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What our favorite old characters are doing now in Arik (while the main campaign continues in Aztaltica).

Agrippa, Videssian Invoker Mage 12 - Dan

AgrippaAgrippa underwent a long series of trials following his kidnapping by Vampire Patriarch Count Victor von Drakov, serving for a time under Lord Soth, and then the Demon Lord of the 9th Cabal, later revealed to be Janus at the Great Disjunction. After that, a complicated event took place in which a future, lich version of himself known as the Lichtor released him from his vampirism, and he once again accompanied the Intrepid Paragon on their quest to destroy the Bane's Chaos Engine. And so, Agrippa became a born-again Tyr worshipper, professing his faith at every opportunity. He gave up his past, demonic and evil ways, to the surprise of his compatriots. Later, he volunteered to go on a missionary expedition with some priests of Tyr to the jungles of the southern Serpent Peninsula, to win over some of the pagan natives. The cultists of Bhaal common in on that isle were deemed likely to attack, so Agrippa’s combat skills were welcome. He has not been heard from since departing in late 1511.


Araselle, Southron Paladin 10 - Sarah

AraselleLady Araselle of Hador's distinguished adventuring career with the Miscreants continued for a time with the Bywater Six on the Third Bywater Expeditionary Army's memorable march across the rebel provinces during the Civil War. However, in Kythorn 1508 she was recalled to Dunthrane to face a politically motivated tribunal of Tyr clergy for her actions as a werewolf in the Garth affair. Although the curse was involuntary and her actions were exemplary, she was sentenced to atone for a year in a convent in the Cruth Mountains. After she served her term, she decided to remain in the cloistered life. However, she took up her old arms once more, including the infamous Final Word sword, in 1510 when the convent was attacked by a troll army. In 1513 she was named the youngest Abbess in all Tyr's convents, and has begun to wield significant influence in the Church.


Black Arrow, Southron (Lycanthrope Hunter) Ranger 13 - Ted

Black ArrowAfter leaving the Miscreants, Black Arrow (aka Derry Garth) traveled for a time with the Moon Dog Dante Algonstymeyer hunting evil lycanthropes, until the extraplanar being tired of his pursuit of all such shapechangers, evil or otherwise. Following the second death of Garth at his hands during the Chaos Engine affair, Derry disappeared for many months into the bottle, seen frequenting taverns across Southold. He provoked many a duel with his hostile attitude and seemed to care nothing for his previous profession. He had suffered a crisis of faith--his father's kind, last words in human form had clouded his absolute philosophy that all lycanthropes were abominations. Yet when a werewolf murder spree threatened Urml in late 1512 and Creose, new Chancellor of the College of Arms, called for his aid, he answered the summons. The greater wolfwere Corax and his werewolf and loup-garou servants didn't stand a chance. The thrill of the hunt and the accolades awarded to him reinvigorated his sense of purpose. He now hopes to eradicate lycanthropy from all Southold, and even aspires to ultimately slay Tyger, demigoddess of lycanthropes, should he ever find a way back to the Forests of the Night.


Calvin, Elven (Scout) Rogue 13 - Pat

CalvinCalvin put his excellent skills to good use as a scout for the famed Third Bywater Expeditionary Army. He even took six months of intensive training at the College of Arms at Urml to learn the elite skills of the "dread commando." He has profited well from the war and now owns a luxurious and well-defended tower in an upscale district of Bywater, though he is rarely there. He even participates in the odd special mission behind enemy lines, just as in the old days. Indeed, he is among the top choices in all the Southolder Army for such missions. When home, he often goes drinking with his Bywater Six comrades who still dwell there.



Crash, Halfling Rogue 5 Dead - Seth

CrashCrash was the only one of the Bywater Six to meet with an untimely, permanent death after only two years of adventuring, on Alturiak 29, 1506. The halfling had at least accomplished his life’s goal of avenging his father’s murder, and his spirit departed Grund satisfied in this knowledge. His comrades purchased an ornate plot in Bywater’s premier cemetery, the Park of the Departed, with a granite tombstone dedicated to a great hero of the Battle of Bywater in his own right. His old comrades in arms still sometimes walk out to the grave and share a drink in his honor.



