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Research Ongoing Over Failure o Divination Magicks
The finest researchers at the Royal Academy are studying the recent failure of greater divination magicks for both preists and wizards. The great Conclave of Wizards has travelled together to an unknwon location to research the problem, and an inswer is expected soon. In the meantime, King Edmund asks his subjects not to be alarmed, for such surges and failures in various types of magic have ocurred before, and turned out not to be serious.

Nuadan Inquisition Regaining Influence in Occupied Silvania
Coming close on the heels of our victorious armies as they advance into the Cortalish Empire are a once infamous band, the Nuadan Inquistors. These fanatical servants of Nuada are moving through the recently captured Cortalish villages and rooting out any Banites and ethnic Cortals that remain. It is the policy of the Kingdom of Southold that all territories (except those along the border that Southold has traditional claims to) shall be returned to the indigenous Sylvanian people, who have been enslaved and brainwashed over the centuries of Cortal rule into serving the Banite regime. Those who do not renounce their belief in the Lord of Darkness are being summarily executed by the Inquisitors.

This marks a revival for the Inquisitors, who were quietly reactivated this Yuletide after their official disbandment several years ago. Their Anorien Inquisition saw many controversial practices by the Inquisitors, and the execution or imprisonment of most of the order’s members on various charges. Whether their actions truly served Nuada is still a topic of great debate, but it is generally believed they went too far, transgressing our legal Code of Athelstan in their zeal. The scandal which followed when the Priesthood of Tyr and Royal authorities investigated led to the resignation of Grand Marshal Anaximander, hailed by most as the greatest leader of the faith Nuada has had upon Grund.

His successor and brother, Grand Marshal Anaximenes, publicly stated at the last holy ceremony of the Khlat, that the excesses of the Inquisition would never be repeated on loyal, Southron peoples, but that their services were needed in the great war in which we are engaged. Anaximenes blamed the excesses on the prolonged period of relative peace (about a century) between the Second Cortalish War and the Third Cortalish War. He dismissed the recent Southron Civil War which ended in 1508 as being unsatisfactory as the rebel Lord Edrin “didn’t put up a proper fight.” But now, the Grand Marshal claims, “with a real war on, our natural impulses and desires toward just war will be satiated, and our Inquistors will be at the forefront of the fight.”

Trouble North of the Border in the Videssian Empire
There have been more reports filtering in of riots to the north in the Videssian client kingdom of Alesia. Alesia is ethnically Southron, but remains under the control of a small Videssian elite. Unlike the rest of Southold, which was liberated from the Videssian yoke in 1066 by our first and greatest King, Athelstan, the Videssians retained the land north of the Greyflood, forming the Alesian kingdom. There have been many calls for Southold to reclaim Alesia, and constant problems keeping the local Southron population down. Alesia is one of the poorest lands in Arik.

Rioting has grown worse in recent weeks, however, due to a series of attacks in the capital resulting in the destruction of a rural religious shrine and a central temple (presumed Banite) underneath Alesia City itself. The band consisted of perhaps a dozen mixed race members, in particular, individuals remember a huge warrior, probably a Thonian, and noted that the several Southrons in the band spoke with a Southolder rather than an Alesian accent. Despite a demarche by the Videssian ambassador in Dunthrane, Southold denies all involvement in the matter. These acts of defiance have provoked rioting in the city, although these have been brutally put down by legionaries. However, there are reports of peasants taking to the hills to fight the Videssian overlords, an event not seen in this downtrodden kingdom since the days of Athelstan.

Trouble in Videssos
The mysterious Videssian Cabals of demon-worshipping mages, have reportedly been united under the leadership of the Ninth and most powerful Cabal. The nine Videssian Cabals, with their citadels in blighted Magistania, have traditionally quarreled with each other just short of open warfare. However, news has just reached us that several months ago the Ninth Cabal achieved hegemony over all the Cabals.

Videssos remains an ancient empire with many internal problems and few external ambitions, but this recent unification of the mages has caused some concern among the nobility of Southold. As a result, our own famed Third Bywater Expeditionary Army under Baron Elrich of Wraithstone was recently recalled from fighting in the Cortalish Empire and sent north, reportedly to guard our Northern border. Citizens of Bywater should rest easy, as this is the famed army which fought off the Videssian Incursion of Scipio in 1504, fought its way through the rebel Lord Edrin’s lands, opening Wyrm’s Gap, to Daargard Keep in the Civil War in 1508, and won a more recent major victory against the Cortal army under the Lich Pomeranian just last year. Its association with the disbanded heroes of the Bywater Six continues, with their leader Baron Elrich remaining in command, and their Master Scout the elusive Calvin still in their ranks.

Public Notices
We’re looking for a few good men. Good with a sword? Loyal to Southold? Ready to march to the ends of Arik? Maybe you have what it takes to join the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company. Swords for hire, but loyally serving Southold in times of need since the War of Independence. If you think you’re good enough to join the best infantry regiment in Arik, come see us. Recruitment tests conducted the first day of every month, at the Flaming Fist barracks, Old Town, Bywater. Exercises witnessed by Colonel Eltan personally.

Minor enchantment Shield, asking 15,000 nobles. Contact Deep Delvers adventuring Company, Yawning Portal Inn.

Palms read, future told. Contact Madame Zara, across from Green Dragon Inn, Bywater

Do what you can for the troops, donate your old metal goods for the war effort -- bring any metals to the Temple of Nuada to be forged into weapons for our troops. Long live Southold!

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Southold Coat of Arms


Mekarri and the Conclave Continue Research on the Divination Problem

Mekarri and the Conclave Continue Research on the Divination Problem


Former Nuadan Patriarch Anaximander

Former Patriarch Anaximander


Current Patriarch Anaximenes

Current Patriarch Anaximenes



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