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1. Hammer; Deepwinter (January)
2. Alturiak; The Claws of Cold (February)
3. Ches; The Claws of Sunset (March)
4. Tarsakh; The Claws of the Storms (April)
5. Mirtul; The Melting (May)
6. Kythorn; The Time of the Flowers (June)
7. Flamerule; Summertide (July)
8. Eleasias; The Burning (August)
9. Eleint; The Fading (September)
10. Marpenoth; Leafall (October) (31st is St. Utherís Day)
11. Uktar; The Rotting (November)
The Feast of the Moon
12. Nightal; The Drawing Down (December)

Notes: The first name listed is used in all countries of Arik; the descriptive second names are only used among the Thonian and Yazakh barbarians. Each year consists of 365 days; 12 months of exactly 30 days each. Months are subdivided into three 10 day periods: known as tendays in Tara and Southold, eves in Hule, domen in Thonia, and rides in the Cortalish Empire and the Green Isles.

Special Days:
Midwinter, officially as The High Festival of Winter. It is a feast in which, the lords of the lands plan the year ahead, make and renew alliances, and send gifts of goodwill. To commoners, it is Deadwinter Day, the worst of the cold.

Greengrass is the beginning of spring, a day of relaxation. Flowers that have been carefully grown within keeps and temples during the winter are blessed and cast out upon the snow, to bring rich growth in the season ahead.

Midsummer, called Midsummer Night or the Long Night, is a time of feasting, music, and love. In a ceremony performed in some lands, unwed maidens are set free in the woods and "hunted" by their would-be suitors throughout the night. Betrothals are traditionally made upon this night. It is very rare indeed for the weather to be bad during the night -- such is considered a very bad omen, usually thought to foretell famine or plague.

Higharvestide heralds the coming of fall and of the harvest. It is a feast that often continues for the length of the harvest, so there is always food for field workers. There is much traveling about on the heels of the feast, as merchants, court emissaries, and pilgrims make speed ere the worst of the mud arrives and the rain freezes into snow.

The Feast of The Moon is the last great festival of the year. It marks the arrival of winter and is also the day when the dead are honored. Graves are blessed, the Ritual of Remembrance performed, and tales of the doings of those now gone are told far into the night. Much is said of heroes and treasure and lost cities underground.

Yuletide is the end-of year festival, commemorated with great feasts and drinking and giving gifts.

Shieldmeet, once every four years, another day is added to the year in the manner of February 29 in the Gregorian calendar. This day is part of no month, and follows Midsummer Night. It is known as The Shieldmeet; a day for the making and renewing of pacts, oaths, and agreements; a day of tournaments, test, and trials for those wishing to advance in battle fame or clerical standing; a day for entertainment of all types, particularly theatrical; and, a day for dueling.

Currencies of Arik

Arik standard coin values (silver standard) 20 coins per pound

Coin Values Metal and Symbols Used
1 bronze piece (bp) bronze - br
1 silver piece (sp) = 20 bp silver - ag
1 gold piece (gp) = 10 sp gold - au
1 platinum piece (pp) = 5 gp platinum - pt

1 pp = 5 gp = 50 sp = 1000 bp
1 gp = 1/5 pp = 10 sp = 200 bp
1 sp = 1/50 pp = 1/10 gp = 20 bp
1 bp = 1/1000 pp = 1/200 gp = 1/20 sp

Name Symbol Metal Value

Minoan Currency
Obol o br 1 bp; 1/20 d
Drachma d ag 1 sp; 20 o
Tetradrachm Td el 4 sp; 4 d
Stater S au 1 gp; 10 d
Distater DS au 2 gp; 2 S

No currency - economic system based on barter

Uses Taran currency

Huler Currency
Fulus Fu cu 1 bp; 1/20 Dm
Dirham Dm ag 1 sp; 20 Fu
Dinar Dn au 1 gp; 10 Dm

Iron League
Denaro do cu 1 bp; 1/20 go
Grosso go ag 1 sp; 20 do
Florin Fl au 10 sp; 5 go
Ducat Dt au 1 gp; 2 Fl

Irrudian Currency
Bolt / cp 1 bp; 1/2 ^
Cloud ^ br 2 bp; 2 /
Crescent C ag 1 sp; 10 ^
Orb O el 5 sp; 5 C
Star * au 1 gp; 2 O

Yazakh Khanate

Oceanian Currency (all ancient, 1500+ years old)
Royal R au 3 gp; 1/10 I
Imperial I pt 3 pp; 10 R

Rockhome Currency
Sceatas s ag 1 sp; 1/20 Hy
Hyperpyron Hy au 2 gp; 20 s
Teston Tn pt 2 pp; 5 Hy

Serpant Brotherhood
Uses other currencies (Southolder, Chessenten or Huler) and barter

Cortalish Currency
Hoof hf br 1 bp; 1/20 tl
Tail tl ag 1 sp; 20 hf
Fang fg el 5 sp; 5 tl
Horn hn au 2 gp; 4 fg

Southolder Currency
Penny p br 1 bp; 1/20 n
Noble N ag 1 sp; 20n
Sovereign Sov au 1 gp; 10 n
Crown Cr pt 1 pp; 5 sov

Taran Currency
Rouen penny rp br 1 bp; 1/10 dt
Denier Tournois dt ag 10 bp; 10 rp
Gros Tournois gt el 1 sp; 2 dt
Ecu D'or Ed au 1/2 gp; 5 gt

Thonian Currency
Hacksilver H ag 10-500 sp

Videssian Currency
As cu As 1 bp; 1/2 St
Sesterius br St 2 bp; 2 As
Denarius ag De 1 sp; 10 St
Aureus au Au 2 gp; 20 De


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