Drake, Southron Fighter 12 / Rogue 10 - Chris

DrakeAfter Vecna's Disruption ended, Drake spent an unusual (for him) time traveling Upground bartering for or stealing goods hard to find in the Underdark. After several months, he decided to return to the Underdark rather than "continue puttin' up with soft Upgrounders." Over the next year Drake and Brazzemal reinvigorated their business through shrewd deals, collaborations with the drow, and assassinations. Ultimately they removed their headquarters to an undisclosed location in order to run their increasingly clandestine operations from concealment - no mean feat for an enormous red dragon and a belligerent rakehell. In recent months Drake resurfaced as the promoter of an entertainment event in Skullport, the Dragonbash, involving an unprecedented Upground/Underdark collaboration. Untold gold flowed in as receipts on the event surpassed the most optimistic predictions. During the event itself, however, suspicious malfunctions resulted in a mass panic and the deaths of a large number of contingents hostile to Drake and Brazzemal's interests. Questions were raised by various parties concerning Drake's business dealings in connection with the event, but in truth only two things about Drake were certain: first, nobody knew where he was; and second, the same was true of the gate receipts.


Drazen, Drow Necromancer (Patrician) Wizard 11 - Pat

DrazenDrazen's soul was trapped by the Eye of Vecna, and only released when his comrades defeated the demigod and his Great Disjunction. Despite having proved his good nature time and time again as a member of the Paragon, the dark elf tired of the prejudice against drow among the Southrons. He was noted purchasing many spellbooks and laboratory equipment, and then disappeared. Some say he went back to the Underdark. Others believe he founded a secret underground laboratory in the isolated Cruth Mountains, where he continues his research aloof from Southron society. Still others believe he went to the mythical valley in the Cruth known as Haven, where all humanoid races are said to live peacefully, side-by-side. Whatever his fate, his comrades miss his quick wit, steadfast courage, and skillful application of arcane firepower.


Elmo, Southron Mage 9 / Druid of Silvanus 12 - Walker

ElmoIncreasingly disenchanted with the at-times ponderous hierarchy of the Silvanian druidical order in Southold's Forest of Arden, Elmo has increasingly focused his energies on the study of arcane magic. Apprenticed for a time with Gondal at the College of War Wizardry, the druid found city life in Bywater claustrophobic. He was last seen amongst the elves of the Galathiene, where he was studying under the tutelage of both the elven wizard Stonne at the Forests of the Day and Aluna Leafsong, leader of the Silvanian order in the Broadleaves.



Elrich, Southron (Militant) Cleric of Nuada 11 - Alex

ElrichElrich has long since completed the rebuilding of Castle Wraithstone after its 1509 devastation by the Tarrasque, creating an even grander structure. He is often away campaigning on the Cortalish Front at the head of the Third Bywater Expeditionary Army, and has gained a reputation as a first rate tactician, always leading the decisive Nuadan cavalry charge himself. He took to wife Lady Isabella of Hador, of stout warrior’s blood descending from the Southron heroes Alwaine the Blacksword and Elwaine. Elrich remains a rising star in the Nuadan clergy, a favorite of Grand Marshal Anaximenes just as he was of Anaximander before him, and he may rise higher still. He is often a guest of Duke Duncan's or Eltan of the Flaming Fist in Bywater, and when he visits Dunthrane, he is usually invited to attend the Royal Court. Despite his status at court, Elrich keeps in touch with his old comrades Elsinor, Calvin, Gunter and Liet, often carousing in Blaskor's Retreat and reminiscing about their old adventuring days.


