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All of Grundís 21 gods, as well as some demigods and cults, are worshipped in some cornors of Southold, but the faiths of Tyr, Nuada, Shinare, and Silvanus are most common, with fairly widespread worship of Solonar, Adora, Selune, Bane, and Mask.

Tyr - Tyr's priesthood and its influence in Southold as the state religion has already been described in detail. Aside from running the justice system, clerics of Tyr are quite venerated by the general populace, as it is estimated some half the population of Southold are active worshippers of the Grimjaws. Worship is strongest in Dunador and Hadlech, and the fewest worshippers are in Anorien (though this is still a considerable amount). The priests of Tyr don't try to keep a monopoly on worship, indeed, religious tolerance is a part of the Code of Athelstan. However, in the Crown City, Dunthrane, Athelstan decreed that no churches save those to Tyr be erected, and so it is. Outside the walls, however, numerous shrines exist to the many gods worshipped in Southold (many were rebuilt after their destruction in the disastrous Siege of Dunthrane during the Civil War.) From here High Patriarch Stephen Menote guides the faithful in their quest for justice on Arik. The military arm of the faith is the Knights of Athelstan, a group of warriors pledged to serve Tyr and uphold the Code.

Nuada - Nuada is worshipped by soldiers, especially knights, and a smattering of serfs and freemen throughout the provinces. His worship is focused in Anorien, where Nuada's worship surpasses that of Tyr. Indeed, the faith's headquarters is in the provincial capital, Bywater. Here Grand Marshal Anaximander, High Priest of Nuada governs his flock. In addition to Nuada's lay worshippers, the military arm of the Church, the Order of the Silver Hand, exerts much influence. It is probably the largest order of knighthood in Southold, ahead of the Knights of Athelstan and the Grand Order of the Stars. The Templars of St. Uther, headquartered just outside Dunthrane, plays a disproportionate role in spreading the faith.

Shinare - Lady Luck is venerated here as across all human lands, though not nearly so much as in neighboring Hule where she is patron. Though Tyrís teachings downplay the luck and non-disciplined ways of Shinare, she remains a favorite with peasants, who often wear secret charms to the godess and whisper prayers for good luck. Her faith is not well-organized in the country, though there is a major cathedral in Dunthrane, and churches in most cities.

Silvanus - Silvanus is worshipped primarily by the druids of Arden, and many of the serfs in rural areas. Druids act as the Oak Father's priests, many travelling from town to town ministering to the scattered flock. These wandering druids are looked upon with distrust by most of the nobles and city-folk, but since they usually teach Silvanus' worshippers better methods of growing, and the like, this increase in productivity makes most lords ignore their trespasses. The druids are ruled by Grand Druid Miriel of Arden who dwells at the most sacred nemeton in Shady Vale.

Adora - Adora's worship is widespread throughout Southold, except in Balar, where her shrines are rare. A controversial stance taken recently is the priesthood's decision to support the Free-Born Movement opposing serfdom.

Solonar - Like Silvanus, Solonar's chief place of worship in Southold is Arden, where the large population of rangers venerate him. But his faith is based in the elven kingdom of the Galathiene, and so the rangers have free reign to worship as they choose. Solonar is also venerated by woodsmen and hunters across the land, though shrines to him are few and priests nonexistent (Solonar regards rangers as his messengers and servants, and dispensing entirely with an organized priesthood.) Indeed, the head of the religion in the Galathiene the Ranger Lord Balsamon. The worshippers of Solonar in Southold support the Free-Born Movement against serfdom.

Selune - The Lady of Silverís worship is relatively sparse, with a church to her only erected in Dunthrane last year. However, many women left behind by their husbands to fight to Cortals have turned to her in the last few years, as the faith gradually grows.

Bane - Bane, Lord of Darkness, is revered and worshipped in secret. The sewers of Bywater cloak the largest temple complex dedicated to this dark god.

Mask - Like Bane, Mask is worshipped in secret, though his shrines are more common than those of the Dark Lord. The primary one in Southold is reportedly under the infamous streets of Alcester, city of thieves.



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