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These Signs were forseen by Hyskosa, a Vistani most gifted
with the Sight. Spread Word of these wherever you travel.
Only the true hearted can stop the fall of the night of evil.


The night of evil shall descend on the land

When this hexad of signs is near at hand.


In the house of Daergon the sorcerer born

Through life, unlife, unliving shall scorn.


The lifeless child of stern mother found

Heralds a time, night of evil unbound.


The light of the sky shining over the dead

shall gutter and fall, turning all to red.


Seventh time the son of suns doth rise

To send the knave to an eternity of cries.


Inajira will make his fortunes reverse

Dooming all to live with the dreaded curse.



Commentary on the Prophecy

"Vistani" are noted for their prophetic powers, particularly such notables as Hyskosa, Sinara Doom, and Raven, Bird-Sighted.


"night of evil" only later was recognized as Vecna's Great Disjunction on Midsummer 1511, trying to sepearate Grund from the other planes in his bid for godhood.

"House of Daergon" refers to an incident in the Galathiene when an elven sorceror became a lich, later slain by his people.


"lifeless child" represents the ghost of the child on the carrack Endurance whose body was dumped at sea; the Miscreants later reburied her and lifted the curse on the ship.

"sky ... turning all to red" refers to an incident in the Taran city of Tarascon and the rise of a ghoul lord who brought a red sky; he was dispatched by Gaston's Gallants.


"eternity of cries" refers to an incident in Hule involving a mummy, dispatched by the Lucky Seven.


"dreaded curse" refers to a rakshasa lord in Minos, Inajira, who cursed a village which remains so to this day.

- Commentary by Professor Thaddeus Quirm, Royal Academy

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