Elsinor, Half Southron-Elven (Peasant Hero) Ranger 10 - Dave

ElsinorElsinor, Baronet of Tarin rarely uses his noble title except to cut through Southron bureaucracy or in times of battle. He took to wife Melian, the druidess and daughter of Ranger Lord Dorian he met back at the siege of Dunthrane in the Civil War, making him brother--in-law to his lifelong friend Count Thingol, most famous of Arden’s rangers. He has severed contact with the Galathiene, trying to forget about the intrigues of his bastard parentage and often hostile half-brothers Delsel and Soteric. Elsinor spends much of his time in the small village of Tarin outside Bywater, where he runs Nuada’s Discarded Hands, an orphanage for those who lost their parents to war. He often travels the few hours to Bywater itself to carouse with his old adventuring comrades at their former base, Blaskor's Retreat. The couple also maintain a small cottage for regular visits to the Forest of Arden (where their animal followers dwell), to meet up with friends like Thingol, Dorian, and the archmage Amstard the Artificer. Though in semi-retirement, he and Melian frequently dust off their adventuring gear to slay giants (his hated foe) or otherwise aid the peasantry when oppressed. In quiet times, one or the other will often wander into the forest for weeks at a time to reestablish their connection with nature.


Fharo, Halfling (Swashbuckler) Rogue 12 Dead - Mike

FharoBaron Ryan Hamfast, or Fharo as he was better known, was awarded the Barony of Abberwyvern on Southold's southeast coast after leaving the Miscreants. He had actually won the small barony as a result of a Wish from a Deck of Many Things gained from Vampire Patriarch Count Victor von Drakov's looted treasury. He enjoyed the pastoral life of a country squire, until one day when he rejoined his comrades on a mission to Alesia during the Great Disjunction, and was permanently slain in an Earthquake spell which destroyed a Vecna cultist temple. The halfling swashbuckler was buried in Abberwyvern Cemetery, in a ceremony performed by his comrade in arms Justice Girwulfdin. As per halfling tradition, this was followed by a festive, ritual dinner party among his family and friends lasting a week.


Greylin, Southron Fighter 7, Cleric of Nuada 10 - Walker

GreylinAfter being wrongfully imprisoned on trumped up charges after the Fall of the Nuadan Inquisition, Inquisitor-Captain Greylin Lofalkin renounced his Inquisitor status and joined the Knights of the Silver Hand, fighting under Baron Elrich on the Cortalish Front. During the Great Disjunction Affair when Elrich was called away, he took command of the Third Bywater Expeditionary Army on the march to Tovag Baragu.
Enjoying the taste of command, and more importantly the title of General Lofalkin, he continues in military service, currently in command of the Southron 5th Royal Army fighting on the northern Cortalish Front near the Studentsia Range. Previously awkward around women, General Lofalkin is rumoured to have as consort the ambitious courtesan wizard Jhaniloth Dhree, who the Intrepid Paragon rescued from stasis in Undermountain in years past. (And who was in the past was linked to Gondal, although rumour says an attempt to pilfer magical secrets saw her thrown out.) However, his old companions who meet him now say that he is more abrupt, judgmental, and at times harsh. Whether this is the strain of command, a reflection of the increasing militance of the church of Nuada, or due to the influence of Jhaniloth Dhree is unknown.


Greywolf, Dwarven Cleric of Tyr 13 - Rob

GreywolfJustice Girwulfdin returned to Rockhome after the Disjunction, at the point of breakdown from years of rationalizing and putting up with the often amoral antics of comrades like Kliff and Khoresh, or the downright evil activities of Hernando and Agrippa. He was regarded with both awe and suspicion there for his travels and dealings with non-dwarves, but after Garathorm put in a good word for him, he was appointed High Priest of the frontier city of Belegost. He even married the Lady Grimnalda, who bore him a son, with a second child on the way (fulfilling his odd Clan Blackhammer sweat lodge vision in which he was known as "Dwarfsirer.") However, after a year, he grew tired of the bureaucracy of the position, and yearned for contact with other races. Patriarch Stephen Menote of Tyr happily took him back into the Southron arm of the church, however, there was sufficient opposition (because of his non-Southron lineage) on the High Council to prevent him getting a High Priest position in Southold. So Menote made him a roving High Justice, of no fixed abode, righting wrongs and bringing justice to the people. He returns to Belegost a couple times a year, but otherwise can usually be found traveling across the realm, holding trials or actively apprehending criminals.


