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Reaver Miscreants Summary (Chris's Prehistory of the Arik Campaign)

When I started my freshman year I found, to my surprise, that Yale had no D&D club. In the second semester of my freshman year I began the club.

Durmingar, the Dwarven SmithThe initial characters were Korum, Malvenorn, Garathorm, Flan, Hernando, and Stonne. Only Clyde, who played Korum, and myself (the DM) remain of this original crew - most were juniors or seniors who graduated within two years of the club's beginning. However, Effi took over Hernando in the first semester of my sophomore year, filling the role admirably and making it his own; he would be the most constant element (aside from myself) in the game, playing for three years of my three-and-a-half-year-long campaign. Stonne was later taken over by Mike, but Korum semi-retired when Clyde graduated. At the beginning of my senior year several new players entered the game: Kliff, Greywolf, Agrippa, Black Arrow, Wildcard (the cousin in game terms of Korum), and Araselle.


The cast of characters being introduced, here is the basic story:

At the suggestion of a filthy beggar, the original crew discovered strange doings in the village of Hommlet (yes, THAT Hommlet), eventually tracking the source of the problems to the nearby slum of Nulb and a strange temple some miles into the wilderness. While fighting in the Temple of Elemental Evil, the group - which had been christened the Reavers by their enemies - encountered for the first time the werewolf called Garth. The werewolf, who claimed to have been cursed with lycanthropy until he could again learn the ways of Good, joined the Reavers and travelled with them for a time.

The Reavers sought the Orb of Golden Death in the Temple, as did a pair of demonesses (Zuggtmoy and Lolth) and a shadowy third figure known as the Lord in Darkness or the Two-Faced One. In time they learned the name of the Lord in Darkness, who was called Janus. Through trials uncounted the Reavers assembled the parts of the Orb, which Garth explained he must destroy to regain his humanity. At the same time, Garth seemed to be growing in power himself, demonstrating sundry new abilities even as an almost tangible darkness gathered about him. Belatedly, the Reavers came to suspect Garth's loyalties, but a strategic miscalculation allowed Garth to seize the final fragment of the Orb and disappear - leaving the Reavers to the questionable mercies of Zuggtmoy and Lolth.

The Reavers defeated Zuggtmoy and forced Lolth to accept the aid of Janus, who, as it developed, had been Garth's master. Lolth fled into the realms of Underearth.

Seeking the entrance to Underearth, the Reavers found themselves in conflict with several tribes of giants, decimating most. Ultimately they faced and defeated the combined forces of the Fire Giant King, and gained access to the entrance to the lower realms. There the Reavers also encountered Brazzemal, a red dragon that would eventually take control of the Fire Giant's hall and use it as a waystation to profit from trade between the worlds above and below the ground. Brazzemal's associate, a human named Drake, would be an occasional companion of the Reavers (important because I played him in Ted's Arik campaign).

The Reavers pursued Lolth to the strange underground drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu. By this time, their ranks had changed so substantially that they decided to adopt a new name: the Miscreants. Yes, the Miscreants. I had nothing to do with this, folks.

ShadowmanAraselle, one of the Miscreants, was a paladin that had become infected with lycanthropy, and thus lost her powers as a paladin. Just as Garth had increased in the power of darkness, however, Araselle gradually acquired strange powers and began to radiate with an inner light. It hardly needed the guidance of the goddess of lycanthropy, Tyger, for the adventurers to decide that they had to get Araselle and Garth together. At any rate, the Miscreants finally encountered Garth once again, in one of the noble houses of the drow. In a terrible battle, Araselle and Garth grappled in midair, and the monomaniacal werewolf hunter Black Arrow fired a silver-headed arrow which pierced both of the werewolves above him, sending them to their deaths. It was only when the dead Garth reverted to human form that his resemblance to Black Arrow - who also met his death that day - was apparent; Garth's true name was Bartholomew Garth, and Black Arrow was his son, Derrell.

Having raised Araselle and Black Arrow from the dead, the Miscreants bearded Lolth in her lair and finally destroyed her. They then found the gateway to the strange plane of Truth, where the final battle was shaping up in earnest. Janus' plan was at last laid bare: he had constructed a terrible device, the Dreadnought, with the Orb of Golden Death as one component. The Dreadnought had power enough to destroy the incarnation of Truth which corresponded to the world the adventurers lived on; if successful, the world would dissolve in horrifying chaos, and Janus would ascend to the godhead by harnessing the resulting suffering and massacre as evil energy.

Janus, the Demonlord The adventurers, and all the allies they could summon, faced the combined might of virtually every enemy they had ever faced. The Plane of Truth was consumed in a war separating the Miscreants from one another. The Dreadnought assailed the incarnation of Truth, actually doing it some damage before Korum and Greywolf struck, using information they had obtained of a defect in the Dreadnought's construction. The Dreadnought shattered, and Janus, vowing vengeance, was forced to accept mere demigod status. The Miscreants and their allies soon began to fade from view, one by one, as they were returned to the world; Korum thought to tell Greywolf how to destroy the Orb of Golden Death, which had fallen back into their hands, but he didn't quite get the explanation out in time before fading from view himself.

The Miscreants were returned to a world like yet unlike that which they had left behind; the damage done to the incarnation of Truth had changed history and reality in fundamental ways, so while they might recognize names and faces and places, essential details were altered. Nothing was as it had been; but there was still adventure aplenty to be had.

And so I graduated, and handed over the reins to Ted.

TED'S NOTE: Chris also kept a detailed, 45-page typewritten log of the campaign 1988-1991--if someone can convince him (I've tried...) to scan it in, I'll happily add it to the website.


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