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New, Arik Trivia Quiz: Questions excerpted from Halaster's Great Game tests. Note, none of the below documents have been updated to reflect developments post Night of Tears in Aztaltica.

Arik Player Characters

Miscreants/Intrepid Paragon Adventuring Log

Bywater Six Adventuring Log

Vecna's Great Disjunction ('93-98)


Southold (Campaign base country)

Southold Times Newspaper

  • Spring 1511: (Early days of the Disjunction) Inquisitors Reinstated, Alesian uprising
  • Summer 1512: (Just before first Aztaltica voyage) Disjunction Fallout (NEW), Victories vs. Cortals, Yazakh refugee problem
  • Spring 1513: Edition coming to Aztaltica soon, expected with Legion resupply ships

Hall of Heroes (statistics for selected NPCs)

Arik Map Archives




Selected Arik Persons of Note

Vecna Lives No More!


Count Drakov of Ravenloft, Staked


Deathknight Lord Soth, Dispatched


Flagratius Destroyed


Blaskor's Retreat, Bywater
(longtime home to the Bywater Six)


Southold Coat of Arms

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