Gunter, Videssian-Thonian (Gladiator) Fighter 10 - Tom

GunterSir Gunter retired to Bywater, where he now works from his excellent Sloan and Rockerman designed “Gunter’s Smithy,” famed as the best in the city. All his blades bear his distinctive mark, fast becoming a symbol for quality across Southold. Though largely cut off from his Videssian heritage, he still occasionally travels to Thonia to see his relatives in the White Wolf clan, Balash his father and Lamak his half-brother. In fact, he has dusted off Deepchill on several occasions to help his people there fight off goblinoid incursions from the Thaar.



Hernando, Extremaduran (Burglar) Rogue 17 / Priest of Mask 3 (also see Hernando History) - Effi

HernandoHernando spent his time immediately after leaving the Miscreants in Skullport, where he formed a "business" enterprise with his rather amoral comrades Khoresh and Kliff. As he is forever prohibited from building up a thieves guild, due to some rather complicated negotiations in the distant past, he chose to offer his services to the High Priest of Mask in the infamous City of Thieves, Alcester, as a wandering 'agent', provocateur or not as the circumstances dictate. He has spent much of his service in the Cortalish Empire, rebuilding the structure of thieves guilds and emphasizing their connection to the church of Mask.



Khoresh, Southron (Pirate) Fighter 11 - Sam

KhoreshKhoresh spent his time immediately after leaving the Miscreants in the Skullport "business" with Hernando and Kliff, performing thefts, smuggling, the odd assassination, and such. He then signed on with Magooan the Pirate for a time after being tricked into wearing a Helm of Alignment Change and turning Lawful Good. However, over the past couple years he has drifted back into amorality, if not evil. Just as on the Endurance before, he has risen to the rank of Master Gunner on Magooan's Liberator, credited with improving the ships catapult and ballista accuracy immeasurably. In addition, he has slain many a ship's captain with his famed archery skill when the Liberator has grappled enemy vessels. Khoresh does not truly believe in Magooan's idealistic cause of unseating Duke Duncan and cleansing Anorien of the feudal system, but remains onboard for the camaraderie and love of the sea.


Kliff,Thonian Berserker 11 - Teo

KliffAfter tiring of the "business" in Skullport with Hernando and Khoresh, Kliff decided he'd had enough adventuring in the (too warm) South, and headed home to Thonia. The claustrophobia-inducing darkness of Skullport/Undermountain had weighed on his spirit, and his old, half-Thonian friend Gunter warned that the orcs and trolls of the Thaar were mobilizing against his people. News has already filtered back to Southold of his role in stopping the first wave of invasions, launching him back into favor with his Snow Falcon Clan. Indeed, it is rumored that the berserker has decided to vie for the clan's leadership. Between his abilities and accomplishments (while he doesn't necessarily boast about having knocked two demigods through a gate into the oblivion of the Void, he doesn't much discourage the honorific 'Godkiller' either), he is certain he can accomplish much in Thonia.


Liet, Videssian (Dragon Master) Wizard 10 - Matt

LietLiet retired to Bywater, where he was Chief Librarian for the College of War Wizardry. His favorite was the favorite class “Employing Area Effect Spells in Combat,” which his old comrades often needled him about, as more than once his lightning bolts and fireballs engulfed them as well as the enemy. Liet is still on good terms with his dragon tutor Eskahelion, occasionally making the trip out to the Wyrmsteeth Range to his lair. Likewise, the dragon master still has occasional dealings with Maldraedor, the ancient blue dragon sage, occasionally playing him in chess when asking questions for the College. However, Liet tired of waiting for Gondal to retire, and so travelled to Aztaltica, where he has opened an arcane shop and begun studying magic phenomena there. Averse to politics, he has nonetheless styled himself "Archmage of Aztaltica"--a big fish in a small pond (of wizards), as he puts it.


