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Countries (see Gazetteer for pictures)

The famed blue and yellow canary cross of Athelstan, founder of Southold

Cortalish Empire
The Empire’s colors--Cortal blue and Sylvanian red with the Cortaligan eagle

Kingdom of Tara
Noble purple and commoner blue, with Tara’s symbol, the fleur de lys

Videssian Empire
Yellow and black starburst with the Dragon Helios, legendary benefactor of Videssos

Blood red, snow white and Thonian axe--the five Thonian clan symbols more common

Yazakh Khanate
Earthy red, natural, wavy white with a famed Yazakh steed

Iron League
Sea blue and blood red with a League trader ship and the famed iron cross

Irrudium (Green Isles)
Highland green and heather purple with an oak branch, symbol of Irrudium

Kingdom of Minos
A jagged black pennant on white with a coiled sea serpent

The Thaar five pointed cross in blood red, with crossed sword above

On earth brown, sun rising over mount Drakar, with dwarven battle axe above

Serpent Brotherhood
Purple field with wavy black monk cord line, with red viper ascending staff

Galathiene (Broadleaves)
Forest green with elven longbow and Forest of the Day sun

Earth brown with a forest green stripe with the halflings’ beloved robin

Blood red and desert white with the Huler crescent moon emblem

Hyborean magocracy circle on red with crown above on silver

Areas/Organizations of Interest


Duchy of Anorien, Southold
Bywater’s House of Cawdor, a red and white divided field

Duchy of Andeaver, Southold
Montinelle’s House of Andron, a red lion rearing on a white field

Duchy of Dunador, Southold
Dunthrane’s House of Athelstan, canary cross, same as Southold heraldry

Duchy of Sylmarch
Bristol’s House of Galloway, a silver horse rearing on a blue and black quartered field

Duchy of Balar, Southold
Dendera’s sailing ship on a white over blue field

Duchy of Hadlech, Southold
Angmar’s House of Hador, a golden boar rampant on a split green and blue field

Forest of Arden
Earth brown with chevron of forest green, druidic scythe, oak branch, and tree

Flaming Fist Mercenary Company
General Eltan’s famed Bywater soldiers, flaming fist on blue background

King Edmund of Southold
Used by Housecarle guards, includes Templar cross, Andron lion, Arden tree, Taran fleur

Duke Duncan of Anorien
Red and white squared Cawdor field with two gryphons and Bywater cross

Nuadan Templars of St. Uther
White field with cross of St. Uther, also known as Templar cross

Ffenargh, Drentmoors
Red dragon on brown and purple starburst for this old Videssian Drentmoor colony

Magistania, Videssian Empire
Circled pentagram on black-blue starburst for the Videssian cabalist province Magistania

Alesia, Videssian colony
Crossed swords on black-blue starburst for this ethnic Southron colony of Videssos

Princess Argenta’s heart on silver


Pirate Islands
Skull and crossbones on black for these Minoan pirate islanders

Sylvanian Royalists
Sylvanian red with the wyvern--revered secretly in the Empire by anti-Cortals

Tower of the Stars
Argonne river blue and monk white with Shalfrey’s black sage tower



Tyr (Justice / Rulership / Courage)
A balanced set of scales, scepter?, gold

Adora the Fair (Love / Marriage / Fertility)
Two clasped hands, auburn, bright

Nuada of the Silver Hand (Just war / Strength)
Silver gauntlet forming an upraised fist--possibly with sword

Mishakal, Mistress of Healing (Healing / Medicine)
A staff with two snakes entwined around it (Caudacus)

Lathandra, Lady of the Dove (Peace, Dawn)
A white dove in flight before a rising sun, likes yellow

Pholtus of the Lyre (Music / Arts / Competition)
A golden lyre

Solonar, Master of the Hunt (Hunting / Vigilance / Archery)
Two arrows crossed, they have silver heads and green fletching

Donablas, Lord of the Future Prophecy / Destiny / Time
A single amber arrow pointing upward--hourglass?

Ehlonna, the Earthmother Earth / Agriculture / Wind / Seasons
rose in the midst of a sunburst

Silvanus, Oak Father Nature / Animals / Vegetation
An oak leaf

Reorx the Forgemaster Craftsmanship / Trade / Technology
A silver hammer

Aarth, Giver of Knowledge Magic / Knowledge / Ancestors
Symbol: An open book with a blue glow dancing around it.

Shinare, Mistress of Fortune Luck / Fortune / Riches
A gold coin, flipping through the air

Selune, Our Lady of Silver Moon / Stars / Navigation
Circle of seven stars around a pair of feminine eyes

Bane, Lord of Darkness Evil / Hatred
A skeletal hand on a field of black

Loviatar, "Maiden of Pain" Lust / Envy / Pain
A black whip of 9 strands with barbed tips

Tempus, Lord of Battle War / Chaos
A flaming sword

Mask, Lord of Shadows Thievery / Intrigue
A felt black mask for the upper face

Moloch, Lord of Bones Undead / Disease / Decay / Dusk
A bleached skull on a black field

Bhaal, Lord of Murder Death / Darkness
A skull on a black field surrounded by sparks of flame

Baldur, Master of the Tempest Oceans / Storms
Two huge waves radiating from the center point


Arik Continent Map


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