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Appendix A: The Kings of Southold

Name, Reign
Athelstan 1066-1087
Egbert 1087-1118
Ethelwulf 1118-1136
Ethelbald 1146-1158
Ethelbert 1158-1164
Ethelred 1164-1169
Alfred the Great 1169-1197
Edward the Elder 1197-1234
Atheldstan II 1234-1259
Richard 1259-1267
Edmund 1267-1282
Stephen 1282-1284
Edred 1284-1299
Edwy 1299-1302
Edgar 1302-1343
Richard II 1343-1361
Edward the Martyr 1361-1362
Ethelred II the Unready 1362-1393
Edmund II 1393
Occupation by Cortalish Empire 1393-1403
Canute 1403-1409
Harold 1409-1434
Edward II 1434-1442
Edgar II 1442-1470
Halfred 1470-1502
Edmund III 1502-

Appendix B: Brief Time Line of Main Events Concerning Southold

1000-1100 Lives of Elwaine and Alwaine "the Blacksword"--adventurer heroes of the House of Hador

1066 Southold gains independence from Videssos; Athelstan crowned as first King of the Southrons

1294-1299 First Cortalish War

1300-1340 Scarlet Death ravages Southold and Arik

1322 King Edgar of Southold lays siege to Alcester, annexing it as part of Hadlech

1391-1406 Second Cortalish War

1406 Victory of the White Coalition over the Cortalish Empire--Battle of the Drentmoors

1470 Bywater Pact of friendship signed with Tara

1471-3 Pirate Campaigns, Southold and Minos ally to stamp out piracy based on the Umbars.

1475-6 Lord Edrin's "Reign of Terror" as regent of Southold

1484 Saughin War--South Sea raids escalate, as monsters driven back

1496 Mulansk Incursion--prominent rangers flee Cortalish Empire

1502 Succession Crisis--Prince Edmund kidnapped, but eventually rescued by Thingol & Company and crowned, foiling Lord Edrin's bid for power

1503 Famine hits Arik, especially Southold

1504 Lord Edrin and Duke Aimar II rebel, starting Civil War. Disastrous Battle of Twin Pines is lost by Loyalists and Dunthrane is besieged

1505 Rout of Eleasias--Loyalists break rebel siege and counterattack

1508 Victory Tournament--The Civil War is finally won and Edrin slain, Southold declares war on Cortalish Empire

1509 Southron forces meet heavy resistance, fought to stalemate

1510 Southron forces advance, occupying much of Sylvania

1511 Vecna’s Great Disjunction afflicts Arik, but Southron-based Intrepid Paragon under Bigby’s tutelage and with Southron troops foil Vecna’s plot

1512 Southrons bypass Studentsia Mountain defense line, now liberating two-thirds of Sylvania, but cannot decisively defeat Cortals.

Appendix C: The Story of the Shrine of Nevron

The story behind the Shrine of Nevron, the foot of the Veronian Mountains in Northern Andeaver dates from the Second Cortalish War. In the spring of 1402, a beggar, Cuthbert he was called, emerged from the foul Wyrmsteeth Mountains bearing a great two-handed mace. It was holy to the Grimjaws, he said before the assembled citizens of Wyrm's Gap, but the vain clerics of Tyr scoffed at him, saying the beggar had stolen it. But lo, as the clerics tried to take the mace away, for Cuthbert laid it down, none could lift it. With that, the stranger grasped the mace and held it skyward. A golden glow emanated from it, and all dropped to their knees in awe. "I am St. Cuthbert, sent here by my lord Tyr Grimjaws. He grieves for his children the Southrons, who are oppressed by Bane's spawn, the Arch-Lich of the Cortals. Just as he sent Athelstan to help throw off the Videssian yoke, now does he send me."

You see, at this time, Southold had been occupied for several years by the hosts of the Cortalish Empire, only steadfast Alcester and Arden held out. The armies of Vecna had swept across Arik, overrunning Tara as well. Then did the gods descend to the earth to combat the legions of Vecna. St. Cuthbert, for so the people called him, was thought to be Tyr, leading his beloved, the Southrons to battle. An incarnation of Solonar led the elves forth from the Galathiene, and Reorx from the heights of Rockhome, as did Pholtus from Tara. The actual gods did not descend; avatars were the leaders of the armies.

St. Cuthbert assembled a force by marching across Southold. Each city he stopped in gave men-at-arms by the thousands. After stopping in Montinelle, his great host, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, followed their leader into the Veronian Mountains. Here St. Cuthbert struck a rock with his great mace, and lo! pure water cascaded out of the crack. All the Southrons were ordered to drink this water and were steeled for the coming conflict; all followed Tyr and his laws unquestioningly. The few spies and thieves in the host were struck dead by the blessed waters. Later, the armies of the Tarans, Southrons, Elves, and Dwarves rendezvoused at Bywater, and from thence marched toward the Cortalish Empire. Vecna and his great army chose to meet them in the Drentmoors, nightmarish swamps that stretch for dozens of miles. Battle raged there for well-nigh a year, from spring to winter. Scores of thousands fell, for this was the most terrible of all the wars of Arik. Finally, the two great captains, Vecna and St. Cuthbert met in the greatest duel seen since the Godswar. As the two fought, the fog closed around them, and both armies lost sight of their champions. The battle began at noon, and the clash of arms and flashes of magic were seen and heard until sunset, when a quiet descended on the field. Though both armies searched, neither of the champions was found. After a day's mourning, the two sides renewed the fight and within a month, the Cortals had been vanquished. So they would remain until Vecna would stir again a century later…


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Athelstan, First King of Southold

Athelstan, First King of Southold


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