stone wall, broken only by two gates. The house has only had its foundations completed, but will be a large, stone structure, with a great hall, many guest rooms, and a central garden-courtyard in the Aztaltican fashion. A huge stable and guardhouse stand nearby.

Fort Tetzcoco: This small earthen wall fort is some 6 miles south of Tazumal guarding a river ford on the main road south. The 9th Housecarles under Captain Rogers and three native units are stationed there, guarding the approach to the city. This was the site of the only real battle between Southron forces during the Silver Legion Insurrection.

Twin Visages: This famous landmark is the first sign of the mainland, signalling the end of the stressful voyage from Southold to weary, thankful sailors. It is marked by a 300’ high bluff overlooking a sheltered, coral-brightened lagoon. The two stone faces that give the place its name are each about 30’ high, and stare outward from the bluff, perhaps two-thirds of the way toward the top. Three stone stairways cut back and forth across the face of the bluff, leading from the strip of shoreline and beach to the brush and forested terrain above. A medium-size pyramid stands atop the bluff, where the first legionnaires met the first Aztaltican, Atahuelpa, in 1512.

Bay of Shoals: This shallow bay is a rich feeding ground for birds and fish, and a deadly approach for any ship of caravel size or larger. Canoes and other small craft, however, have no difficulty in these shallows. The western shore of the bay is a tangled maze of mangaroo clumps. These are short trees that grow along many Aztaltican coastlines, forming small islands as they grow. They are a haven for birds and snakes, and the narrow, twisting channels that lead among the clumps are prime crocodile territory.


Social Structure: The social structure of the Itzapan lands is undergoing wracking change from the intrusion of the foreign population. The coming of the Southrons has polarized the young Itzapani, with some defying their elders and embracing the ways of the new and powerful arrivals, while others take a reactionary turn, insisting there be no deviation from Itzapani traditions and secretly endorsing the expulsion of the outlanders. Many young Itzapan women seek foreign husbands, and a many burly soldier has claimed for himself a dark-skinned, black-haired beauty as his bride. The young men, meanwhile, strive to match the warrior prowess of the invaders. Steel weapons have become signs of great status among the natives; a warrior might rise to the chieftainship of a village simply based on the fact that he carries a dagger with a steel blade.


Religion: The old gods have Aztaltica are increasingly spurned by the Itzapan, since they proved so ineffective compared to the newcomers. Many Itzapan now recognize Nuada as the most powerful god, since it was his Silver Legion that so dramatically defeated the hated Zlatan Empire. However, the worship of Nuada is a confusing matter to most of the native peoples, and many traces of their old practices have crept into their following of the new god. The Aztaltican god with the greatest following here remains Qotal. Since his direct aid of the Zlatan refugees fleeing the Night of Tears, the Feathered Dragon has been reinstated to his former prominence. Also, his worship is not condemned by even the new Southron regime, since it does not involve human sacrifice. The Itzapan and the new overlords are united in one strong belief: the cults of sacrifice are banned from Itzapan, and dare not intrude their gory practices into the society.


Warfare: The Itzapan nation now has the greatest capacity for warfare among the lands of Aztaltica, because it is the only one with a sizeable force of foreign soldiers. Despite the gradual increase in steel weapons, the use of the maca is common, and the Eagle Knightly orders is well-represented. Their regiments are broken into formations of shortbows, slings, spears (with casters), and macas. Tazumal can raise a force of some 10,000 warriors under the command of General Tutepec, a respected eagle knight who replaced Kultec after the Night of Tears. A typical village can field about 50 men.

Among the foreigners living in nearby Port Nuada, the Southrons could raise perhaps 500 horsemen and 2,500 footmen, armed with crossbows, long swords, halberds, and axes. These include some royal troops, some baronial troops, and some Flaming Fist and Silver Legion mercenaries.



Map of Itzapan Nation

Map of Itzapan Nation

Map of Itzapan Nation

Map of Tazumal (NEW)

Itzapan Court of Caxal

Itzapan Court of Caxal

Itzapan Court of Caxal

Southron Power Structures

Itzapan Court of Caxal

Independent Arik Factions

Archmage Liet

Toril Greymantle

Ariel, House Sashenstar

Hazlik, Church of Shinare


New Nuadan Marshal Greylin

General Cordell

Lady Araselle, Paladin of Tyr

Talis, Archdruid of Silvanus

Undead like this Bloodhulk Fighter Attack from the House of the Dead

Nanson of the Shady Dragon Inn

Karstack of the Slayers Brotherhood

Anson Adams the Bard

Arkane's faction resides in the southern forests

Latna So's sister founds a Yazakh refugee colony

Lamia, One of Fortune's Favored

Tales of the Much Kill, Captain Gnash's Goblinoid Caraval

Mazatzin, the Mage Hunter

Caxal's Throne Room

Caxal's Throne Room, Tazumal

Tazumal Palace Quarters

Tazumal Palace Quarters

The Dweomerlists Arena in the Ball Court


Iztapan Eagle vs. Zlatan Jaguar

Itzapan Eagle Knight vs. Zlatan Jaguar

Atahuelpa, former Deputy Eagle Knight, now Leading the Zlatan Exodus

General Cordell Was Imprisoned at Port Nuada

Port Nuada

Fort Cordell (formerly Warwick)

Itzapan Allied Peasant Warrior

Itzapan Allied Peasant Warrior

Aztaltica Rough Map

Rough Map of Aztaltica


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