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The following visions were experienced by the Intrepid Paragon within the sweatlodge of the dwarven Clan Blackhammer, as they needed to be kin in order that thedwarves would divulge the location of the Sword of Kas.

Experienced by all: A worm ambles up and says, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." A bat flies in and says, "all is never as it seems." The lodge starts to shake, great fissures open in the ground.

Agrippa: Ahenobarbus appears. It is I, your former mentor, have you fallen so far, my pupil. Forsake your evil, you are no Vampire, but a Videssian -- deception upon deception, let it end. I forgive you. The Forgiven One.

Greywolf: Father appears in full battle array -- You must father many children and continue the Wulf line -- our numbers are too few. Return to your people and help them grow. DwarfSirer

Colstan: Sprouts wings and flies -- all the way to Bywater. Nuada Citadel gone, in place big step-pyramid, sacrificing Dread Master Zulkir. Fly by, dog soldier patrols, at noon all kneel and pray to Vecna. Skyfarer.

Elrich: You should have been a warrior, should have joined the Flaming Fist like your father. Now you lead men in battle, but from a command tent. To fight as a warrior best way to honor Nuada. WarPriest

Drazen: Skeletal, rotting figure speaks to him -- this is how you will end up -- necromancy will corrupt your soul, and make you seek the dark arts to extend your life. This is Drazen as Lich in future. Comrades will die, you will join Vecna. Deathwalker

Hernando: Quickhands demigod says hello, steals broach from Hernando. Hernando sees it, and steals it back. No one has ever done that, I have found a thief worthy of my mantle. I shall take the long journey to join the gods and steal from them, now that I know Arik will have a Master Thief other than I. You shall succeed me. QuickFingers.

Kliff: Speaks to Snow Falcon, have you forgotten me Kliff, have you forgotten the spacious tundras of Thonia, will you ever return to the Fatherland. Live among foreigners with their strange gods and strange magic. Another bird, Cortaligilan swoops down and kills Snow Falcon, says, I am the Cortalish Empire, just as I destroy your pitiful totem so I destroy Southold, and all who stand before me -- the trap is sprung. Your time has run out, you shall not stop the Whispered One from leading me to victory over the gods themselves. Birdman.

Khoresh: The sea echoes about. Return to me, I am your true mistress. I care not for your evil ways, morality means nothing, hear my call, heed it. You were born to ply the waves on a swift ship, not to be trapped beneath Grund in eternal night, away from your mistress. Calls to you, save vs. spells or leave hut, jumps into dirt, thinks ocean. SeaLover.

Stonne: You are in a court, hands bound, before King Rolwyn Leafsong. I charge you with the genocide of the elven race on this day Kythorn 6, 1515 -- how do you plead. Miscreants slew Loth in 1506, united under Everhate and attack 1509. breached Vale in 1511, Southold conquered 1513, forest burned 1515. Look outside, in hell. Your fault, even if indirectly, you are kin-slayer, shall be punished for eternity, not by jailors, but we elves. KinSlayer.

Wildcard: In royal hall in Irrudia, pressed on all sides by Cortalish siege engines, breaching outer walls. Corum yells at her, Gilla my cousin, you have brought this doom upon us -- you had the chance to stop Vecna, but failed. We are all lost now. Lost One


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