Mortal, Irrudian Fighter 13 - Clyde

MortalWhen Korum Twoblade left the Reavers to return home to Irrudium, he did so in his usual disruptive manner, killing the Captain of the Royal Guard, the Royal Magician, and his uncle Magreth, the King of Irrudium. A change of name seeming prudent, he became Mortal Regis. His attempt to settle down to married life with his childhood sweetheart went wrong when she told him he wasn't an appropriate husband for her, told him to leave town, put a large price on Korum's head, and suggested she would reveal that Mortal was Korum if she saw him again. Subsequent to the Plane of Truth affair, when he found his world changed almost beyond recognition, he was offered a ride on a ship sailing to another world, and took it, reverting to his original name, Gihan. After traveling as a mercenary for some time, he joined a new group of adventurers called the Champions. He became the leader of the Champions by unexpected acclamation, then, some months later, became a Saint of Chaos, manifesting several unusual abilities. The Champions defeated one demigod, freed another from bondage, and created a third. He then recruited one more demigod to a religion that he had created based on his philosophical beliefs. Gihan was last seen in Limbo where, after eating a living quasi-demigod in combat, he became the master of a strange and chaotic citadel.


Stonne, Grey Elven Mage 14 - Mike

StonneStonne initially bore some of the blame among his people for the drow war against the Galathiene, for it was his part along with the Miscreants in slaying Lloth that allowed the divided drow to unite under the iron fist of House Everhate. However, his good intentions in that act and his sterling service during the war in defense of his homeland have erased any stigma. Indeed, Stonne is now one of the senior wizards in the Galathiene, entrusted with ensuring the defense of the Forests of the Day, where he has his stronghold. Stonne's libraries, financed with his adventuring loot, have become one the greatest in Arik in the relatively new art of Wild Magic. He alone among the Miscreants will likely be alive when Lloth can escape her 666 year Abyssal imprisonment, and so often prepares for that day by researching wards against drow and spiders. He is currently working on a new and more varied version of his favorite item, the Wand of Wonder.


Talis, Southron Druid 5 - Miles

TalisTalis presided over the circle of druids in Birnham Wood south of Bywater, living in the ancient Hall of the Beast Tamers the Bywater Six helped liberate in 1504. Though one of the founding Six, he retired after a year of adventuring and has had little contact with his former comrades since. However, in 1513 Liet convinced him to travel to Aztaltica, where he has founded a druidic shrine to Silvanus and begun study of the many new flora and fauna there.



Yolan, Elven Fighter 7 - Walker

YolanYolan left the Galathiene as a rebellious, young elf in search of adventure, and would often charge headlong into battle with the enthusiasm of a berserker. However, after joining the Miscreants his bravery led to his death on three occasions in a short span of time, twice inadvertently at the hands of his allies. He suffered his final death in Undermountain, fearlessly charging to grapple a rust monster while the rest of the party retreated, but was unfortunately caught in Wildcard's lightning bolt. His new comrades followed the instructions of his will, and sent the body back to the Galathiene for burial.



Wildcard, Irrudian (Amazon) Mage 12 - Felix

WildcardAfter escaping from Garth during the Chaos Engine affair, Tassah returned to Irrudium to seek out higher altitudes, fewer apocalypses and people who pronounced her language correctly. Upon her return, however, she found out that the country was in the midst of political crisis concerning the conflicting methods of inheritance amongst the clans and the monarchy. Since her majesty was in trouble, Tassah set off to find her cousin, who had disappeared mysteriously after his last spectacular rise from the dead in another identity. Her long search required learning to hop planes, but Tassah eventually met up with her cousin (there were a lot of fires involved, but no need to go into that), delivered the queen's shout for help and once again trekked back to her homeland intending to settle down and do some research on the funky way Wild Magic was behaving. Those plans were wrecked when she had to leave the clan to avoid the overly honorable intentions of the Laird's nephew. He's a nice boy, but really! It's a chancy thing to turn down such a person, so she just left before it could go that far. So, while wandering back through Southold, Tassah is picking up free-lance work until something catches her attention. Home was getting boring anyway. Lots of sheep, not a lot of excitement and mom was starting to talk about grandchildren. Maybe she'll look up her friend Greywolf and they can actually get going on that list he's had to make .



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